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اسرائیلی فوج نے اپنا الحاج شیخ الاسلام متعارف کرادیا – عامر حسینی: اسرائیل، اور سعودی عرب کی باہمی قربتوں کا احوال تو کسی سے چھپا ہوا نہیں ہے۔لیکن آج کل سعودی عرب کے فرمانروا نے ایران بارے اپنا معاندانہ رویہ ‘شیعہ مخالف بیانات’ کی بجائے صرف ‘ ایران کے غلبے کا
Selective Outrage on Gaza exposes Salafi Supremacists of the Muslim World:     Once again, Israel reacts with disproportionate force against #Palestinian protests, killing and wounding scores of unarmed protestors. Once again, there is typical outrage. And once again, many of those protesting the violence in #Gaza are exposed for
How Pakistani law inspired Israel to seize Arabs’ land: In an irony of history, the new state of Israel, a year after its founding in 1948, was “inspired” by Pakistan in enacting laws to seize the property of defeated Arabs. Mark Twain’s quip, “Buy land, they’re not making
Arab Opinion Survey: Palestine has the highest percentage of ISIS sympathizers: Findings from a survey by the Arab Opinion Index team, within the Doha-based Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies, and which were presented at near-simultaneous press conferences in Doha and Washington, DC, have demonstrated the depth of the
Annihiliation of Israel? Not in my name, Ayatollah Khamenei – by Abdul Nishapuri: Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei wants to annihiliate and eliminate Israel. On 9 November 2014, he issued a detailed inforgraphic on Twitter on how and why to annihiliate Israel. There is only one beneficiary of such genocidal rhetoric against
Israel’s ‘land for lives’ is theft. Pure and simple – by Robert Fisk:     So a bit more of Palestine has slidden down the plughole. A thousand more acres of Palestinian land stolen by the Israeli government – for “appropriation” is theft, is it not? – and the world has made
If the Nobel Peace Prize can be handed to Obama, why not hand it to the Israeli Defence Force? – by Robert Fisk:   Now I know that the Israeli Defence Forces are famous in song and legend. Humanitarian, courageous, self-sacrificing, restrained, willing to give their own lives for the innocents among their enemies, etc, etc. Leon Uris’s Exodus – a racist,
Israel-Gaza conflict: What has Israel achieved in 26 bloody days? – by Patrick Cockburn:     As Gaza is devastated by a new paroxysm of violence, what has Israel achieved by its 26-day bombardment and ground intervention? The outcome so far is similar to that of past Israeli wars in Lebanon and Gaza:
Dress the Gaza situation up all you like, but the truth hurts – by Robert Fisk:       There was a time when our politicians and media had one principal fear when covering Middle East wars: that no one should ever call them anti-Semitic. So corrosive, so vicious was this charge against any honest
Saudi king publicly blames Hamas for Gaza war – by Thomas Rose: In a stunning five minute statement read on state television late Friday, Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah, leader of Israel’s oldest and most implacable foe, called the Hamas-Israel war in Gaza a “collective massacre” caused by Hamas. It is just
فلسطینی بچوں کی شہادت پر اسرائیلی عوام کا جشن و اظہار مسرت – از خرم زکی: غزہ پر اسرائیلی حملہ اور وہاں ہونے والی تباہی اور بربادی کے مناظراب پوری دنیا کے سامنے آ چکے. دو ہزار کے قریب فلسطینی اس ننگی جارحیت کے نتیجے میں شہید اور دس ہزار کے قریب زخمی اور مفلوج
Saudi grand mufti issues fatwa against solidarity marches with Gaza – by Aziz Allilou:   A fatwa has been issued against pro-Gaza marches by a Saudi cleric who says that demonstrations in solidarity with Palestinians “are just useless demagogic actions.” The fatwa was issued by Saudi Arabia’s Grand Mufti and General President for
