Saleh Zaafir should be taken to foreign trips more often – by Ahmed Iqbalabadi

Jang Group’s (apparently) senior correspondent Muhammad Saleh Zaafir has been seen in recent times as a staunch antagonist of the PPP government. His reporting has a way of supporting (right wing) elements who have some sort of grudge against the government.

His reporting credentials are not enviable either. His parliament diary, that usually appears on page 4 of daily Jang while the parliament is in session, is more  of an analysis you would find in any social diary covering an event than that of parliament.

I have seen him to be part of the executive entourage on foreign trips forever. Whether he likes a government or not, yet he enjoys the foreign trips that come his way.

He is currently with the Prime Minister to attend the SAARC summit in Thimpu, Bhutan. On way to Bhutan, the entourage has stopped in Kathmandu, Nepal. In his “Maktoob-e-Kathmandu” that appeared in April 27’s Jang, the headline is “Nepal mayn bhee bijli aati jaati rahee, kaheen hungama nazar nahee aaya”. Mr. Zaafir will be surprised that electricity load shedding or power outages are a common sight in the developing world. What these developing countries don’t have is an extremely intrusive and micro analyzing media who flame an issue to unbelievable limits which in the long run affect your own country.

The  “Maktoob-e-Kathmandu” also talks about the way Nepalese admire the way Pakistan has been able to come up with the constitutional amendments with unanimous consent. Without doubt our 18th Amendment should be looked at in the most positive light that adversaries all collaborated together to come up with an amicable solution, which was last seen 37 years ago.

Might I suggest that Saleh Zaafir and his likes be taken to the developing world more frequently, for them to appreciate that good things too happen in Pakistan and realize that all is not bad in our homeland.

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  1. Reality Muhammad Saleh Zaafir [Very Special Correspondent of The News International/Jang Group of Newspapers] & Campaign Manager of “Go Get Zardari” Campaign. It is a well known practice all over the world that when there is a case against anybody is in the court, the press is always asked to refrain from reporting on the same.

    ISLAMABAD: The 13-member full court of the Supreme Court on Tuesday accepted the unconditional apology of a newsman for filing a report pertaining to the alleged preparation of references against four senior judges of the said bench.

    Following is the text of the order issued by the 13-member full court of the Supreme Court after unconditional apology by journalist Muhammad Saleh Zaafir:

    “Muhammad Saleh Zaafir, editor special reporting of daily Jang and The News, has entered appearance on our call in connection with the news items appearing in the Rawalpindi edition of the daily ‘Jang’ and daily ‘The News’ on 11th June, 2007, regarding some references being made against four senior hon’ble judges of this Court who, presumably also happen to be the members of this bench. The said news item appeared to be open to further serious exception because such a news item had been published, more than boldly, on the front pages of the said two newspapers on the day when the bench was expected to announce its decision on the maintainability of the petition filed in this court questioning the presidential reference against the chief justice of Pakistan. It may be added that certain insinuation have been made in the said news items pointing towards some alleged misconduct committed by the four un-named senior judges of this Court.

    2. Muhammad Saleh Zaafir, who is the reporter of the said news items, when confronted with the same, frankly and honestly conceded that he had made no effort to verify the veracity of the allegations levelled in the said news items before publishing the same nor did he have any proof in support of the contents thereof. He, however, added at the very outset that he had utmost regards and respect for not only the said hon’ble judges of this Court but for the entire judiciary; that he did not have even an iota of doubt about their integrity and character and that reporting the said news items was a grave mistake on his part.

    3. He tendered verbal unconditional apologies in open Court and also placed on record his statement to the above noted effect, in writing.

    4. The regrets offered by Muhammad Saleh Zaafir, reporter/editor, appear to be sincere and the remorse expressed by him appears to be genuine. In this view of the matter, we do not consider it necessary to proceed with the matter any further except warning him to be careful in future.

    5. On our call, Muhammad Afzal Butt, president of the Rawalpindi-Islamabad Union of Journalists, also entered appearance for assistance.

    6. The reporting of the proceedings which have taken place in Court in connection with the matter in question shall be made only to the extent that the apology tendered by the said Muhammad Saleh Zaafir shall be published in full and so would be published this order passed thereon. The daily ‘Jang’ and daily ‘The News’, which have published the news items in question, shall publish the apology and this order, prominently, on their front pages. Muhammad Saleh Zaafir undertakes to do the same and has been ordered accordingly.”

