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Impact of LUBP’s discourse: Canadian government urges Muslim community to reject Deobandi and Salafi terrorism:     How to wage war on Muslim terrorists without maligning and alienating Muslims, especially those in the West whose cooperation has been found to be essential in combating radicalism at home? That challenge hung over Stephen Harper and
Media discurse on Deobandi terrorism 15 Sep – 4 Oct 2014: The great South Asian schism Mehboob Qadir Daily times October 01, 2014 The Deobandi madrassa (seminary) and its alumni were the first repository of this deadly contagion, as their founding maulanas had visited Wahabi madrassas in Saudi Arabia and
Pakistani scholars stress need for interfaith harmony against Deobandi and Wahhabi intolerance: Report by Anil Datta Source: The News, October 16, 2014 Karachi: The imperative for harmony and better understanding between different faith traditions in the world has never been more urgent. The tide of religious conflicts and violence has risen
Daily Times editorial: Deobandi takfiri threat to prison security in Pakistan: The discovery on Monday of an underground tunnel being dug by terrorists to break prisoners out of Karachi Central Prison gives further cause for alarm as well as some for optimism. Sindh Rangers say that acting on an intelligence tip-off
Takfiri Deobandi sectarianism unbound – by Ziauddin Sardar and Merryl Wyn Davies:   ‘Tez’, a new channel on the Pakistani Geo TV network, is dedicated to twenty-four-hour news. There is a rapid-fire news bulletin every fifteen minutes: hence the name, Taz, or fast. But even after an endless stream of stories
Pakistan’s top Deobandi cleric Hanif Jalandhari expresses intolerance at mixed Sunni-Shia Eid prayers: In a typical gesture of ISIS-style intolerance and sectarian bigotry, Pakistan’s top Deobandi cleric Hanif Jalandhari, the General Secretary of the Wafaq ul Madaris Al-Arabia (association of Deobandi madrassas), attacked the mixed Sunni-Shia Eid prayers lead by Sunni cleric Dr.
اداریہ: دیوبندی دھشت گردوں کے ہاتھوں شیعہ و سنی صوفی سنّی نسل کشی جاری ہے اور اس کی پردہ پوشی بھی: عید قربان کے موقعہ پر پشاور ، کوہاٹ اور کوئٹہ میں دیوبندی دھشت گردوں نے شیعہ اور صوفی سنّی مسلمانوں کو اپنا نشانہ بنایا اور خوشی کے اس تہوار کے موقعہ پر ان کے گھروں میں ان کے پیاروں
As Deobandis feast on Shia Muslims, the media and ‘civil’ society look away – Dr Abbas Zaidi: a In two days (October 3 and 4, 2014), the Deobandis have struck Shias in Baluchistan and the KP with deadly precision, but with just one honorable exception, the media and the self-styled civil society of Pakistan the media
Most of the jihadists groups in Pakistan follow the Deobandi sect of Islam, not the Salafist – Arif Jamal:   The United States already has its fair share of terrorist outfits to uproot and neutralize, and while the Pakistan-based Jamaat-ud-Dawa (JuD) may not be an immediate threat, it could in time emerge to be far deadlier than al
Dr Shakil Auj’s murder and the power of takfiri fatwas – by Ali Usman Qasmi: In Dr Shakeel Auj’s martyrdom, Pakistan has lost a fine scholar who was well versed in classical Islamic scholarship with a profound understanding of contemporary issues. Initial press reports suggested that his death was triggered by a fatwa issued
Media Discourse on Deobandi Terrorism – 11-14 Sep 2014:   The scourge within Huma Yusuf Dawn 15th Sep,2014 Moreover, across Sindh, waderos with political ambitions are also willing to highlight the sectarian affi­liations of rivals to win the support of Deobandi groups who have growing influence in the
Al Qaeda’s Re-launch in South Asia and the role of Deobandi militants – C. Christine Fair: Lost in the hubbub over the rise of the Islamic State and the Obama administration’s move to war in Iraq was the Al Qaeda core’s declaration of a new affiliate in South Asia—long a home to jihadist activity. C.
