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LUBP policy on appeasers and humanizers of terrorists:   This is to reiterate LUBP policy on those writers, institutions and groups that appease, promote or humanize hate mongers and terrorists.  This includes people who obfuscate Shia Genocide by Takfiri Deobandi terrorists as Shia Sunni sectarian violence or
Institutional decay!: Pakistan is a country suffering from within and outside, but mostly from within, and with years of ineffective governance and complete breakdown of law and order, it comes as no surprise that the society has lost its moral compass,
Pashtun Genocide: Taliban’s relentless terrorism against ANP: While pro-Taliban parties like PTI, PML N and JUI F campaign freely, Pakistan’s oldest secular party, ANP is the daily victim of terrorist attacks. Two ANP leaders, dozens of its activists have been killed and scores wounded in the
Najam Sethi’s tiff with the ISI is nothing but a fog of deceit: According to media reports and social media, caretaker Chief Minister Najam Sethi is currently busy in making photo copies of classified documents. Given Sethi’s close connections with intelligence agencies of Pakistan and a foreign country, it is being speculated
Article 6 for Pervez Musharraf and co conspirator PCO judges – by Ali Asad: The apex court of Pakistan is ceased with the matter of the emergency declared by the then “dictator” Gen. Parvez Musharraf (Retd.). The Chief Judge has withdrawn himself from the bench which is hearing a petition seeking action against
The ‘Ahrar-Ahmadiya controversy’ of 1953 and Shia killings of today in 2013 – by Zahir Ebrahim: Zahir Ebrahim | Project April 09, 2013 In order to perceptively comprehend some of the dynamics behind the latter day Shia Killings in Pakistan, it is pertinent to read the very insightful report convened by the Government of Pakistan
A Pakistani paradigm shift may be in order: A step forward in an election year – by Rusty Walker:                     Your true liberty, you, as a person living in a nation of a diversified people, can only be assured personal freedoms through a massive election turn-out, bent on a
Should the Army or ISI be above criticism – by A Z: While commenting on my article 2013: A Highly Critical Year for Pakistan one dear friend has sounded as if we cannot criticize the ISI. I have always had a great respect for this friend as he is someone superior to
پراسرار نجم سیٹھی اور پراسرار ادارے – از آصف جیلانی: سینئر صحافی اور بی بی سی اردو کے سابق تجزیہ کار جناب آصف جیلانی نے سندھی زبان میں لکھے گئے ایک کالم میں نجم سیٹھی صاحب کی پر اسرار شخصیت کے کچھ اسرار سے پردہ اٹھایا ہے اردو ترجمہ
2013: A highly critical year for Pakistan – by A Z: This year promises to be of great significance for Pakistan in more respects than one. A change of government is already in the making. Kayani makes way for a successor to be appointed. The US and NATO begin to
Pakistan military’s half hearted war against terrorism – by Ali Lahori: Dawn, Pakistan’s English Daily, recently reported a news item with the headline “Decision at top brass meeting: War on Terror will go on: Says Military” The title, the picture, and the content of the news item were hilarious. Here is
Is ISI killing Sunnism – by Ali Lahori: Like many social and biological systems, the success of religious movements is often a function of securing some type of evolutionary advantage. In simpler terms: better ideologies win while inferior ideologies vanish. Moses challenged Pharaoh and staged a rebellion
How well-meaning but naïve journalists create false Shia-Sunni binary – by Mahpara Qalander: I am not going to talk about Yazidi Shia journalists like Ejaz Haider, Shakir Hussain and Nasim Zehra, or Yazidi-Salafists like Ansar Abbasi, Irfan Sidiqqui, Mosharraf Zaidi and Najam Sethi who have spent better part of their lives spreading
Ethan Casey all praise to you for protecting the killers, ASWJ-LEJ-TTP, by not naming them – by Riaz Malik Al Hajjaji:   I must commend Good Liberal Ethan Casey for not mentioned ASWJ-LeJ-TTP even once in his article on Pakistani Christains. As for muslims in America, everyone knows how fearful they are of their lives there. In New York City