    Meanwhile, the following is the text of unconditional apology tendered by Muhammad Saleh Zaafir before the Supreme Court on Tuesday.

    “I, Muhammad Saleh Zaafir, do hereby tender an unconditional apology to the hon’ble court in relation to the contents of the story that appeared in daily The News/daily Jang on June 11, 2007.

    “I have been directed by the hon’ble court to submit any proof in relations to the contents of the said items. I would humbly submit that I have no proof whatsoever in relation to the matter discussed in the said story.

    “I keep this hon’ble court in the highest esteem and respect. I can never ever think of bringing about a bad name to the hon’ble court or to any learned judge of the hon’able court. I would submit that I can never think of committing contempt of this hon’ble court.

    “I undertake to be careful in future and am ashamed for the publication of the story. I would humbly seek pardon in relation to the grievous lapse. “I pray to the hon’ble court that no further action may kindly be proceeded in relation to the matter. I would entreat that my unconditional apology may graciously be accepted.” REFERENCES: SC warns newsman, accepts apology Wednesday, June 13, 2007 Reporter apologises to SC for ‘baseless report’ Wednesday, June 13, 2007\13\story_13-6-2007_pg7_3

  2. The Funniest Thing rather a Fact that Jang Group of Newspapers had raised hell against the Former Senator Saifur Rehman during 1999 Senator Saifur Rehman (PML-N) VS Jang Group of Newspapers. [ ] and in 20009 it is the same Jang Group of Newspapers i.e. Mir Shakilur Rehman [MSR] Dr Shahid Masood, Muhammad Saleh Zaafir, Kamran Khan, Ansar Abbasi, Muhammad Ahmed Noorani AND OTHERS who are making a Hero out of Saifur Reham [as per law a proclaimed offender and fugitive] him, and telecasting his live program on Meray Mutabiq GEO TV DATED 14 DEC 2009, watch the program, read the news and lament on the hypocrisy of Pakistani media:

    Meray Mutabiq 14 December 2009 [Free Video]

    Post subject: Meray Mutabiq – 14 Dec 2009 (Saif ur Rehman) Must Watch

    in Meray Mutabiq Dr. Shahid Masood brings a fresh episode of Meray Mutabiq discussing corruption issue with Saif ur Rehman.

    Article of Shahid Masood in Dail Jang Dated 15-12-2009 WAS PUBLISHED ON INTERNET BUT NO MORE ON JANG SITE BUT IT MUST BE ON HARD COPY. It is removed at 1939 dated 15-12-2009.

    More on Senator Saifur Rehman:

    Jang Group/GEO TV & UNHCR REPORT: Ex – Senator Saifur Rehman’s Attack on Pakistani Press.

    Jang Group/Geo TV: EX .Senator Saifur Rehman & Dubious Accountability Process.

  3. Clarification – Sunday, January 10, 2010

    ISLAMABAD: Reference to Muhammad Saleh Zaafir’s allegation (The News, January 9) that on the occasion of the visit of British foreign secretary to Islamabad Pakistan’s High Commissioner to UK Wajid Shamsul Hasan is not available for consultations to the Foreign Office Islamabad as he is facing criminal cases in Pakistan since NRO repealed.

    It may be clarified that Wajid Shamsul Hasan’s name was never on the list of NRO beneficiaries. This was even cleared by Afzal Sindhu, then Minister of State for Law and Justice that his name was read erroneously.

    Mr Hasan has cleared his position in the Pakistani media including The News and Geo television.

    Wajid Shamsul Hasan’s name is not there even at the list of NRO beneficiaries available at the website of Geo TV, implicating him time again in the NRO cases amounts to nothing other than a vilification campaign.

    Apropos presence of envoys at the headquarters during the visits of dignitaries from their host countries, heads of missions usually do not accompany dignitaries of host countries other than the state visits. Pakistan’s president, prime minister and foreign minister have visited Britain frequently in past two years but the British high commissioner in Islamabad did not attend these visits.