Media Discourse on Deobandi Terrorism – 05 – 21 Sep 2014 –: Why are Muslims Fighting Against Each others ? Tunde Agara There are thousands of current practitioners of Wahhabism. Most citizens of Saudi Arabia, including hundreds of members of the royal family, practice Wahhabism. According to Stephen Schwartz in an
سلیم صافی پاکستان میں بسنے والے کروڑوں صوفی سنّیوں کی توھین کررہا ہے – محمد بن ابی بکر: پاکستان کے مین سٹریم میڈیا میں ایسے صحافیوں کی کمی نہیں ہے جو پاکستان کے اندر رائج تصوف اور اس کے ماننے والوں کی کردار کشی کررہے ہیں اور وہ باقاعدہ تصوف کو ایک سازش بناکر دکھانے کی کوشش
Media Discourse on Deobandi Terrorism – 17th Aug 2014 to 2nd Sep 2014: The sectarian angle of Inqilab March : Waqar Gillani August 17, 2014 Before the ‘Operation Silence’ against Lal Masjid, Jamia Hafsa students, reportedly, occupied the Children’s Library in Islamabad, terrorised locals, attacked shops and kidnapped people, including police officers,
اداریہ: سلیم صافی سازشی مفروضوں سے نواز شریف اور تکفیری دیوبندی سیاست نہیں بچا سکیں گے: جامعۃ الرشیدیہ جہاں سلیم صافی گئے تھے وہ ادارہ ہے جس کے تحت ضرب مومن ، روزنامہ اسلام شایع ہوتے ہیں اور یہ دیوبندی دھشت گردی اور تکفیری آئیڈیالوجی کا زبردست حامی ہے سلیم صافی حزب المجاہدین کے سپریم
James Foley’s murder by ISIS, Jihadi John and the UK Deobandi connection – by Boyd Tonkin: I have never heard so many encores at the Royal Albert Hall. On Wednesday night, after Daniel Barenboim had conducted the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra made up of young Israeli, Palestinian and other Arab musicians, the ecstatic audience would not
James Foley’s murder and the Deobandi connection – by Robert Fisk:   We keep banging on about British citizens turning into Jihadists – that tired old public relations man Dave Cameron does this all the time, with his worn-out political correctness – and it’s almost impolite to say “Muslim British
Bloody instructions: ASWJ’s rally in support of PMLN – by Zarrar Khuhro (Dawn): THERE is one thing that the azadi and inquilab marches have generated in massive amounts, and that is debate. There have been exchanges on what constitutes an unconstitutional act, on the extent of the rigging during the 2013 elections
Sunnis demand action against Deobandi Maulana Nadvi who wrote to Saudi govt – Mohammed Wajihuddin:   MUMBAI: Expressing shock and anguish over cleric Maulana Salman Hussaini Nadvi’s letter to the Saudi government requesting it to prepare an Army of five lakh Indian Sunni Muslims to fight the Shia militias in Iraq, a section of
The Nation’s editorial on ASWJ’s hate rally in Islamabad in support of PMLN: The last thing we need right now is sectarian elements coming out in opposition to PAT-led Inquilab March under the pretext of support for democracy and the constitution. Tahir-ul-Qadri, who belongs to the majority Barelvi sect, is joined by
The Pakistani state has undoubtedly been patronizing Deobandi extremist organizations – by Marvi Sirmed: While at the people’s level, I can say with confidence that there is little discord. In all kinds of neighborhoods, Shias, Sunnis and Deobandis live peacefully. The peace however, is a whisper away from carnage. The state has undoubtedly
Media discourse on Deobandi terrorism – 10th Aug to 18th Aug 2014:     Revolutionary Religion The Nation August 18, 2014 With Operation Zarb-e-Azb in full swing, can a politicised silent Shia-Sunni majority challenge the prevalent status-quo sponsored narrative of religion? Tahir ul Qadri has pitted himself against more extremist Deobandi
تکفیری قوتیں ڈاکٹر قادری کے معتدل اسلام سے خوف زدہ ہیں – از ایاز امیر: Source:
The Nation’s editorial on Tahir ul Qadri’s Sunni Sufi revolution against Deobandi Takfiri dominance:   With Operation Zarb-e-Azb in full swing, can a politicised silent Shia-Sunni majority challenge the prevalent status-quo sponsored narrative of religion? Tahir ul Qadri has pitted himself against more extremist Deobandi groups and sectarian issues boil just below the
An unnecessary limelight was provided to the Deobandis in the first years of Pakistan – by Dr Naazir Mahmood: ‘No other language but Urdu’: Jinnah and Liaquat Ali Khan. This August Pakistan is completing 67 years of its existence. While looking at this period one often wonders why this country with so much of potential went astray and
