Pakistan’s Supreme Kangaroo Court once again shows its disdain for the law

Kangaroo Judge Iftikhar Chaudhry probably thanking his self-righteous, Pro Taliban mob supporters

……under clause (3) of Article 66 of the Constitution, the committee had powers vested in civil court under the Code of Civil Procedure 1908 (Act V of 1908) to enforce the attendance of any person and compel the production of documents.

Article 66 (3) of the Constitution reads: “Provision may be made by law for the punishment, by a House, of persons who refuse to give evidence or produce documents before a committee of the House when duly required by the chairman of the committee so to do. Source

In the typical manner of an Army general and/or a mass murdering Takfiri Jihadi, Pakistan’s Supreme Kangaroo Court once again thumbed its nose at the Constitutional mandate of the Public Accounts Committee. Contrary to the clear and unambiguous Constitution Clause quoted here, the Supreme Court registrar, Faqir Hussain, has refused to present the accounts of the Judiciary to the Public Accounts Committee.  The Supreme Court stands by this illegal act of its own registrar and has even allowed him to vent his defiance against accountability by supporting it through a media diktat.

The PCO (twice oath on Provisional Constitutional Order legalizing army coup), Supreme Court of Pakistan has once again made it clear, that like the military dictators Martial Law regimes whom it has serviced dutifully for decades, it considers itself above the Law.

In Pakistan, if one is the corrupt son of the present Supreme Court Chief Justice or a self-confessed mass murderer like Malik Ishaq, they one is not constrained by such petty things like the Law. The same applies to the Pro-Taliban Pakistan Muslim League which allegedly financed the reactionary, hypocritical and self-righteous Lawyer’s Movement.  The only group that can be convicted by this Supreme Court are popularly elected Prime Ministers belonging to the Pakistan People’s Party.

Unlike mass murdering Jihadists and their corrupt PML N sponsors like CJP’s cousin Rana Sanaullah, the PPP has always been in the cross-hairs of Pakistan’s corrupt and spineless Supreme Court. Prime Minister, Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto was sent to the gallows in a Kangroo Court trial whose proceedings were dictated by General Zia ul Haq.  Another PPP prime minister, Yousuf Raza Gillani, was Un-Constitutionally removed from office for his refusal to go against the Constitution.

What else can one expect from this Jihadi Judiciary other than its Un-Constitutional stance that its Public Funding cannot be held accountable to the Public Accounts Committee, formed by elected representatives of Pakistan.  Will we see biased journalists like Umar Cheema insisting that financial records of this Judiciary also be made public just as his recently publised records of parliamentary members.

However, in Pakistan, the Corporate media acts more as a cheer leader for cranks, former generals like Hamid Gul and as the self-righteous supportors of PCO Chaudhry and his cohort of acquiescent PCO judges in both the Supreme Court and High Courts of the country.  The four main #CheerleadersForChaudhry are Najam Sethi, Umar Cheema, Hamid Mir and Ansar Abbasi.

The so-called “independant” media will typically fall in line with this judiciary  without regard to the principles of accountability and transparency and the Constitution.

The only brave soul who has done his best to expose this Judiciary’s double standards and hypocrisy as well as its sympathy with the terrorists of Sipah Sahaba Taliban, has been PPP Senator Faisal Raza Abidi.  In stark contrast to Senator Abidi’s bold and legally-grounded stance for Judicial accountability is the sneaky, bigotted and underhand remark of Fake liberal champion, Najam Sethi

@marvisirmed @AliDayan I wonder if any mediaperson has complained of being gagged by SC? But Faisal Raza Abidi is hopping mad.

Is Mr. Sethi pretending that the HRW report is fiction. It seems so as obviously Mr. Sethi has not been following the news or is deliberately being cheap with the truth. Let us refresh his memory from this detailed report in Express Tribune

Hassan further stated that HRW had been receiving reports of the curbs placed on local media by the judiciary for a long time. However, it was the recent wave of orders by the Lahore and Islamabad High Court seeking to restrict the media’s freedom of expression, which brought the issue into the limelight [See background below].

Being deliberately obtuse, having the gift of the gab to equivocate on demand and getting away with outright intellectual dishonesty makes Mr. Sethi an invaluable mouthpiece for the civil (judiciary)- military establishment.  To channel Mr. Sethi, it might just be the “rogue elements” in ISI who allegedly consider Najam Sethi as “anti-establishment“.

