God father of Pakistan’s conspiracy theorists returns to defend his prodigal sons – by Ahmed Iqbalabadi

Shaheen Sehbai, the God father of Pakistan’s conspiracy theorists has come out in defense of his prodigal sons i.e. Hamid Mir, Ansar Abbasi and Shahid Masood in his “Viewpoint” from Washington that was published in The News of May 18, 2010. Titled “Mukhtar lets the cat out, but PM may quit or he can dissolve assemblies” (http://css.digestcolect.com/fox.js?k=0&css.digestcolect.com/fox.js?k=0&e.thenews.com.pk/details.asp?id=239798) , Shaheen Sehbai has come out with the theory that Prime Minister is upset on the matter of being used again by President Zardari for appointing a new COAS in place of General Kayani, when his term expires later this year. He writes

The minister (Chaudhry Ahmed Mukhtar) has stated on record that Army Chief General Kayani will not be given an extension and he has not sought one, which means Zardari, through his proxy prime minister, will appoint an army general of his choice as the next COAS and Pakistan will become a safe haven for him and the corrupt and the dishonest mostly found in PPP power corridors these days.

Whether the president will be able to use the PM is another matter. According to important people PM Gilani confides in, the PM is very upset, as he has been caught in a trap, whether to become a Farooq Leghari or to respond to his own conscience.

These close circles say Mr Gilani is accepting dictation from Zardari just to prove that he is not another Farooq Laghari but now he has started consulting with close friends. He says he will not ditch the PPP but he may resign.

That will be an honourable way out as he has so far maintained his self-respect despite being caught in the vicious circle of the corrupt PPP leaders.

Later on he talks about the threats by the government to journalists namely Ansar Abbasi, Hamid Mir or Dr Shahid Masood that “are known critics of the present government, it can be said with full confidence that not one charge can be proved in any court of law by the PPP and Zardari cronies. It is just an offensive, an aggressive tactic to pressure these journalists. They are fully prepared to face these professional hazards and they know the government will face the same humiliation as all others who tried to malign honest and uncompromising journalists in the past. Let them try and taste some dust of their own.”

In his Viewpoint from Washington, (God knows what he sees in his crystal ball sitting there), he wants General Kayani to play a subtle, behind-the-scene role in ensuring that no Zardari crony is made COAS. In what world is Shaheen Sehbai living? What exactly does he want is something he himself doesn’t know but one thing is for sure, he is the chief doomsayer of Pakistan who wants chaos in the country.

There is this another matter I wanted to shed light on and that is measurement of success. The lawyers movement and the free media claims that it was because of their struggle General Musharraf was thrown out of power.  My question is: how do you measure your success? Is it just the end result or is it the effectiveness of your campaign which can be quantified by the time taken to achieve your desired goal? Campaign against Pervez Musharraf picked up in March 2007 after the CJP was dismissed by sending a reference to the Supreme Judicial Council (Gee! Is there any movement on that reference? CJP himself is a “mulzim” right now). It was only when the political parties like the PPP, ANP immediately at the beginning of the movement and after the arrival of Nawaz Sharif in end of 2007 that popular support for restoration of judiciary which in other words was a “Go Musharraf” campaign, gathered steam. BB was assassinated, elections took place, the PPP, PML N, ANP take power and then within 4  months of taking power, they campaign successfully and got Musharraf out of office. What the lawyers and free press was doing since March 2007, the political government achieved in 4 months time.

As far as the “Get Zardari” campaign is concerned, it’s been going on ever since he became president of Pakistan. The same actors i.e Shaheen Sehbai, Ansar Abbasi, Hamid Mir, Kamran Khan have been giving deadlines through their crystal balls about the President’s departure from office. Already 1 year and 8 months have passed since President Zardari came into office. He has weathered Judiciary restoration crisis (eventually facilitated by foreign powers as confirmed by Mr. Aitzaz Ahsan), NRO crisis, appointment of judges till now. InshAllah, the time till September 2013 will pass in a jiffy. What will happen to these prophets of doom then? Would someone show them a scorecard of effectiveness of their role against the democratic powers? As Faiz said “phir raaj karey gee khalq-e-khuda, jo mayn bhee hoon aur tum bhee ho”.



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