Omar Waraich should not recycle establishment’s narrative on #ShiaGenocide: Editors note: We are cross posting a fine blog piece by Omar Waraich. It is on point except where Omar Waraich seems to be consuming the establishment narrative of hiding behind politicians to take action. One should ask the
ISI’s top secret letter unfolds new dimension of Benazir Bhutto’s murder case: By Azaz Syed | DAWN.COM | 26th December, 2011 ISLAMABAD: Exactly four years after the brutal assassination of Benazir Bhutto, a letter of Inter Services Intelligence (ISI), country’s top intelligence outfit, has revealed that the extremists groups related to
جنرل پاشا،عرب شیوخ اور پاکستانی لشکر ۔۔ از وسیم احمد: متحدہ عرب امارات سات ریاستوں پہ مشتمل فیڈریشن ہے۔ ہر ریاست کا اپنا فرمانروا شیخ کہلاتا ہے اور داخلی معاملات میں خود مختار ہے۔ پچھلے چند عشروں میں یہاں بے پناہ ترقی ہوئی ہے۔ یہاں تک کہ مغربی ممالک کے سیاح بھی
#ShiaGenocide in Pakistan: Why the Taliban are not destroying NATO trucks any more? – by Mahpara Qalandar: The hidden CIA-ISI agenda which you are made not to see In view of the US withdrawal from Afghanistan in 2014, these days NATO is taking its latest technology and war machines back via Karachi, Pakistan. But how come
Exposing the lies and fabrication: Al Jazeera’s program on #ShiaGenocide in Pakistan – by A Z: For as long as any of us can remember, in Pakistan we have lived in a world of injustice, ruled by an incestuous elite on an agenda to perpetuate their rule and line their own pockets, while 80 per
We have to answer our future – by Javed Akram: On 3 February 2013, Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) spokesman Ehsnaullah Ehsan in a video interview appearing with Adnan Rashid, the prime convict in the Pervez Musharraf (Ex-President of Pakistan) attempted suicide attack case, said that if Pakistan-Muslim-League-Nawaz (PML-N) chief Nawaz
Hasil Bizenjo and Abdul Qadir Baloch discuss Pakistan Army’s role in Shia Genocide – by Ali Taj: This is a must watch video clip based on reflections by two leading Baloch politicians Mir Hasil Bizenjo and General (retired) Abdul Qadir Baloch on Shia genocide in Balochistan and wider Pakistan. For the past four years, LUBP has
آخر اہلِ درد ہے کون؟ از محصورِ غم: عجب ذہنی کشمکش اور تذبذب میں مبتلا ہوں۔ سوچتا ہوں کہ کوئٹہ کی جلی کٹی سر بریدہ لاشوں پر نوحہ لکھوں یا صرف آنسو بہاتا رہوں؟ظلم کی اس داستان کو کیسے ضبطِ تحریر میں لاؤں۔۔۔؟ جہاں پر شیر خوار
کتنی شرمناک بات ہے – از وسیم الطاف: کتنی شرمناک بات ہے کہ کل آئی ایس پی آر  کو یہ وضاحت کرنی پڑی کہ فوج الیکشن کا التوانہیں چاہتی‘ لشکرجھنگوی سمیت کسی گروپ سے اسکے ’روابط‘ نہیں ہیں‘۔ پاک فوج غیر جانبدار ہے اور آئی ایس آئی  اپنی حدود اور
“Throw the Shias out of the fold of Islam!” Ansar Abbasi justifies #ShiaGenocide through his column in Jang: Author: Mahpara Qalandar In his column of 21 February 2013 published in Urdu daily Jang, Ansar Abbasi (pro-Taliban journalist) has continued his subtle justification of the Shia genocide at the hands of Takrifi Deobandi groups such as the Lashkar-e-Jhangvi
#ShiaGenocide is making the land of the pure more pure: A Comment from Social media By God for the first time in my life I have realized what Bangalis went through in 71 and what it means to be isolated when your government, armed forces and other state actors
Syed Riaz Al-Malik Hajjaji condemns LUBP for challenging Najam Sethi’s obfuscation of #ShiaGenocide: Everyone knows that the situation in Pakistan is due to an Iran proxy war between the verses of Hafiz and Saadi. It is a war between Hazara and Pashtun female students who want us to cry about them while
Yes, we insist! this is shia genocide – by A Z: PROLOGUE: The so-called liberals are quick to acknowledge that Pakistan is an intolerant society where innocent people are being killed daily. Unfortunately, these liberals fail to acknowledge that it is minorities, Shias in particular, being targeted for their beliefs
