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Religious fanaticism in Pakistani society – By Muhammad Faisal Younus: An incident happened few days ago during a TV program when a radical mullah has lost control and used very abusive language towards a female participant. The mullah was Hafiz Hamdullah a senator of a radical extremist political group
The Love-Hate relationship of lifestyle liberals, Mullahs and the Military – By Peja Mistry:   For me issue is simple, on the one hand in Pakistan there are people who can speak against Pakistan military, they can abuse molvis, they can say whatever they like but they prosper, they are offered good jobs,
LUBP categorically condemns the verbal assault and attempted attack against Marvi Sirmed by JUI F representative.:   In a series of tweets, Marvi Sirmed has alleged that JUI F leader, Hafiz Hamdullah first used nasty and disgusting language against Marvi and was then preparing to physically punch her before he was restrained by PTI’s Fayazul
Saudis arrested Zaid Hamid, spared Marvi Sirmed – by Pejamistri:   It was 2007 when I watched Dr Shahid Masood’s program in which Marvi Sirmid and Zaid Hamid were present. I have long experience in recognising establishment touts in media particularly those in hiding behind liberalism. But I must
A rebuttal to Marvi Sirmed: Deobandi version of history or false neutrality: Did Shia muftis issue a fatwa against Salmaan Taseer?: There is a recent trend in a certain section of liberals to misattribute Deobandi and Salafi/Wahhabi terrorism to Sunni Sufis, Barelvis and Shias. Many of these liberals are routinely silent on the common Deobandi identity of the Sipah-e-Sahaba (ASWJ
Does Pakistan have a plan for ISIS? – Marvi Sirmed: The consummate dithering and apathy that the Pakistani state has been demonstrating towards militant organizations gives it a unique status amongst the comity of responsible nations. There is probably no other state in the world ready to put its
نواز کریسی کے دفاع میں کشور ناہید، ماروی سرمد، لدھیانوی، فضل الرحمن اور حامد میر کا اتحاد: Source: محترمہ کشور ناہید نے عوامی تحریک اور تحریک انصاف کی خواتین کارکنوں کو لال مسجد اور پر امن مرد کارکنوں کو تکفیری دیوبندی طالبان سے ملانے کی ناکام کوشش کرتے ہوے تنقید کا نشانہ بنایا ہے –
طاہر القادری اور عمران خان کے دھرنوں میں ڈنڈا بردار دہشت گرد اور کمرشل لبرلز کی منافقت: مفتی نعیم، عاصمہ جہانگیر، اعتزاز احسن، طاہر اشرفی، ڈاکٹر تقی، عارف جمال، احمد لدھیانوی، انصار عباسی، ماروی سرمد، بشری گوہر، طلعت حسین، مشرف زیدی، اوریا مقبول جان، مجیب الرحمن شامی اور دیگر دیوبندی مولویوں، نونی چیلوں اور کمرشل لبرلز
Activate all cadres to save democracy from Imran Khan and Tahir ul Qadri – by Samad Khurram: Imran Khan is a raving lunatic whose ego will destroy Pakistan. Tahir ul Qadri ordered his supporters to kill any one of his supporters who deserts the inquilab. Incitement to murder! He would be in jail in any civilized
LUBP appreciates Marvi Sirmed’s clear condemnation of Deobandi terrorists: This clear identification of Deobandi terrorists of TTP-ASWJ by Marvi Sirmed deserves appreciation. “Once Ulema and Mashaikh meant scholars from all sects of Islam. In this Saturday’s Mulla moot – the Ulema and Mashaikh Conference – only clerics from
Marvi Sirmed, Raghib Naeemi and the doctrine of Khair-ul-Makireen – by Pejamistri: I don’t want to break my resolution to have break from social media. But I could not resist to write these few lines after watching this little clip of my favorite Marvi Sirmed. [youtube id=”gO4fIzUyqqg” width=”600″ height=”340″ position=”left”] If
War against amateur social media activists of Pakistan – by Pejamistri: It is so disgusting that the “Professional” Social Media activists tried to bring Fauzia Wahab’s name in their war against LUBP. It is a shame. Personally I think Raza Rumi and his gang is trying to threaten and scare amateur social
LUBP policy on appeasers and humanizers of terrorists:   This is to reiterate LUBP policy on those writers, institutions and groups that appease, promote or humanize hate mongers and terrorists.  This includes people who obfuscate Shia Genocide by Takfiri Deobandi terrorists as Shia Sunni sectarian violence or
A Pakistani journalist exemplifies linguistic masculinity at its most virile – by A Z: A friend sent me following exchange on twitter with two journalists Mohammad Shehzad and Marvi Sirmed as its protagonists and one Ada Khakwani (whoever she may be) as a support cast. On the first sight it could be taken
