Hamid Mir’s atrocious behavior with an actual legal expert, Dr. Osama Siddique

Hamid Mir with Osama Bin Laden - "Happier Times for Two Jihadi Sympathizers"

Hamid Mir once again exposes his bully tactics, intellectual dishonesty and a complete lack of journalistic ethics on ARY’s “Agar” show hosted by Aamir Ghauri. This show (July 20, 2012) was yet another example of utterly disgraceful behavior by Hamid Mir and it highlights a pattern of intimidation tactics by this sorry excuse of a journalist.

During the show, Hamid Mir along with a fellow media henchman, Absar Alam hog the dicussion with their self-righteous rants.  Hamid Mir in particular rarely allows the host, Aamir Ghauri or Dr. Osama Siddique the opportunity to present a different point of view or make valid observations.

The show was a discussion about the legal aspects and ramifications of yet another petition that was filed by the media partisans of Pakistan’s controversial and politisized Judiciary. The petition seeks to use the Judiciary to once again interfere in the Executive domain and the purpose is to initimidate government regulatory bodies to censor and suppress any criticism of select anchors and judges. All this under the guise of free speech and human rights!

After his customary boasts of participating in the ill-fated Lawyer’s movement to restore politisized bureaucrats, Hamid Mir attempts to justify his petition on legal grounds.   He could not get over the fact that this time around that there are no  PML N-PTI idealogues masquering as legal experts who would goad him on.  Neither would he have the backing of Chief Justice Jaanisaris (loyalists) like Babar Sattar, Feisal Neqvi, Salman Akram Raja, Wajihuddin who appear to be vested with the current Supreme Court judges and place their tribal interests over priniciples and truth.

This time, the legal aspects of Hamid Mir and Absar Alam’s joint petition were deconstructed on merit by an independant legal expert. Dr. Siddique, a highly qualified legal scholar was also part of the Lawyer’s Movement.  Initially, Hamid Mir resorted to the underhand tactics of questioning Dr. Siddique’s legal background.  Dr. Siddique presented a nuanced, non-partisan and objective view of the merits and demerits of the Hamid Mir-Absar Alam petition.

Towards the end, failing to counter Dr. Siddique, Hamid Mir started to resort to ad hominems and outight lies.  His pathetic attempts to straw man Dr. Siddique are an indication of Hamid Mir’s consistent disregard for the truth.  Refer to 29:05 onwards in this clip and see how Hamid Mir attributes statements that Dr. Siddiqui never made.  He essentially labels Dr. Siddique as a Musharaf supportor!




Dr Siddique has been a proponent of much needed judicial reforms.  Proposed reforms like these are being consistenly thwarted by the current Higher Judiciary who want to obstruct the appointment of any judges that does not fit their worldview.  Attempts by the PPP-ANP Legislatures to draft law that would expedite Judicial reforms were rejected by the Supreme Court during its hearing of the relevant clauses of the 18th Amendment.  Contrary to basic democratic norms, Pakistan’s Supreme Court judges want complete control over the appointment of judges and ensure that like the army, an unelected bureaucracy is never held accountable by the people and their elected representatives.

We may not agree with his views on the current government but Dr. Siddique must be supported on the issue of Judicial reforms. Similarly, it is disappointing to see actual legal experts like him being disrespected by idealogues who confuse themselves with journalists.  For the record, Dr. Siddique held his own under constrained circumstances and without resorting to the undignified behavior displayed by Hamid Mir. However this incident needs to be highlighted to expose the initimidation tactics and dishonesty of the likes of Hamid Mir.

At the heart of these judicial reforms that Dr. Siddique keeps stressing on are over 2 million pending cases that are still undecided in Pakistan’s Judicial system and which have brought misery to the common man.  During a panel discussion at Yale University, Dr. Siddique made the same arguement.  The reactions to his well researched plea for judicial reforms by former PML N ad-hoc judge, ex-Justice Ramday are there for all to see. Obstructionism and denial are two words that come to mind in describing Ramday’s segment of the Yale presentation.

In the past, Hamid Mir has gained fame within a media dominated by right-wing Taliban apologist militiary establishment types.  Aside from being the journalist who used to boast about his interviews with global terrorist, Osama Bin Laden, Hamid Mir is allegedly responsible for provoking the murder of Khalid Khawaja.

In a leaked taped recording that has an uncanny resemblance to  both Hamid Mir’s voice and style of speech and has prompted calls for further investigation, he exposes his anti-Ahmadi bigotry and sympathy for the Taliban. Refer to these two posts for full details regarding Hamid Mir’s bigotry.

Secret audio tape of Hamid Mir’s conversation with a Punjabi Talib associate of Hakimullah Mehsud

Hamid Mir explains his position on taped conversation with a TTP terrorist; Punjabi Taliban’s press release declares Mir not guilty

In the past he has also allowed Taliban apologists and Jamaati demagogues like Imran Khan and Irfan Siddiqui to harass noted Pakistani scientist and peace activist, Dr. Pervaiz Hoodbhoy on his show. As the host , Hamid Mir stays true to the woeful standards set by Pakistan’s biased and compromised media.

This pattern involves the host along with 2-3 other guests ganging up on the lone liberal/PPP/ANP participant.  The hosts and the remaining 2-3 guests are all affiliated with PML N, PTI, Jammat-e-Islami in either a political capacity or financial arrangement. Throughout the show, they do their best to shout down the lone liberal/PPP participant and/or censor that individual.  They do this  by constantly interrupting the lone liberal response or calling for an advertisement break at the most opportune time, especially when their spurious arguements are being negated.

Such is the State of Pakistan’s media as exemplified by its “champion” Hamid Mir.  Hamid and his collegues like Talat Hussain, Najam Sethi, Ansar Abbasi, Kamran Khan, Mehr Bokhari, Mubasher Luqman, Nasim Zehra, Dr. Danish, Kashif Abbasi etc are a disgrace to the field of journalism.  What exactly it is that our “liberals” see in this sorry bunch is a mystery.



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