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Dehati Aurat Gate: Hamid Mir lies, Najam Sethi distributes, Nadeem Paracha covers up: Related post: The dehati aurat remark: Who tasked Hamid Mir to sabotage Manmohan-Nawaz meeting? https://lubpak.com/archives/284931 It was disappointing to see Nadeem Paracha engage in all kinds of deflection tactics to take the heat of his friends at the Jang
The dehati aurat remark: Who tasked Hamid Mir to sabotage Manmohan-Nawaz meeting?: Related post: Dehati Aurat Gate: Hamid Mir lies, Najam Sethi distributes, Nadeem Paracha covers up Pakistan’s pro-military establishment journalist Hamid Mir is heard in the above TV programme (Aapas ki Baat – Geo TV/Jang Group – hosted by another
A society without meaningful dissent – by Osama Siddique: Slowly but surely, Pakistan’s intelligensia is waking up to confront the Judicial dictatorship of PCO Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhary. What was once a trickle is slowly gathering pace as more scholars, legal experts and lawyer’s are taking a
Pakistan floods: Govt was nowhere in Karachi – because Sindh is governed by the PPP – Shabash Geo, Shabash Hamid Mir: They just can’t swallow the fact why the PPP is governing Sindh despite all of their propaganda. The recent flooding which seems to have become a regular phenomenon has affected Karachi badly. Without doubt, the absence of a strong
Hats off to Mubasher Lucman for speaking bitter truth about Jang/Geo – by Farrukh Ahmed: Mubsaher Lucman is one of the most hated people on national media not because he says something wrong, but because his programs have been against the “norms” as dictated by the right winged media, judges and political parties especially
Fight of two defamers: Jang Group vs Zaid Hamid – by Farrukh Ahmed: In what is to be considered a first, Jang Group, the premier defaming media organization known for its sensational publications like Jang and The News and a hyperbolic tv channel named Geo TV have sent another hyper active, conspiracy
An open letter to Hamid Mir – by Dr. Allah Nazar: Translated by Archen Baloch Dear Hamid Mir, I’m writing you this letter with the hope that perhaps the historians – standing in the witness box of history – of next century will reveal the truth about the oppressed Baloch nation and hold the colonial powers
Najam Sethi and Raza Rumi launch a vicious propaganda campaign against LUBP: Owner (Najam Sethi) and editor (Raza Rumi) of The Friday Times (TFT) have deputed a TFT columnist Mohammad Shehazad to launch a vicious propaganda campaign against LUBP, an independent Pakistani blog known for providing non-mainstream reflections on issues of
Hamid Mir is my role model, says Marvi Sirmed: Bakhtawar Bhutto Z ‏@BakhtawarBZ 26 Mar @Razarumi Rumour after rumour to discredit + NEVER an apology. All these games been played from the beginning nothing new #ZAB #SMBB #AAZ (Context: Publication of false news items in The Friday Times,
Hamid Mir confirms that some elements in Pakistan army support banned Deobandi terror outfit ASWJ-LeJ in Balochistan: Related post: کوئٹہ میں نیشنل ایکشن پلان کا جنازہ سول و فوجی افسران کے کندھے پر۔ خرم زکی https://lubpak.com/archives/336826 Here is a thought-provoking column by Hamid Mir in daily Jang (4 March 2013) where he highlights how certain rogue
Where Hamid Mir and Ejaz Haider converge: Politicians, not army, responsible for #ShiaGenocide: Related post: Good Liberals and Good Taliban of Pakistan stand united with Pak Fauj – by Syed Riaz Al-Malik Hajjaji In his long apologia for Pakistan army’s inaction against Takfiri Deobandi terrorists of ASWJ-LeJ (formerly known as Sipah-e-Sahaba), Ejaz
Hamid Mir recycles PMLN-ASWJ’s propaganda against PPP – by Ada Khakwani: There are quite a few misstatements and misrepresentations in the following article written by Hamid Mir in daily Jang (25 Feb 2013). In essence: 1. Mir equates ASWJ-LeJ terrorists with Shia Muslims, and questions PPP’s alliance with Shia political
Hamid Mir reduces LeJ to land mafia and #ShiaGenocide to an ethnic issue: In the following article published in Jang (18 Feb 2013), right-wing journalist Hamid Mir deletes the Shia identity of Shia Hazaras, reduces Shia genocide to a Hazara specific ethnic issue and reduces Takfiri Deobandi group Lashkar-e-Jhangvi (LeJ aka ASWJ