  4. Clearing Air: An Interview With Wajid Shamsul Hassan Posted on 17 December 2009 by Ibrahim Sajid Malick

    The ISI had plotted a stint to malign the President of Pakistan and that is why the Pakistani High Commisioner to Britain was intercepted in Geneva while retrieving documents for the National Acountability Bureau from Swiss attorneys. He was accompanied by Dr. Danishwar Malik of NAB and they were performing a government duty but they were represented as acting criminally by a GEO TV reporter. The following interview of Wajid Shams-ul-Hassan was conducted one day before the Supreme Court decision on NRO..
    Ibrahim Sajid Malick (ISM): What were you doing in Geneva?
    Wajid Shamsul Hasan (WSH): I was officially assigned by the Pakistan Foreign Office to accompany NAB Prosecutor General Dr Danishwar Malik to Geneva. Dr Danishwar Malik was dispatched from NAB Islamabad to go to Geneva to collect the cartons lying with the Swiss lawyers.
    ISM: What documents did you pick up from the attorney and why?
    WSH: It was the NAB Prosecutor General who received the closed cartons in my presence and that of Mr. Aftab Khokher, Deputy Permanent Representative at the Pakistan’s Geneva Mission. Since the boxes were closed I do not know the nature of things inside the boxes.
    ISM: Why did you not respond to Geo stringer?
    WSH: I was intercepted by two hoodlum looking guys in a Geneva street. They did not identify themselves as such and I was not obliged to respond to thug-looking strangers.
    ISM: Is it your intent to destroy these documents? If not, can they be used against President Zardari? Are you willing to make them available to Pakistani judicial system?
    WSH: Boxes sent in sealed diplomatic bags from Geneva by the Pakistan’s Permanent Representative’s office are in the safe custody of Pakistan High Commission in London. These sealed diplomatic bags containing the boxes were inspected by the NAB Prosecutor General Dr. Danishwar Malik on his arrival in London from Geneva. There was no intent and there is no question of either tampering with them or destroying them. They will be shipped as and when NAB makes arrangements. As regards their
    ISM: NAB Chairmain Naveed Ahsan has asked that you send the Swiss court record of cases against President Zardari as soon as possible through diplomatic bag and special courier. Will you comply?
    WSH: Yes. Those boxes lying in the Pakistan Embassy in London are NAB’s property. I have requested the NAB authorities to assign Dr Danishwar Malik who brought them here, to come over to London, collect them after inspection and conform if these were subjected to any tampering or foul play as was alleged by a section of Pakistani media. I have requested that either NAB Prosecutor General Dr Danishwar Malik or any person authorized by NAB is sent to London as a special courier to inspect those boxes. Pakistan High Commission will make arrangements accordingly for their shipment in the same sealed diplomatic bags they were sent to London from Deputy Permanent Representative of Pakistan’s Permanent mission in Geneva.
    ISM: Did you benefit from NRO? If not, why is your name in the list of NRO beneficiaries?
    WSH: I did not benefit from NRO. It was clarified by the Minister of State for Law Mr. Afzal Sindhu, that in his press conference while announcing the list of NRO beneficiaries my name was mentioned inadvertently as a mistaken identity since a name similar to mine was in the list. My position was repeatedly clarified in the media.
    However, I regret that despite clarifications a particular group in the media continues to mention my name as a beneficiary although its channel Geo was the first to highlight Law Minister’s clarification. Obviously this could mean there is a sinister method behind this madness. And, the conspiracy to destabilize the democratic government is gaining strength.
    ISM: Do you know a gentleman name Naseer Malik in Geneva? Why was he so interested in embarrassing you?
    WSH: Most certainly not.
    ISM: Why do you think ISI’s Joint Counterintelligence Bureau rep who works within your premises provided your travel information to Geo’s stringer?
    WSH: I do not think that any one working in my Mission was involved in ‘leaking’ the information of my travel. Any way my visit was not clandestine or mysterious as everything was on record.
    ISM: Why were you framed? Who gains from it?
    WSH: I feel that I have been made a victim of a scandalous campaign by Bhutto-haters with the sole objective of targeting President Zardari. By hitting me they think they weaken Mr. Zardari.
    ISM: Why do you think Pakistanis who support democracy are muzzled?
    WSH: It is a game of lethal perceptions let loose in a section of the media with an agenda of their own to destabilize and derail democracy. Since they could not manage an electoral defeat to keep PPP out of power, they now want democracy to be murdered judicially. This is amply reflected in their comments that whatever the decision of the Supreme Court, the recent ‘disclosures’ by the media shall have to be taken notice of. I am confident that Pakistan’s judiciary has come of age through toughest trial; it won’t play to the media gallery and shall act on merit. President Zardari has been a victim of political vendetta for more than ten years. The pudding of vendetta has been tasted by the Chief Justice himself who was made a similar victim of reference of fabricated charges by President Musharraf. Had there been no change in government General Musharraf would have made him rot in detention. He was brutally maligned by that section of the media who dance to the tunes played by their masters who had supported Musharraf in his action against the Chief Justice.

