The role of Taliban allies; Judiciary, Media, ASWJ, PML N, PTI, in the murder of Chaudhary Aslam

chaudry aslam““We are fighting a war. What am I supposed to do? They (Taliban) carry out bomb blasts in my city. Should I go and talk to them nicely? If they throw bombs should I start throwing flowers?”

It is quotes like these that make it possible to oversee the alleged excesses of slain police officer, Chaudhary Aslam.  His clarity in identifying the Taliban as Pakistan’s major threat makes his death a major loss to the forces of moderation.  Here is another video

While there were the usual round of condemnation, the ones that deserve appreciation are clearly those who identify the Taliban culprits who themselves admitted  to this horrific act.  While Bilawal, PPP chairman and Rehman Malik, former PPP Interior Minister issued bold statements condemning the Taliban, the representatives of the PTI and PML N engaged in their usual wishy washy statements.  Their condemnations of the assassination of Ch. Aslam did not even bother to name the Taliban and their allies who brazenly took credit for this horrible attack.

In their pathetic attempts to act as Taliban apologists, the PTI and PML N are also culpable for the murder. Let us examine their roles one by one.


Heading the Federal Government, PML N has a shameful record of collaborating with the Taliban. Ch. Nisar’s outrage and sorrow over the successful drone strike against Hakeemullah Meshud was disgraceful and shameful. He is the senior most leader and serving Interior Minister. Rehman Malik, for all his many flaws, never showed sympathy for the Taliban and condemned them by name.

Just a couple of days before Chaudhary Aslam’s murder, PML N’s PM was slavishly entertaining the Saudi Foreign minister on his recent visit to Pakistan. Saudi Arabia, along with some other Gulf monarchies is a primary sponsor of Takfiri Deobandi terror groups in Pakistan.

Was this visit of Saudi FM Bander a signal of support to eliminate Chaudhary Aslam via its Takfiri proxies.  Given Saudi Arabia’s public support for Salafi and Deobandi terror groups, this angle cannot be taken lightly.


Along with PML N, PTI is another mainstream political party that is a serial apologist for the Taliban.  Even after Chaudhary Aslam’s murder, the PTI did not even have the decency to condemn the Taliban by name.  In the last few days, PTI Chief Imran Khan promoted himself as another Mahmood Ghaznavi, a forerunner of the Taliban. This was on the eve of his visit to Sindh.  Given his established record as a Taliban apologist, Imran Khan shares a moral responsibility for their terrorism.


CJP Demoted Ch AslamJust a few months back, Pakistan’s Pro Taliban judiciary, under the power obsessed Iftikhar Chaudhary issued an order to demote police officers like Ch. Aslam. This directly degraded their security protocols. For the last few years, this same judiciary has released thousands of hard core criminals that had been apprehended by the police. Even boastful confessions were not deemed worthy enough as evidence and the Judiciary has clearly shown its Pro Taliban bias in its acts of omission and commission.


The word bias does not even begin to describe the pathetic actors reading out of ISI approved scripts and posing as news anchors and journalists.  The current media, especially with shady characters like Hamid Mir, Ansar Abbasi , Kashif Abbasi , Javed Chaudhary etc goes out of its way to act as apologists and spokespeople for the Taliban.  It was nauseating to see some of them issue vague condemnation while carefully excluding any mention of the Taliban on Ch. Aslam’s murder.



These are are the sorry character’s who along with the Taliban are at the very minimum morally culpable for the murder of Ch. Aslam.

“I will bury the Taliban right here in this two metre deep bomb crater. I will fight my own jihad against these coward terrorists” said the Karachi’s toughest cop after surviving a powerful bomb attack outside his house and ninth attempt on his life.

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