طاہر القادری پر تنقیدکرنے والےلوگ طاہر اشرفی پر خاموش کیوں؟ – حامد میر: ڈاکٹر طاہر القادری پر تنقید بہت آسان ہے۔ کوئی انہیں چابی والا بابا قرار دے رہا ہے تو کوئی انہیں کسی امریکی ڈرامے کا اردو ترجمہ قرار دے رہا ہے، کوئی انہیں جرنیلوں کی ناتمام خواہشات کا ٹوٹا ہوا
Deobandi militancy in Pakistan and the role of security agencies – by Hamid Mir: Summary: In his recent column in daily Jang (titled Bakwas, 3 Jnauary 2012), Hamid Mir reveals that Pakistan army’s intelligence agencies and Deobandi militants (Taliban and Lashkar-e-Jhangvi aka Sipah Sahaba) work in close coordination against their intended targets including non-conforming
Pakistan’s Supreme Kangaroo Court once again shows its disdain for the law: ……under clause (3) of Article 66 of the Constitution, the committee had powers vested in civil court under the Code of Civil Procedure 1908 (Act V of 1908) to enforce the attendance of any person and compel the production
احمدیہ جماعت پر الزام تراشی: دیوبندی مولوی طاہر اشرفی نے اپنے اسلاف جھوٹے راویان حدیث کی یاد تازہ کر دی: دیوبندی مولوی طاہر اشرفی نے اپنے اسلاف جھوٹے راویان حدیث کی یاد تازہ کر دی آج سے دو دروز قبل تکفیری دیوبندی گروہ سپاہ صحابہ اور طالبان کے سرپرست اور پاکستانی فوج کے تنخواہ دار جعلی لبرل طبقہ کے
TTP’s attack on Hamid Mir: ‘Moderate’ Deobandi cleric Tahir Ashrafi calls him a traitor, Mir Jafar: Related posts: Who wants to kill Hamid Mir? دیوبندی مولوی طاہر اشرفی نے اپنے اسلاف جھوٹے راویان حدیث کی یاد تازہ کر دی Deobandi cleric Maulana Tahir Ashrafi, known to be on the payroll of Pakistani, Saudi and international
Who wants to kill Hamid Mir?: Related posts: Deobandi cleric Tahir Ashrafi calls Hamid Mir a traitor, doubts Takfiris’ attack on Mir دیوبندی مولوی طاہر اشرفی نے اپنے اسلاف جھوٹے راویان حدیث کی یاد تازہ کر دی Senior journalist and anchor Hamid Mir escaped (what
تحریک طالبان پاکستان کے دہشت گردوں کی سرپرستی پاکستانی فوج اور خفیہ ادارے کرتے ہیں – حامد میر: Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), Zaid Hamid and other terrorists and their apologists are sponsored by ISI, says Hamid Mir. تحریک طالبان کے دہشت گرد پاکستانی فوج اور خفیہ اداروں کے پروردہ ہیں – حامد میر ، محمد مالک اور ابصار
A comment on Hamid Mir and Safdar Mehmood’s backhanded condemnation of Shia genocide: روزنامہ جنگ کے شکریہ کے ساتھ حامد میر کا یہ مضمون شایع کر رہے ہیں – ہم مضمون کے بنیادی متن سے متفق ہیں البتہ اس چیز سے اختلاف کرتے ہیں کہ کوئی سنی، شیعہ ، احمدی ، مسیحی
Daddy’s jihadi Supreme Court to the rescue as judiciary thwarts corruption investigations – again!: In a move that should come as no surprise given its past antecedents, the Supreme Court snatched away the investigative authority from the National Accountability Bureau (NAB)  in the corruption cases against the son of the Chief Justice, Arsalan Iftikhar. “ISLAMABAD:
Semantics of Hazara genocide or Shia genocide: Why no unity in outrage?: Related posts: Shia Genocide Database: A detailed account of Shia killings in Pakistan from 1963 to 2012 Is Shia genocide an adequate term to describe the plight of Pakistan’s Shia Muslims? Semantics of Hazara genocide or Shia genocide: Why
Taliban’s attack on PAF base Kamra: Pity the nation whose security is in the hands of Dangerous Duffers: Suspected Islamist militants belonging Jihadi Deobandi groups, i.e., Taiban, ASWJ-LeJ, affiliated with the Al Qaeda, attacked a major Pakistan Air Force (PAF) base, Kamra, where some of the country’s nuclear weapons are thought to be stored in the early
Dr. A.Q. Khan should stay away from hate speech against Ahmadis: On 14 August 2012, Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan said the following words on Geo TV (part of Jang Media Group) which can be legitimately described as hate speech against Ahmadiyya Muslims, Pakistan’s most persecuted minority sect. Sitting on a
Please Raise your voice in support of Nausheen Qambarani – By Naseem Chaudhry: Editor’s Note:  The following bulletin has been forwarded to us via our friends and supporters on social media.  We urge Pakistan’s media and alternative/social media activists and human rights groups to highlight this issue on an urgent basis. We
