Blast from the past: An incomoplete list of Nawaz Sharif’s lifafa journalists


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Pakistani Media Gate: 19 anchors and journalists are on ISI’s payroll via Malik Riaz

Based on Asad Kharal’s tweets


Since 1986, a large number of journalists have received funds from Nawaz Sharif as Chief Minister and Finance Minister of Punjab. This practice is still continued.

President Federal Union of Journalists received Rs100,000 vide Cheque No874517 on September 29,1986

Misbahul Haq ,Chief Reporter PPI received Rs20,000 vide Cheque No874520 on October 5,1986

Athar Masood ,Daily Jang received Rs2.23,800 vide cheque No893601 on March 4,1987

President Press Club Gujrat received Rs50,000 vide Cheque No 899509 on May 24,1987

Fazalur Rehman Naeem , journalist received Rs10,000 vide Cheque No899589 on May 5,1987

Manzoor Ahmad Rehmat , Editor weekly Madina Bahawalpur received Rs15,000 , while A R Gilani (Jang) Rs15,0000

Shahid Ferozpuri recvd Rs20,000 vide Cheque No910710 on June 13,1987

Javeed Nazeer ,Chief Reporter ,The News recvd Rs75,000,while Tariq Warsi ,Editor Nawa-i-Waqt recvd Rs1,25,000

Saadat Fayyaz , Reporter Mashriq recvd Rs100,000 ,while Shujaur Rehman ,Editor Halal-e-Ahmar recvd Rs15,000

Ziaul Islam Ansari , Chief editor Mashriq recvd Rs100,000vide chque No922968 on September 26,1987

Iftikhar Ahmad , Staff Reporter Daily Jang recvd Rs150,000 vide cheque No946969 on October 5,1987

Mirza Naeem Akhtar Journalist Bahawalpur recvd Rs10,000,while Nazeer Haq Deputy Editor Mashriq rcvd Rs50,000

Waqar Anbalwi Rs30,000,Athar Masood Deputy Editor jang Rs30,000,Ziaul Islam Ansari Chief Editor Mashriq 50,000

:Rana Muhammad Siddique Attok10,000, Sardar Majaz Editor Monthly Rodad 30,000,Syed Mumaz Gilani NawaiWaqt 25,000

Athar Masood Jang Rs25,000,Nazeer Naji columinist Nawa i Waqt rcvd Rs40,000 vide cheque No014185 on July 20,88

Munir Syed Nawai Waqt Rs50,000.Rafiq Ahmad Shad freelancer Rs20,000, S A Munawar journalist rcvd Rs100,000s40,000 vide cheque No014185 on July 20,88

Munir Syed Nawai Waqt Rs50,000.Rafiq Ahmad Shad freelancer Rs20,000, S A Munawar journalist rcvd Rs100,000

Mr Rohani Editor Daily Sang-e-Meel MultanRs100,000, Pervaiz Bashir Jang 20,000,Saif Qadri Sub Editor Rs20,000

QmarunNisa Multan Rs20,000,Surya Riaz w/o Riaz Malik 50,000,Javed Nisar 30,000 c/o Sec Information Punjab

Rana Tahir Jang Rs20,000`, Javed Nazir ,Sec Information and Culture rcvd 25,000 cheque No068853 on August 3,89

Rs3.5 million distributed among journalists in 1997 . Abdul Qadir Hasan 80,000, Zahida Hina50,000 chequeNo 09931427 on 20,3,97

Saleh Zafar News/Jang 20,000 Cheque No672951 on Feb 15,1997, Shehzad Saleem Sadaqat Rs10,000, Rehana Chughtai Rs20,000

S A Raza photographer Jang 100000, Sharif Farooq Editor Jehad Peshawar 300000, Mirza Imtiaz 20000, Abid Shah Daily Report 15000

Ali Nawaz Dahri Daily Barsaat Rs50000, Saujd Sahir Ummat Rs100,000, Younas Mirza Jang Rs50,000, Atiq Butt Sadaqat 100,000

Then Chairman PTV Pervez Rasheed distributed Rs1.7m among journalists during Nawaz Sharif regime after Kargil incident in 1999.

During this period Rs100 million give to an owner of newspaper ,while a newspaper had gifted another blue eyed journalist

Rs5m also distributed among journalists during Nawaz second regime,while give plots, permits and contracts to 18 journalists

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