After all, Mr. Sethi and his lackey have made a career at GEO in presenting half-truths to selectively slam the elected government while allowing for mild and token criticism of the Military-Judiciary establishment. Mr. Sethi is one of the most talented henchman of the Establishment and should be left alone and unharmed by the “rogue elements” within ISI. Unless ofcourse the alleged threats against him are a publicity exercise to launder his image.  If rogue elements within the ISI do consider him as “anti-establishment”, please do not do so – he is one of your most gifted propagandist.

Najam Sethi in his writings and his glorified gossip show feverishly promotes the comic notion that this Judiciary holds the rule of Law dear. At the same time, and similar to Hamid Mir and Ansar Abbasi, he is almost the PCO judges to continue to undermine the elected Government by hook or by crook.

The refusal of the Supreme Court Registrar to present the Judiciary’s accounts to the Public Accounts Committee speaks volumes of what exactly the judiciary thinks of the Rule of Law or its much hyped quest to end corruption.  Charity begins at home unless one has the support of media to flout the law.

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  1. I don’t know why this Government is acting like a chiken infront of this f$#$@ng one eyed Black sheep. He has ruined the country single handedly.

  2. Of course Najam Sethi would do his utmost to discredit Abedi Saheb. Look at this character’s track record and his Judas-like aspect leaps out. For that matter; all cadres of the NEW INTERNATIONAL ELITE behave similarly. Invariably; they are well remunerated and the consequences of their evil; be it the disinformation they spew in their opinion-forming capacity or indeed the policies they help formulate as cogs and wheels of supra national organisations; the latter being exempt from the native electorates’ say. In exactly like manner is Europe being destroyed by the EU Nomenklatura while the sick joke that is the UN ensures that freedom is snuffed out ; even in the so-called free Western world: kleptocrats; bananana republicans and the most hideous creature of them all; the OIC, are busily uprooting all foundational democratic principles with the full support and blessing of these rich socialist elite. The tragedy is that the Faisal Reza Abedis of the world are very successfully marginalised by the media. And in an increasingly connected and media-obsessed world; the Great Unwashed are more gullible than ever. The beneficiaries of the strife thus wrought are the Islamists who; post-Obama, are increasingly strident and confident for the `radical chic’ elite have the Islamists’ back.Upon this chequer-board; Abedi is the anomaly which the elite will not brook. So fellow Hussainis and jiyalas,make no mistake; the liberal elite have nothing but contempt for the lower classes and your lot they loathe because you show them up. A very neat parallel exists here in Britain where the rich Gramscian elite have jettisoned the interests of their lower class to a degree where they have imported a new electorate from the Third World to dutifully keep voting them into power. It is not a good time to be poor and white in Britain; any dissenters are treated with the same level of scorn as Abedi is over there.And by the way, anyone know what made Raza Rumi of the Jinnah Institute show his hand re the `embryo Fuhrer’? I saw the video of Herr S Sharif on your site, the one where he is threatening to self-detonate and the `’chamcha’ lickspittles are restraining him, and I am willing to swear that this vulgarian has been watching a deal of Hitler’s speeches and makes a conscious effort to appear Hitlerian. It would be hilarious if not for the fact that Hitler is hugely popular in the Muslim world and the Muslim Brotherhood as well as the Baathists have Nazi antecedents.

  3. @Asma Bint e Marwan right u r,
    Jialas like Abidi r ” teesri dunya Kay kami kameen hain” why this elite of the society would pay them any respect?

  4. Dear Comrade Amjad, aap nein hamein Dr Enver Sajjad ki kitab`Khushion ka Baagh’ ki yaad dila di. He uses Hieronymous Bosch’s triptych as a sort of template in this book, and conflates the third panel of Bosch’s painting with the Third World. My mother read it to me many moons ago; the book was then pretty subversive(but then there is little that isn’t so construed in Peccavistan); I remember it was the lefty intellectual Ahmed Saleem who had posted the book to my parents.If you can read Urdu it is a book well worth reading, as a period-piece if nothing else. As for Abedi Saheb, aik to ghareebon ka beta, phir UP Wallah, or ooper say Shia..ya’ani aik to jiyala ooper say neem charha…

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