The true magic consumes Saleh Zaafir’s mind

The famous Urdu proverb, “Jadoo woh jo sar par charh kar bole”, (the true magic consumes the mind), appeared to be true when I read the following news report in appreciation of the Pakistan People’s Party by Muhammad Saleh Zaafir (a patent member of the Hizbut Tahrir cell in Jang / The News led by Ansar Abbasi).

Two quick explanations come to mind for this somersault:

1. Free visit to Brussels in the Prime Minister’s contingent (payback time);
2. The painful end (dradnaak anjaam) of Dr Shahid Masood (R.I.P.)

Here is the news report (Source: Jang):

Here is a link to the LUBP archive on Saleh Zaafir:



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