Who are you against Israel or Palestine?: First off, I want to start by addressing Shaherbano’s comment on Muslims being the oppressors for 1500 years. Although there are a lot of examples of “Muslim” kings doing genocide against their own people, it doesn’t mean that all
Selective muslim outrage & social identity theory – by Syed Ali Abbas Zaidi: As I write this, news of the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) bombing UN protected schools in Gaza is making the rounds. The impunity with which Israel is carrying out war crimes, the impotence of world powers and the UN,
Oz: ‘Lose-lose situation for Israel’ –:     Israel’s ground offensive against Gaza is excessive, Israeli writer Amos Oz tells DW. But he also criticizes Hamas’ strategy, in which both Israeli and Palestinian victims boost the organization’s standing in Gaza. Amoz Oz: I would like
اداریہ :اسرائیل کے غزہ پر حملے نے عرب حکمرانوں اور سلفی دیوبندی جہادیوں کو بے نقاب کرڈالا ہے:   اسرائیلی بمباری سے غزہ کی پٹی کی ایک تاریخی مسجد کی تباہی کا منظر  آج جب یہ اداریہ لکھا جارہا ہے تو اسرائیلی بمباری اور زمینی حملے میں 1900 سے زیادہ فلسطینی شہید ہوچکے ہیں جبکہ 9000  سے
Arab Leaders, Viewing Hamas as Worse Than Israel, Stay Silent – by David D. Kirkpatrick:     CAIRO — Battling Palestinian militants in Gaza two years ago, Israel found itself pressed from all sides by unfriendly Arab neighbors to end the fighting. Not this time. After the military ouster of the Islamist government in
Gaming Israel and Palestine:   We have long argued that the Arab-Israeli conflict is inherently insoluble. Now, for the third time in recent years, a war is being fought in Gaza. The Palestinians are firing rockets into Israel with minimal effect. The Israelis
Saudi crocodile tears over Gaza – by David Hearst:     It is tough work being the Saudi ambassador to the UK. First, you have to stir yourself into action to deny the undeniable: The Israeli attack on Gaza comes with Saudi backing. That, in itself, is demeaning.
Qatar’s purchase of billions of US weaponry for hamas: Qatar recently cemented an enormous weapons deal with the United States. But this week, the tiny, resource-rich Gulf kingdom with outsized geopolitical ambitions — and a seemingly bottomless pocketbook — might be setting itself up for more problematic relations
Eight hundred dead Palestinians. But Israel has impunity – by Robert Fisk:     Impunity is the word that comes to mind. Eight hundred dead Palestinians. Eight hundred. That’s infinitely more than twice the total dead of flight MH17 over Ukraine. And if you refer only to the “innocent” dead –
Why can’t Iran and Israel be friends? – by Navid Hassibi:     Israel supported the Islamic republic with arms during its war with Saddam Hussein’s Iraq. Photograph: Damir Sagolj/Reuters There has been much talk this month about subtle Iranian-Israeli overtures, sparking speculations in policy circles about the possibility of
Iran and Israel, once and future allies – by Saeed Ghasseminejad:   For the last thirty years, the Islamic Republic of Iran has not only been constantly calling for the destruction of Israel, but has also been acting to make it happen. There is a little-known story that in 1873
The secret report that helps Israelis to hide facts – by Patrick Cockburn:   Israeli spokesmen have their work cut out explaining how they have killed more than 1,000 Palestinians in Gaza, most of them civilians, compared with just three civilians killed in Israel by Hamas rocket and mortar fire. But on
سید منظر امام رضوی کا عامر حسینی کے نام خط: یہ خط مجهے سید منظر امام رضوی نے ارسال کیا ہے اور ان سے بہت کوشش کے بعد ان کی اجازت سے میں یہ خط اپنے فیس بک دوستوں کی خدمت میں پیش کررہا ہوں اور میں یہ بات