I condemn LUBP fascists’ campaign against good “liberals” – by Syed Riaz Al-Malik Hajjaji: I condemn this article by LUBP fascists who are out to defame the Pro Taliban Liberals of Pakistan. Shame on LUBP! Good Pakistani Liberals will never defame Sipah Sahaba Taliban. Good Pakistani Liberals will always stand with Hazrat
Lailla’s puppy and oath in Canada – by Ali Raja: Where the pale, crude and baleful desserts of Arabia have on their record life abducting tales and soul snatching allegories, they also are the home to the ambrosial folk of “Laila Majnu.” The millennium old legend of how a
Malik Jarrar Hussain’s assassination: The double whammy of being a Shia and a human rights activist – by Shazia Najmi: Last week when the Human Rights Watch report pointed out Pakistan Army’s complicity in the assassination campaigns against the Shias, the Baloch political activists, and religious minorities such as the Ahmadis, the Christians, and the Hindus, it was apparent
The Truth About The Shia Genocide and what can be done about it – by A.Z.: PROLOGUE: We have a responsibility, as individuals, as professionals, and as organized groups, to not be passive bystanders, but to speak out publicly on genocidal threats. I take strong exception to the notion that speaking out on the threat
دیوبندی و وہابی عقیدے کے لوگ پرتشدد کارروائیاں کرتے ہیں، شاہد غوری: THE FOLLOWERS OF DEOBANDI AND WAHHABI FAITH COMMIT TERRORIST ACTS The central leader of Pakistan Sunni Thereek (PST) Mohammed Shahid Ghauri interviewed with Islam times. He stated that, the banned organization of Sipah Sahaba (ASS or SSP) started operating initially as
ہزارہ نسل پرست پارٹی اور عزاداری امام حسین: کوئٹہ میں رہنے والے شیعہ اور سنی، بلوچ، پشتون ، ہزارہ اور پنجابی حضرات جانتے ہیں کہ ہزارہ نسل پرست پارٹی (ہزارہ ڈیموکرٹیک پارٹی) کے پاکستان کی فوج، فرنٹیئر کور اور آئی ایس آئی سے گہرے روابط ہیں دوسرے
Geo TV anchor Kamran Khan was on Pakistan Army’s payroll at Rs. 7000 per month: Related: Top-secret: ISI Media Roll of Dishonour Former Military Intelligence (MI) officer Brigadier Hamid Saeed has revealed that Karman Khan, senior journalist of The News (Jang Group) and anchor of Jang Group’s Geo News TV, was on payroll of
Imran Khan demands strict action against Nawaz Sharif, Qazi Hussain Ahmed and other ISI-affiliates: LAHORE: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan Saturday said those who accused his party of enjoying a patronage of ISI and its former Chief General (Retd) Ahmed Shuja Pasha have been exposed following the landmark judgment of the Supreme Court
ATC performance: Most accused in terror cases acquitted -by Asad Kharal: LAHORE: Suspects in 269 out of 365 anti-terrorism cases have being acquitted this year, a meeting to review prosecution of terrorism cases was told. A meeting of the Public Prosecution Department (PPD), the Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) and the Inter
Dr Shakil Afridi claims ISI regards US as worst enemy, Pakistan’s fight against militancy is bogus: PESHAWAR, Pakistan –  Pakistan’s powerful spy agency regards America as its “worst enemy,” and the government’s claims that it is cooperating with the US are a sham to extract billions of dollars in American aid, according to the CIA
Extremism and Solution – by Ali Taj: What is the bigger sin? Dancing (or watching dance) in a private party within one’s four walls – or beheading someone? This is a question asked by a christian friend after reading this news: Taliban behead 17 caught dancing
Imran Khan on Gilgit Baltistan too little too late – by Ali Taj: This morning a got a call from a very dear friend and PTI office bearer. He was excited that Imran Khan had visited Gilgit Baltistan and issued a strong statement against Lashkar e Jhangvi activities in Gilgil Baltistan. PTI CHAIRMAN
Were Jinnah alive today, would he be lynched by a fanatic mob? – by Ali Taj: Additional note for Pakistanis: If this Takfeer of Jinnah, founder of Pakistan, continues, you can kiss Pakistan Good bye. For those who stayed quiet on the destruction of the tomb of Data Sb will you protest on that day when theydestroy the tomb of