Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry must NOT resign – by Riaz Malik

In the last few days, ghairatmand journalists have seen my valiant efforts on Facebook and other social media. I have stood as a rock against all allegations involving His Holiness Highness Chief Justice (lovingly referred to as Triple H) and his Judicial Supremes.

Briefly, the basless allegations by liberal fascists and bad liberals (Non-Jinnah Institute Types) go like this:

All allegations of financial misconduct against Arsalan Iftikhar need to be thoroughly investigated.  There should NOT be peremptory protection provided by Suo Motos that are undertaken by a bench of Judges who are more beholden to the interests of Chief Justice than to the Law. 

How did Arsalan Iftikhar, with poor academic results, secure immediate employment in the Government during the time of General Musharaf?  How did he build up a business worth hundreds of millions of rupees and employ hundreds of employees in the space of four years?

That the son of a Chief Justice drives BMWs and Mercedes worth tens of millions of rupees and goes for expensive trips to London and Monte Carlo along with the rest of Chief Justice’s family should be a matter of deep concern to the public which foots his salary and perks.

The most disturbing element is that the Judiciary is ideologically homogenous and there is no dissent in any of the major decisions involving this Judiciary (reflecting a tribal mindset) – an observation made by impartial international Jurists  which points to bias and complicity within the Judiciary. 

Was Arsalan Chaudhary the conduit to buying off Pakistan’s higher Judiciary and influencing its decisions in favour of ISI assets (Malik Ishaq, Hafiz Saeed) and against the elected PPP Government?

This is the liberal fascist nonsense that I have had to put up with ever since ghairatmand journalists like Shaheen Sehbai, Ansar Abbasi have broken this story.  Furthermore, I applaud the role of Hamid Mir and Umar Cheema who have gone out of way to term such allegations as baseless.

First of all, liberal fascists have this misconception of the law and they think the Constitution, that piece of paper, must be followed. This is Naansense! Chief Justice Triple H is the Law! Also, when great Justice Khosa wrote poem in decision against dictator Gillani, that poem is also Law.  When Triple H used Holy Koran like Khalifa Hazrat Muawiya ibne Hazrat Abu Sufyan did in Siffin, that is also Law!

Secondly, when Triple H took Suo Moto for his son, Ibne Iftikhar, he was following the holy tradition of Hazrat Umar (R.A.) as was lucidly explained by Ansar Abbasi his column in daily Jang.

After releasing Malik Ishaq and Hafiz Saeed and for his judicial activism for Lal Masjid, my Sipah-e-Sababa comrades were already loving the Triple H and did not regret their efforts in reinstating him. Now, they are very pleased that CJ Triple H is following the dictats of great leaders of Ummah.

Thirdly, Arsalan Iftikhar or Ibne Iftikhar is a brilliant, brilliant man who did not secure 16/100 in his FA exams but actually 160/100; liberal fascist Zionist-imperialist lobby removed the 1.  Ibne Iftikhar has made his money from selling patents for the cure of cancer  from Jari-Booti/herbal remedies. He was attending Monte Carlo and London for receiving awards from International Medical Associations like his father did recently. Ibne Iftikhar made his money from sewing namaz caps and copying Hadiths like Hazrat Aurangzeb Mughalia (RA) did whenever he got a free moment from killing Hindus and Rafizis.  Ibne Iftikhar’s BMW and Mercedes came from revenues of these pious activities.

This is unlike drug-lord Ali Musa Gillani, the Pablo Escobar of Pakistan!

Fourthly, just because Judiciary is united does not mean there is collusion. Just because all their decision are the same does not mean that Judiciary is “ideologically biased”, that is naansense. I now request Chacha judges of Supreme Court to pronounce their bhatija, Ibne Iftikhar, innocent of all charges.  I also request ghariatmand journalists like Syed Talat Hussain Naqvi and Najam Aziz Sethi to stop their fights. After all, they are both on the Right side. Ghar ki baat hai and this activity is not good.  They both need to realize that they are with Judiciary and against Bhutto Zardari Party (BZP).  Talat Hussain must appreciate the fact that Najam Sethi supported the brave patriot Farooq Leghari and even served in the Caretaker Government. Sabar ka phal meetha hai and both are fine journalists whose advocacy for this Judiciary will go down in the annals of history:

“…there are two new and powerful contenders in the equation. The judiciary under Chief justice Iftikhar Chaudry has unprecedentedly pushed the military on the defensive for being unaccountable (the Mehrangate affair of 1990, disappearances and murder of Baloch and Taliban extremists in captivity). And the electronic media is reaching tens of millions of Pakistanis and courageously raising their consciousness. Neither will countenance any direct or indirect military intervention in politics.” (TFT February 17-23, 2012 – Vol. XXIII, No. 52)

Talat Sahib has much to learn from great Najam Sethi sahib on the fine art of sophistry.

Finally, my request to asli ghairatmand Fauj:

Please go kindly on your puttar Triple H and don’t let this ghar ki baat, go out of hand.  He was only bringing up the Missing Persons case to increase his bargaining power with you. If he was really serious, he would have done something about it during the last three and half years.  Don’t mind harsh tone of Triple H, this was simply playing to the gallery of his political supporters.

Both CJ Triple H and his supporters, Hamid Mir, Shahid Masood etc, have to pander to the liberal fascists once in a while. This is just to confuse the audience and to increase their bargaining power with you.  Don’t worry, they are with you on Balochistan in the long run.  Now please bury this family gate, please….

PS: Please don’t use CJ Gate for this baseless scandal against the Triple H. As suggested by the rightly guided journalists, it is Family Gate, Triple H has nothing to do with the BMWs that is parked in his driveway.



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