  5. Geo TV, Dr Javed Kanwal BARCELONA, Spain: The Barcelona police kept the

    BARCELONA, Spain: The Barcelona police kept the correspondent of Geo TV, Dr Javed Kanwal, in custody/detention here on Wednesday and released him after more than two hours. Dr Javed had gone to Spain three days earlier from Italy for preparing a report about the 10 Pakistanis, who were arrested there on suspicion of terrorism. The police intercepted Javed when he was about to enter the underground railway station to travel to his place after interviewing the caretaker of the Masjid Abu Ayub Ansari. The cops grabbed him, tied his hands behind his back and took him to a police station, where he was questioned on different matters. They also checked him with the help of sniffer dogs. The police also obtained a copy of the two audio-video cassettes on which Dr Javed had recorded the interview.

    Immediately after receiving information about the police mistreatment to Dr Javed, the journalist community in Barcelona held an emergency meeting and demanded of the Pakistan government to seek explanation from the Spanish government over the matter.

    SOURCE: The News Date: 1/31/2008

  6. Who informs Saleh Zaafir???? Is it ISPR or Saleh is ISPR???

    Gen Kayani looks Musharraf in the eye Thursday, May 29, 2008 By Muhammad Saleh Zaafir

    ISLAMABAD: Chief of the Army Staff (COAS) General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani held an extremely important meeting with President Pervez Musharraf at the Army House Rawalpindi late on Wednesday.

    The meeting continued till after midnight lasting more than three-and-a-half hours. This was their longest one-on-one encounter. The meeting, which was significant in view of the current political and security situation in the country, gained further importance as it took place after day-long consultations of the Army chief with his important commanders.

    Brigadier Faheem Rao has taken over the command of the Triple-One Brigade in place of the president’s loyal commander Brigadier Aasim Bajwa. The commando unit looking after the security of the Presidency has been changed with another unit.

    Highly placed sources told The News late on Wednesday evening that President Pervez Musharraf has made up his mind to call it a day and he can make an announcement in this regard any time. His closest aides are of the view that after losing all hope of survival in power the president has made up his mind to lead a retired life.

    Sources said though the president’s official spokesman denied this impression, Musharraf has no option left but to quit. The president has already been asked by ‘important officials’ not to think about any step that may further aggravate the already fragile political situation in the country. Musharraf has consented to leave the Army House immediately and he may move to the President House within 48 hours before calling it a day.

    “There is no question of any extra-constitutional step by him or on his behalf. The president has lost the capacity to invoke constitutional provisions like 58-2 (b), dissolving the assembly and the government. The question of introducing an impeachment motion would not come as the president will leave office and get a safe passage. The drop scene of the drama that started on March 9 last year is bound to appear any time soon,” the sources said.

    Meanwhile, Brigadier Aasim Salim Bajwa, who served President Pervez Musharraf as his military secretary in his initial days and was considered to be the most loyal Army officer of the president, was made commander of the Triple-One Brigade, which is responsible for the security of the president, federal capital and Rawalpindi, by President Pervez Musharraf before relinquishing the office of the Army chief. This Brigade has always played a main role in staging coups in the past.

    Brigadier Bajwa also provided Musharraf admirable assistance in tabulation of his book ‘In the Line of Fire’. He was due to take part in war-course in August this year but is now proceeding for another course to the United States next week. Brigadier Faheem Rao has been appointed Commander Triple-One Brigade. He has already taken over the charge of the Brigade, the sources said.


    Akbar Bugti killed in major operation – Sunday, August 27, 2006 37 militants, 21 commandos also die in fighting on Dera Bugti-Kohlu border; chieftain’s grandson among dead; security alert in Balochistan

    Muhammad Saleh Zaafir adds: Akbar Bugti’s grandson Barahamdagh Bugti was among the dead. Nawab Akbar Bugti was killed in an operation spearheaded by Major-General Shujaat Zamir Dar, Inspector-General Frontier Constabulary. The clash between the law-enforcement agencies and Bugti militia was going on for the last three days. Dar informed President Pervez Musharraf about the incident late on Saturday evening in Rawalpindi, sources said. Sources told The News that Bugti was trapped in the operation launched to eliminate miscreants and the operation was carried out by the agencies after a series of attacks by the militia on the law-enforcement agencies. Bugti was in communication with the government till the last moment.

