Who is the biggest beneficiary of Benazir Bhutto’s murder

By Humza Ikram

Media with all its zeal is currently busy in bashing the UN report. The Ghairat (national honour) brigade has already termed it as a second attack on Pakistan’s military establishment after the Kerry Lugar Bill. Thanks to them, the content of the report is irrelevant because according to the contemporary prophets, i.e., “the right wing TV anchors”, the answer to Benazir Bhutto’s assassination lies in the question about the prominent beneficiaries.

If we have a critical eye on the political history of Pakistan and the numerous assassinations it is bedaubed with, the biggest beneficiaries stand more than exposed before the people of Pakistan, who being the weak and bloody civilians have times and again avenged the bullets with ballot.

Of course we can trace Benazir Bhutto’s murderers and the biggest beneficiary if the aim is to do it objectively. However, television prophets forget to consider rather twist the facts purposefully as they declare Asif Ali Zardari as the main culprit behind Benazir Bhutto’s tragic assassination.

Benazir, with all her weaknesses, was still the only mainstream politician to raise her voice against Taliban; her Peshawar’s address on 22nd 2007 (only a few days before her assassination) had many clues about who were intimidated by her return. Benazir with all her weaknesses went to Pakhtunkhuwa after almost a decade, said things which any mainstream politician would not say in a public gathering. Especially when she came for her election campaign, she said there “we should not find excuses to justify suicide bombing”.

I remember one of media channel in autumn 2007 started poll about people’s view regarding suicide bombing and I was surprise to see more than 80% of people were justifying suicide bombing with explanation planted by all these TV anchor with notion like “If you kill all family members of a young adult, he is left with no choice other then explode himself “. Benazir Butto’s public statements, declaring suicide bombing wrong, not only intimidated suicide bomber but also right wing TV prophets who were busy explaining justifications for this cowardly act.

Had she challenged their wisdom in streets? Today the very same TV channels are paying tributes the martyrs of Operation Rah-e-Nijaat and Operation Rah-e-Rast. However, some of the heavy weights from the political circles continue to shamelessly defend the suicide bombing including the PML-N leadership (Nawaz Sharif and his younger brother) who happen to lead the Punjab Government and fuel extremists in South Punjab. Benazir Bhutto diagnosed the disease openly on her return to Pakistan in 2007 and vowed to fight till her last breath.

Some elements almost declared capturing Islamabad while sitting just 100 km away from capital, but of course they were not the biggest beneficiary of the dead BB ,the most charismatic leader of our recent history.

why when we review 2009, we fail to thank God for saving our capital and Pakhtunkhuwa from terrorists. Or we are waiting for Punjab to be taken over by Sipah-Sahaba? Maybe because they are not real beneficiaries of BB’s death but is Asif Ali Zardari according to contemporary holy revelation received by our modern prophets!

And those sitting in opposition and declaring the UN commission report waste of money are forgetting they passed the resolution in all four provincial assemblies, national assembly and the senate calling upon the UN to form commission to probe death of Benazir Bhutto. When they say a junior police officer (SHO) of Rawalpindi would have prepared a better report, they fail to explain that on the same day not only BB was attacked but also their own leader Nawaz Sharif, why don’t they first identify the people responsible for attack on their own leadership on same day and in same city where BB was killed?

Why they failed to file an FIR after so long as far as I know there is no General Musharaf and certainly no Farah Dogar and her daddy in the Justice Colony.

picture source :sabirnazar.blogspot.com



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