Were Jinnah alive today, would he be lynched by a fanatic mob? – by Ali Taj

Additional note for Pakistanis: If this Takfeer of Jinnah, founder of Pakistan, continues, you can kiss Pakistan Good bye. For those who stayed quiet on the destruction of the tomb of Data Sb will you protest on that day when theydestroy the tomb of Jinnah?

The above social media conversation shows the level of hate prevailing in Pakistan. The founder of the nation was a Shia Muslims who is now being defamed as a heretic. This is truly disturbing for a nation whose founder is slandered, how can the ordinary Shia expect any justice from a radicalized society.

Muhammad Ali Jinnah

One key accusation of the Pakistani Shia Muslims that has been introduced recently by the Salafi groups is that the Shia Muslims were not part of the Pakistan freedom movement. I have personally heard a recently released terrorist addressing his followers and stating the following: ”We made Pakistan to get rid of Hindus but then we had to bear the Shia”. By implying this, the Salafis want to alienate Shia Muslims completely from the society. Recently, there have been so-called historians and scholars trying to prove that Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan was Deobandi (conservative Sunni Muslim school of thought). This is a historical fact that Muhammad Ali Jinnah was a Shia Muslim and was even declared Kafir on the basis of his beliefs by some of the narrow-minded so-called Sunni scholars. Jinnah did however, just like most Shia Muslims, believe in a Muslim nation and curbed any form of sectarian division. But sadly, Jinnah’s religious belief as Shia Muslim has been kept concealed from the Pakistanis since the independence. I am afraid that in the future, the same so-called scholars will prove that Jinnah was inspired with the Saudi/Salafi ideology and hence believed that Shia are Kafir. Until then, Jinnah is acceptable as Quaid-e-Azam (the great leader) as long as his secret is kept concealed.

Jinnah never concealed his Shia identity, he just never wore it on his sleeve. However, where it mattered it was made clear.

Jinnah’s funeral – notice the clearly visible flag of Abbas that symbolises the flag of Imam Hussain and is a key ritualistic symbol for modern day Shia Muslims.

The  ”Nikkah Name” or marriage rituals of  Mohammad Ali Jinnah were also according to Shia traditions.



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