Deobandis in Pakistan divided on ISIL terrorist Abu Bakar’s Caliphate – ABNA Report: On the other side Tahir Ashrafi, a Deobandi cleric, has said that Mulla Omar was already chosen as commander hence he will decide whether to accept Baghdadi as Caliph or not. Eminent figures of Deobandi sect of Pakistan divided
Dr Qadri’s Inqilab March isolates takfiri Deobandi terrorist outfits and ringleaders – ABNA Report: Revolution March of Sunni-Shia allied parties, isolated notorious takfiri terrorists of banned Sipah-e-Sahaba and its affiliates such as ASWJ and Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, and other fanatics. Revolution March of Sunni-Shia allied parties, isolated notorious takfiri terrorists of banned Sipah-e-Sahaba and its
Deobandi cleric Tahir Ashrafi explains his position in response to Yasser Latif Hamdani’s allegations: Editor’s note: We are cross posting the article by Daily Times which explains the position of Allama Tahir Ashrafi about Ahmadiyya activist Yasir Latif Hamdani. The article uses terms like “Qadiyani” for Ahmadiyya Muslims which is a derogatory term
The Sunni Barelvi vs Takfiri Deobandi sectarian angle of Dr Qadri’s Inqilab March – by Waqar Gillani (The News):   With Dr Tahirul Qadri leading a significant portion of Sunni Barelevi faction and his 34-year-long struggle to bring about a change in the system, the sectarian dimensions of his religio-political movement cannot be ignored. However, after the June
Inqilab March: Ayaz Amir appreciates Sunni Sufi, Barelvi and Shia alliance against Takfiri Deobandis – by Riaz Al-Malik Hajjaji: Ayaz Amir has deserted the Good Liberal Club of Pakistan. In this club, membership privileges are based on one’s ability to suck up to other liberals. Being a Good Liberal means never having to develop your own thinking but
Media discourse on Deobandi terrorism – 15 Jul to 15 Aug 2014: Meet this young doctor who joined ISIS and killed 30 people in a suicide attack Daily Bhaskar Jul 16, 2014, This is not the first time that Salafi Wahhabi and Deobandi have transformed into suicide bombers. The Saudi-funded Salafi
The Deobandi roots of Taliban and Haqqanis – by Robert Young Pelton: The Taliban were originally the sons of Afghan refugees who had gone to school in the madrassas run out of the refugee camps that had sprung up along the border. Although it was normal for Afghans to attend school
24 July 2014: Debate in UK’s House of Lords on human rights violations by Salafi, Wahhabi and Deobandi militants: House of Lords Daily Hansard, Thu, 24 July 2014 Universal Declaration of Human Rights Motion to Take Note 24 July 2014, 11.40 am Moved by Lord Alton of Liverpool In an all too brief survey of worldwide violations
From London to ISIS: The Radicalization Riddle – Ben-Dror Yemini: What makes a young Western man commit mass murder against other Muslims shortly after arriving in Syria or Iraq? They are amiable young people. Occasionally, an argument breaks out between Barcelona and Messi fans and Madrid and Ronaldo fans.
The Deobandi and Wahhabi dimension of the US-Saudi-funded religious extremism and terrorism in Pakistan – by Akbar Jan Marwat:   Editor’s note: A Pashtun columnist, Akbar Jan Marwat, clearly and boldly highlights the Deobandi and Wahhabi dimension of the US-Saudi-funded takfiri extremism and terrorism in Pakistan. He deserves our full appreciation and salute. Religious extremism: our biggest challenge
دہشت گردی کی شناخت کے بارے ڈاکٹرعائشہ صدیقہ کا مضمون اور فصیح الدین دیوبندی کی لن ترانیاں – طارق قادری:   نوٹ: طارق علی قادری منهاج القرآن یونیورسٹی کی فیکلٹی آف شریعہ کے طالب علم ہیں انہوں نے روزنامہ آج میں فصیح الدین نامی کسی دیوبندی کا مضمون پڑها تو اس کا جواب تحریر کیا جو یہاں شایع ہونے
سندھ میں مذھبی انتہا پسندی کا پھیلاؤ، نیویارک ٹائمز کے ڈیکلن والش اور صبا امتیاز کے فکری مغالطے – از علی عباس تاج: ادارتی نوٹ: امریکی اخبار روزنامہ نیویارک ٹائمز کی 16 جولائی 2014ء کی اشاعت میں اس کے نمائندے ڈیکلان والش جن کو پاکستان سے ناپسندیدہ صحافی قرار دیکر نکال دیا گيا تھا نے خیر پور سندھ سے تعلق رکھنے والے
A judgment on minorities in Pakistan – by Amel Ghani:     March 15, 2014. An angry mob attacked and set on fire a Hindu dharamshala in Larkana, Sindh. The provocation for this attack was the supposed desecration of a calendar with Quranic verses by one Sanjeet Kumar. By
Thank you Athar Abbas – need for a truth and reconciliation commission was never greater than now: Maj. Gen. Athar Abbas, the former head of the ISPR, has revealed in no uncertain terms that it was Gen. Ashfaq Pervez Kayani who didn’t allow the launch of an operation in 2010 because of his indecisiveness. According to