We condemn abusive language by TFT blogger and Sipah Sahaba supporter against Marvi Sirmed: While we have certain differences with Marvi Sirmed, it will be wrong to not appreciate her current, clear stance against Takfiri Deobandi militants. In particular, we agree with her criticism of the hate interview of Ahmed Ludhianvi published by
CT Chief Minister Najam Sethi and the question of conflict of interest: Najam Sethi fan club: Raza Rumi, Ejaz Haider, Nadeem Paracha, Marvi Sirmed, Mehmal Sarfraz, Saleem Ali etc Independent critics: Nazir Naji, Farrukh Sohail Goindi, Rashid Rahman, Mazhar Abbas, Dr Ayesha Siddiqa, Abdullah Tariq Sohail, Adnan Farooq, Nusrat Javeed, Omar
Malik Riaz, not Najam Sethi, is the caretaker Chief Minister of Punjab: It is a fact that Pakistan’s military establishment and its various Punjabi-Muhajir affiliates (e.g., Malik Riaz of Bahria Town, Yunus Habib of Mehran Bank) have kept a large number of TV anchors and journalists (both in Islamist dominated Urdu
Hamid Mir is my role model, says Marvi Sirmed: Bakhtawar Bhutto Z ‏@BakhtawarBZ 26 Mar @Razarumi Rumour after rumour to discredit + NEVER an apology. All these games been played from the beginning nothing new #ZAB #SMBB #AAZ (Context: Publication of false news items in The Friday Times,
In Pakistan, Shia and other rights activists are being monitored by Deobandi militants and fake liberals: Related post: Raza Rumi unleashes ISI-ASWJ touts to harass and harm anti-establishment bloggers The following notice has been published by a leading Shia web portal (Karbala-e-Quetta) to warn Shia and other human rights activists to be mindful of
Shahbaz Sharif reinserts Sunni Islamist chapters in school curricula after joint protest by Ansar Abbasi and Sipah-e-Sahaba: We regret to announce that in response to a joint protest by Deobandi militants of the Sipah-e-Sahaba (ASWJ-LeJ) and their right-wing lackeys in the Jang Group (led by Ansar Abbasi Deobandi), PML-N led Punjab government has decided to cancel
PMLN sponsored Deobandi militants of ASWJ are planning further violence against Lahore’s Christian community – by Farooq Naeemi: After burning more than 170 house of poor Christian community in Lahore’s Badami Bagh area, Deobandi militants of the Sipah-e-Sahaba (currently operating as Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat ASWJ aka Lashkar-e-Jhangvi LeJ under the patronage of Shahbaz Sharif-led PML-N government
We condemn attack on Christian community in Lahore by PMLN-backed ASWJ militants: LAHORE: An enraged mob comprising hundreds of Takfiri Deobandi militants of Sipah-e-Sahaba (ASWJ-LeJ) torched dozens of houses located in a Christian-dominated neighbourhood of Lahore on Saturday, 9 March 2013. The ASWJ-LeJ mob was led by local leaders of PML-N,
#ShiaGenocide: Death threats to Shia Muslims in Lahore by ASWJ Deobandi terrorists – Express Tribune: LAHORE: After ASWJ-LeJ’s Takfiri terrorists’ attacks against Shia Muslims in Karachi and Balochistan, the Shia community in Lahore is getting threats, The Express Tribune has learnt. Hand-written pamphlets carrying derogatory remarks against the community and its leaders and threats
PPP’s Qamar Zaman Kaira’s secret love affair with ASWJ-LeJ: Summary: Pakistan’s Federal Minister of Information and PPP’s central leader Qamar Zaman Kaira has openly admitted in Dawn News talk show (Asma Shirazi’s “Faisla Awaam Ka”) that he was supported by banned Takfiri terroirst outfit Sipah-e-Sahaba Pakistan (ASWJ-LeJ) and
LUBP condemns murder of Bangladeshi blogger, pen name Thaba baba, by Islamists and fake liberals: A Bangladeshi blogger who had been critical of the Islamofascist groups (Jamat Islami etc) responsible for Bengali genocide has been killed, prompting the protesters in Bangladesh to continue their round the clock sit-in vigil demanding death penalties for 1971
ہماری ماروی سرمد اور ہینڈ سم نیشا پوری – از شازیہ نواز: ایل یو بی پی بلاگ (لیٹ اس بلڈ پاکستان) کے سارے لڑکے مجھے تو بہت پسند ہیں. میں ان میں سے کسی کی بھی اصل شناخت نہیں جانتی. مگر میں ان کو ان کے تحریروں سے جانتی ہوں مرے
Urgent conference call of Pakistan’s fake liberals:   Editors Note: We should all appreciate criticism and humor. Ladies and Gentlemen of the Twitterati. I welcome you to this immensely important, nay, urgent Conference Call. We must find out who is Saroor Ijaz. JammyHuck:  If Saroor Ijaz turns out
Marvi Sirmed, a traitor to liberal causes in Pakistan – by Rusty Walker: A year ago, I read a thought provoking interview of leading Pakistani political commentator and civilian-military analyst Dr. Ayesha Siddiqa in which she explains the increasing influence of Pakistani establishment on right-wing and (fake) liberal voices in the media.