    It is feared that more than 100 people have been killed in the fighting that lasted more than three days. Inspector General Police Balochistan Chaudhary Muhammad Yaqoob told this scribe late on Saturday night that security had been beefed up in the province. He was confident the situation would remain under control.

  8. Story was filed by Seymour Hersh but Saleh Zaafir reports it again:)

    Musharraf spoke of Zardari in harsher words: Hersh Tuesday, November 10, 2009
    Renowned US journalist appears on Geo News today By Muhammad Saleh Zaafir

    This renowned US Journalist Seymour Hersh [as per Saleh] also filed an story wherein he in detail discuss Pakistan Nuke technology transfer to Korea and Iran.

  9. Before Zardari and Before Ms. Benazir’s death!

    Musharraf-Benazir deal done – Friday, October 05, 2007 Reconciliation ordinance finalised with cabinet support; NAB won’t touch MPs directly; draft to be made public after SC verdict Shakil Shaikh

    Muhammad Saleh Zaafir adds: The federal cabinet that had an informal meting here at the PM House Thursday evening unanimously endorsed the policy of national reconciliation as a best way forward for Pakistan. President General Pervez Musharraf also had discussion with the ministers on the occasion. Ruling PML President Ch Shujaat Hussain, Secretary General Mushahid Hussain Sayed, Chairman Senate Mohammadmian Soomro and Speaker National Assembly Ch Ameer Hussain also attended the meeting. All the Ministers present gave a mandate to President Musharraf to pursue this policy in the manner that he deems fit as the best course for the country. They also reposed their full confidence that national reconciliation would reverse the wrongs of the past and put Pakistan on the path of democratic stability.
    NOTE: Even Pimps of Heera Mandi Lahore, and Napier Road Karachi have solid integrity then these Journalists of nowadays particularly the Reporters like Saleh Zaafir.

  10. Read and Laugh:)

    Plane arrives at Chaklala airport Friday, May 30, 2008 By Muhammad Saleh Zaafir

    ISLAMABAD: Special security has been put in place in the twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi on Thursday in view of significant impending developments and special contingents have also been deployed at important installations as well as the Army House.
    Former Army Chief General Mirza Aslam Beg claimed while talking to a private TV channel on Thursday evening that President Pervez Musharraf has decided to step down. He said that the president has been advised to move to the Presidency. Meanwhile, highly placed sources revealed to The News that a special wide-bodied Air Bus A-310 plane has arrived here at the Chaklala base. It will take special passengers to a close neighbouring country. Packing at an important house in Rawalpindi is in full swing as the modalities have also been finalised for the exit of the significant family.

    Sources close to the Presidency have denied any such arrangements, claiming that it was part of a rumour-mongering process to harm the country. “The president has no plans to quit and leave the country,” the sources added. They said planes of those countries with whom Pakistan has defence ties normally fly in and out of the country. The decision regarding the exit would be taken up immediately after the return of Senate Chairman Muhammadmian Soomro from abroad as he has been asked to return home, cutting short his visit. Mian Soomro is on his way to Islamabad. The sources pointed out that additional security arrangements have been made at all the major installations of the two cities to ward off any untoward situation in the wake of the departure of the important family.

  11. Zardari orders ban on Geo News – Saturday, March 14, 2009 Cable operators asked to block transmission in most parts of the country, place Geo at tail end to make it difficult for viewers; second time ban in less than two years; The News and Jang also faced pressure By Mohammad Saleh Zaafir

    It was a similar ban like on Dr Shahid Masood and Hameed Gul Kay Mutabiq when Shahid Masood was telling on the very same program that his prgram is banned [but whole Pakistan watched that Ban Program live]:))

  12. actually the people like Saleh Zaafir, Ansar abbasi, Shahid Masood, are propagandists.Shaheen Sehbai is their father.Shaheen Sehbai is leading attacking Dogs .He is spin doctor but they are unable to fulfill their nefarious designs.Geo Meer Jaffroo!!!!!!