Munawar Hasan and Hamid Mir’s discourse on “Hazara genocide” in Quetta


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Despite misleading propaganda in Pakistan’s mainstream media (which has also infiltrated into international media), it is now empirically proven that the ongoing massacres of Shia Musims in Quetta and wider Balochistan at the hands of the banned Lashkar-e-Jhangvi (LeJ, currently operating as Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat ASWJ, affiliated with the Taliban and Al Qaeda) are not directed against any specific ethnic group of Shias.

In Quetta and vicinity, out of a total population of 500,000 Shia Hazaras, more than 600 Shia Hazaras have been killed in the last few years. This is equal to 0.13 per cent of the Shia Hazara population killed by LeJ-ASWJ-Taliban.

In the same area in the same period, out of total 20,000 non-Hazara Shias (including Baloch, Pashtun, Qandhari Yusufzai, settlers from Sindh & Punjab etc), more than 300 non-Hazara Shias have been killed. This is equal to 1.5 per cent of the non-Hazara Shia population killed by LeJ-AWJ-Taliban.

Here is a list of non-Hazara Shias killed by the LeJ-ASWJ in Quetta:

Clearly, LeJ-ASWJ is not an ethnic organization; it is a sectarian militant organization comprising Takfiri Deobandi militants who freely propagate hate speech against Shias and are involved in country-wide target killing of Shia Muslims, from Karachi to Parachinar and from Skardu to D.I.Khan.

However, given that the LeJ-ASWJ militants are also members of the Taliban and Al Qaeda (boundaries are amorphous), they are treated as strategic assets by Pakistan army (ISI in particular) due to their roe in Jihadist operations in Afghanistan and Kashmir.

It’s therefore no surprise that Pakistan army, its Frontier Constabulary in Balochistan, and other various agencies are least interested in arresting or hunting down Jihadi-sectarian terrorists involved in the massacre of Shia Muslims and moderate Sunni Barelvi Muslims. On the contrary, there are several examples of how arrested terrorists were allowed to escape with the help of intelligence agencies, e.g., from high security prisons in Quetta, Gilgit etc. Agencies and terrorists are also known to pressurize the judiciary to secure release of terrorists such as Malik Ishaq, Molvi Abdul Aziz and Qari Saifullah Akhtar.

In order to deflect attention from Shia genocide at the hands of State-sponsored LeJ-ASWJ, ISI-friendly leaders and media persons try to misrepresent Shia genocide in Balochistan in ethnic terms. Their aim is manufacture artificial hatred between Hazaras and Balochs/Pashtuns. Another aim is to present Shia genocide in Quetta as a phenomenon isolated from the country-wide Shia genocide.

Some members of the Hazara Democratic party (HDP, an ethnic party considered to be Quetta version of Jamaat Islami due to its affinity with the ISI) too recycle the ethnic violence discourse for political gains and also to divert attention from the country-wide Shia genocide at the hands of the ISI-sponsored LeJ-ASWJ terrorists.

Some well-meaning media persons and anchors too get entrapped in this discourse by focusing solely on Hazara genocide while ignoring that a much higher proportion of non-Hazara Shias has been killed by LeJ-ASWJ in Quetta in the same period, and that the issue is clearly anti-Shia, not anti-ethnicity.

In this entire process, those 200+ non-Hazara Shias of Quetta who have lost their lives to LeJ-ASWJ terrorists remain ignored, nobody seems to pay attention to them, nobody remembers them, nobody cares!

Here are a few examples of how pro-establishment politicians (Munawar Hasan of Jamaat-e-Islami, some PTI activists) and media persons (right-wing Hamid Mir of Jang Group, some pro-establishment fake liberals) and their affiliates are trying to misrepresent Shia genocide in ethnic terms. In the second screenshot see how Munawar Hasan tries to deflect a valid question by renowned columnist Kamran Shafi.










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