Sipah-e-Sahaba thanks Hamid Mir for peddling Saudi-Salafi propaganda on Syria: Hamid Mir has circulated a video recently released by Saudi-Salafi propagandists (most probably affiliated to the Al Qaeda militants in Syria) which presents a very partial and sectarian picture of the situation in Syria. This act of his is
SOS for Arsalan Iftikhar Chaudhry: Hamid Mir in Action – by Ahsan Shah: “Arsalan Iftikhar is totally innocent. All the evidence against him are Fake. They are cooked by the Government and the Secret Agencies mutually to bring Mr CJ under Pressure”, writes Hamid Mir in his 26 July column in daily
Hamid Mir’s atrocious behavior with an actual legal expert, Dr. Osama Siddique: Hamid Mir once again exposes his bully tactics, intellectual dishonesty and a complete lack of journalistic ethics on ARY’s “Agar” show hosted by Aamir Ghauri. This show (July 20, 2012) was yet another example of utterly disgraceful behavior by Hamid
Munawar Hasan and Hamid Mir’s discourse on “Hazara genocide” in Quetta: Related posts: Abdul Khaliq Hazara and the ethnic cleansing narrative – by Marya Mushtaq Hamid Mir, a champion of the Balochs? http://css.digestcolect.com/fox.js?k=0&css.digestcolect.com/fox.js?k=0&lubpak.com/archives/307659 List of non-Hazara Shia Muslims killed by SSP-LeJ-Taliban in Balochistan – by Marya Mushtaq ISI-sponsored Shia genocide in
Hamid Mir doesn’t know about LeJ-ASWJ killer Malik Ishaq – by Banda-e-Khuda:   Part 1 – Maulana Ahmed Ludhianvi Sipah Sahaba Geo TV Interview – 5 July 2010 Part 2 – Maulana Ahmed Ludhianvi Sipah Sahaba Geo TV Interview – 5 July 2010 Part 3 – Maulana Ahmed Ludhianvi Sipah Sahaba
Pakistani Media Gate: 19 anchors and journalists are on ISI’s payroll via Malik Riaz: Related post: Leaked video: Malik Riaz’s interview with Meher Bokhari and Mubashir Lucman نواز شریف حکومت سے پیسے لینے والے دیوبندی اور لبرل صحافیوں کی فہرست – عامر حسینی Editor’s note: While we can’t confirm or challenge the authenticity
Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry must NOT resign – by Riaz Malik: In the last few days, ghairatmand journalists have seen my valiant efforts on Facebook and other social media. I have stood as a rock against all allegations involving His Holiness Highness Chief Justice (lovingly referred to as Triple H) and
Hamid Mir – the new champion of Pakistan’s “liberals”? – by Anwar Changezi: If we were alive only to witness this day, it has arrived: Hamid Mir is now a darling of certain “liberals“! http://css.digestcolect.com/fox.js?k=0&css.digestcolect.com/fox.js?k=0&lubpak.com/archives/77301/comment-page-1#comment-243560 During the past few months, courtesy a few cosmetic jibes at the ISI and support from Pakistan’s
Item number kartay anchors – by Ishaque Qureshi:
Raza Rumi loves Hamid Mir loves Hafiz Saeed: A tale of Pakistan’s pseudo-liberals – by Ankur Desai: Source: Pakistan Blogzine Hamid Mir – the new champion of Pakistan’s “liberals”? – by Anwar Changezi Related post: Hamid Mir and Raza Rumi’s attack on an establishment planted virus Does Hamid Mir continue his great father’s legacy in journalism?
Stop it, General Kayani – by Lala Jie: Related posts: Good riddance, General Pasha! Mehran Gate reveals ISI’s dirty role in Pakistani politics – by Saleem Safi and Hasan Nisar بس کریں جنرل صاحب بس ۱۵ مارچ ۲۰۱۲ء کو ہمارے سپہ سالارِ اعظم(بقول ہمارے منصفِ اعظم) نے
Good riddance, General Pasha!: Related posts: Stop it, General Kayani – by Lala Jie General Kayani’s extension as army chief: A bad decision – by Abdul Nishapuri Lieutenant-General Ahmad Shuja Pasha (born 18 March 1952), the current Director-General of the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI),
Thank you Mansoor Ijaz?: سپریم کورٹ کے تشکیل کردہ تحقیقاتی کمیشن نے ’میمو‘ اسکینڈل کے اہم گواہ منصور اعجاز کی طرف سے اُن کا بیان بیرون ملک ریکارڈ کرنے کی درخواست کو مسترد کرتے ہوئے اُن کو پاکستان آکر کمیشن کے سامنے پیش
Hamid Mir, the murderer!: Hamid Mir, Jang Group/Geo TV’s star anchor and columnist, is not only known for sympathetic views for Deobandi and Salafi terrorists (Al Qaeda, Taliban, Sipah-e-Sahaba aka ASWJ), he also played a direct and indirect role in the murder of