Will Marvi Sirmed act as bridge between PPP and Lashkar-e-Jhangvi? – by Shazia Najmi: Related post: Marvi Sirmed, a traitor to liberal causes in Pakistan – by Rusty Walker Marvi Sirmed and other fake liberals encourage Deobandi moderator of anti-Shia LeJ hate site Ulma-e-Deoband To call any Pakistani who is minimally human and
پاکستان میں سول سوسائٹی اورآن لائن بلاگرز نشانے پر – از احمد رشید: نوٹ: ہم کچھ اضافہ اور ترمیم کے ساتھ بی بی سی اردو پر شائع ہونے والا جناب احمد رشید کا مضمون پوسٹ کر رہے ہیں ترمیم میں اس بات کی وضاحت کی گئی ہے کہ پاکستان میں شیعہ نسل
#ShiaGenocide: A profile of Lashkar-e-Jhangvi’s co-founder Akram Lahori: Author: Samina Faruqi Muhammad Ajmal (Deobandi) alias Akram Lahori is reportedly the present Saalar-i-Aala (‘Commander-in-Chief’) of the banned terrorist group Lashkar-e-Jhangvi LeJ, and is directing LeJ’s terrorist activities from a prison where he is enjoying access to mobile phone,
Evidence of systematic harassment of anti-establishment bloggers by fake liberal promoters of Takfiri Deobandi terrorists: Currently there is a criminal campaign on Twitter and facebook by a few pro-establishment fake-liberals (who are hiding in liberals’ ranks but remain aligned to establishment mouthpieces and radical clerics) to systematically harass and silence ALL pro-rights social media
#ShiaGenocide: Moderator of Al Qaeda affiliated Takfiri Deobandi hate site is supported by pro-establishment #FakeLiberals:   Related post: تکفیری دیوبندی دہشت گرد توہین رسالت، توہین اہلبیت اور توہین صحابہ کے مرتکب ہیں Source: This open letter is edited and adapted from an article written by Sana Saleem published in daily Dawn. Dear Mr. Rehman
Endless paranoia or systematic harassment of critical voices on Twitter?: Related posts: LUBP owes me an apology – by Ravez Junejo On LUBP’s apology to Najam Sethi club: Why can’t we respect free speech even if we disagree? – by Salma Jafar Currently there is a sinister campaign on
LUBP blog and the liberal betrayal – by Asma bint Marwan: In this essay, I have used the conceit that the LUBP, currently under assault from Takfiri `Lawfare’ as well as being the object of faux-liberal ire is the `Gadfly’ and hence deserving of support from all those who hold the
In Pakistan, a pro-Taliban cleric files law suit against a pro-rights blog #LUBP: Chairman of Pakistan Clerics Council, a conglomerate of pro-Taliban Deobandi clerics, has filed a law suit against LUBP (Let Us Build Pakistan, a liberal blog which is known for human rights advocacy and media watch in the military-mullah
“LUBP is only there to divide the people who’re antiestablishment”, claims Marvi Sirmed: As if Tahir Ashrafi Deobandi’s harassment campaign and legal action against LUBP was not enough, pseudo-liberals too have straightened their guns at LUBP. The timing of the joint onslaught appears to be well coordinated. Marvi Sirmed, an NGO-style rights
Liberal love galore for Altaf Hussain!: On October 14, Muttahida Qaumi Movement founder and leader Altaf Hussain delivered a speech in support of the adolescent Pashtun female education advocate Malala Yousufzai who was grievously injured in an assassination attempt and is still under intensive care
Expropriating Malala Yousufzai: Discourses in Pakistani social media: A dominant majority of those in Pakistan’s mainstream and social medias condemning attack on Malala Yousafzai are committed helpers of Pakistani establishment. Their populist, opportunist and partial discourse is revealing. On Twitter and facebook, quite a few of those
A comment on Hussain Haqqani’s lecture on clashing U.S.-Pakistani narratives: In this lecture organized by the Chautauqua Institution, Husain Haqqani, former Pakistani ambassador to the U.S., seeks to explain the notorious love and hate relationship between Pakistan and U.S. Tracing the history of Pakistan-U.S. relations, Haqqani touches on some