The true magic consumes Saleh Zaafir’s mind

The famous Urdu proverb, “Jadoo woh jo sar par charh kar bole”, (the true magic consumes the mind), appeared to be true when I read the following news report in appreciation of the Pakistan People’s Party by Muhammad Saleh Zaafir (a patent member of the Hizbut Tahrir cell in Jang / The News led by Ansar Abbasi).

Two quick explanations come to mind for this somersault:

1. Free visit to Brussels in the Prime Minister’s contingent (payback time);
2. The painful end (dradnaak anjaam) of Dr Shahid Masood (R.I.P.)

Here is the news report (Source: Jang):

Here is a link to the LUBP archive on Saleh Zaafir:

6 responses to “The true magic consumes Saleh Zaafir’s mind”

  1. I think it is more to do with Shahid Masood’s departure. May also be the case that MSR has reversed his gamble now. Meaning he has cut his losses and moved on. That is why less doomsday talk by Jang’s investigators.

  2. It seems Great “Najomi” Salah Zafar is still not happy with President Asif Ali Zardari, so president should also arrange free visit to Europe or USA…Than he’ll write next story “ke President Asif Ali Zardari ki maqboliat ke tamam khadshat ghalit sabit hoe hein, Bulke un ki Maqboolat mein musalsal izafa ho reha hae, aur by election ki kamayabi mein President Asif Ali Zardari ki pictures, posters aur banners ne khaas kirdar ada kiya…”
    Jab bhi ji chahye Nai duniya basa lete hein log

  3. Yeh woh loge hain jo ki life ka maqsad sirf apni pait pooja hi samjhtay hain. Extreme form of disloyality with ones profession. Jabar yeh hai kay people are forced to listen such madaries ( Jugglers) as no choice is left for them.