Nigerian soldiers kill 25 anti-Israel Shia protesters on Quds Day:     A protester is gunned down by Nigerian military forces during a rally marking International Quds Day in Zaria, Nigeria, on July 25, 2014 Twenty-five demonstrators, including the sons of the leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria,
Top Ten Myths about the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict – by Jeremy R. Hammond:   Myth #1 – Jews and Arabs have always been in conflict in the region. Although Arabs were a majority in Palestine prior to the creation of the state of Israel, there had always been a Jewish population, as
کہ وطن بدر ہوں ہم تم– دیں گلی گلی صدائیں: میں نہ توحماس کا حامی ہوں اور نہ کسی اور فلسطینی تنظیم کا.مگر کچھ عرصے سے میں یہ دیکھ رہا ہوں کچھ مصنفین غزہ کی صورتحال کا ذمہ دار اسرائیل کے ساتھ ساتھ حماس کو بھی قرار دے رہے
Why Is Israel Losing a War It’s Winning? – by Jeffrey Goldberg:       An Israeli officer in a Hamas tunnel (Jack Guez/Reuters) Things change, of course—the only constant in the Middle East is sudden and dramatic change—but as I write it seems as if Israel is losing the war
فلسطین کا غم اور پاکستانیوں کی دو عملی – از عامر حسینی: علی ناطق نے اپنے سٹیٹس پر لکها ہے کہ شام میں ایک دن میں القائدہ نے 1400 شامی لوگوں کو قتل کیا،14 شیعہ ہزارہ کو بس سے اتارکر افغانستان میں دیوبندی طالبان نے گولیاں مارکر هلاک کیا ،کراچی میں
ایل یو بی پی کے کافر قادیانیوں اور صیہونیوں کی نقاب کشائی – از ایران نواز پاکستانی شیعہ لابی:   مومنین قادیانی مافیا سے ہوشیار رہیں کچھ بظاہر لبرل لوگ جو شیعہ نسل کشی کے خلاف اٹھاتے ہیں اور ’’تکفیری دیوبندی‘‘ کا لفظ بہت استعمال کرتے ہیں وہ شیعہ اور احمدی کو ایک ہی ردیف میں رکھتے ہیں
ایران کے مذہبی بیوپاری، حماس کی سرپرستی اور اندھے مقلد پاکستانی شیعہ – عامر حسینی: مذهب کے جو بیوپاری ہیں ، وہ سب سے بڑی بیماری ہیں ان دین کے ٹهیکے داروں سے، میں باغی ہوں ،میں باغی ہوں اس سے پہلے کہ میں اپنی اصل بات کی طرف آؤں میں امام سجاد زین
فلسطین، پاکستان اور سچ کی موت – از عامر حسینی: پاکستان میں کسی بهی انسان کے قتل کیے جانے کی خبر جب پهیل جاتی ہے اور اس قتل پر احتجاجی ردعمل دینے کا مرحلہ آتا ہے تو خبر موصول کرنے والوں کی اکثریت سب سے پہلے یہ دیکهنے کی
BBC: Three Israeli teens were killed by a lone cell, not operating under Hamas leadership:   BBC’s senior correspondent Jon Donnison makes an interesting revelation: Jon Donnison @JonDonnison Israeli police Mickey Rosenfeld tells me men who killed 3 Israeli teens def lone cell, hamas affiliated but not operating under leadership. Seems to contradict the
Five Israeli Talking Points on Gaza – Debunked: Israel has killed almost 800 Palestinians in the past twenty-one days in the Gaza Strip alone; its onslaught continues. The UN estimates that more than 74 percent of those killed are civilians. That is to be expected in a
Why Hamas is less extreme than ISIS?: We are posting tweets from opinion leaders in the Arab world including Elijah J Magnier and Hala Jaber. We have also included some tweets form known ISIS accounts that project their view.  It is clear from their tweets that
الباکستانیوں کے ہیرو ترک وزیر اعظم طیب اردگان کی اسرائیل کے بارے میں منافقت – از عبدالقادر:     غزہ میں سینکڑوں فلسطینیوں کی شہادت پر آنسو بہاتے ہوۓ ترک وزیر اعظم طیب اردگان نے کہا کہ یہ بات سمجھ سے بالاتر ہے کہ مغرب اب بھی اسرائیل کا دفاع کر رہا ہے اور دنیا خاموش
Hamas’s backflip on Syria: Once a traitor, then never to be trusted – by Ghassan Kadi:     Khaled Mishaal did a very dirty back flip on Syria 3 years ago, and he should never be trusted again. The same goes for Ismail Haniyye. It is sad that the fate of the people of Gaza
معصوم فلسطینیوں کے قتل عام میں اسرائیل کے سعودی، قطری اور اماراتی مددگار – از خرم ذکی: غزہ پر قیامت ڈھانے والا، معصوم فلسطینیوں کا قتل عام کرنے والا، ان کی نسل کشی کرنے والا صرف اسرائیل نہیں بلکہ اس “کار خیر” میں شریک ہیں نام نہاد “خادم الحرمین شریفین” ملک عبد الله اور متحدہ عرب
اہل فلسطین ہزاروں فلسطینیوں کے قاتل جرنیل ضیاء الحق سے نفرت کرتے ہیں – از حامد میر:         Source :