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Sectarian monster Erdogan Al-Baghdadi shamelessly justifies Iraq’s invasion: Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has said that Turkish troops were in Iraq at the request of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi since 2014 as the row between the two countries deepens. “Turkish soldiers are in Basheeqa camp at the
Arbaen of Imam Hussain is a resounding blow to ISIS – Riaz Malik Hajjaji:   I got this picture from my Facebook friend Sheheryar Naqvi‘s wall and it is one of several pictures that highlights the Universality of the Arbaen commemoration at Karbala of Imam Hussain Ibne Ali and his family and companions.
عراق میں شیعہ اور سنی داعش کے خلاف متحد – صداۓ اہلسنت:   Sunni tribes joining Shia militias as war against IS heats up in Iraq Note :As readers of Voice of Sunnis know well about our stance of political set up in Iraq .We support demand of formation of Sunni
We wouldn’t dare call any of these world leaders terrorist sympathisers:   Tony and Cherie Blair with Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad, and his wife Asma, outside Downing Street in 2002. His regime has been accused of killing tens of thousands of civilians. Margaret Thatcher and former Chilean dictator, General Augusto
Sunni tribes joining Shia militias as war against IS heats up in Iraq –: KARBALA, Iraq – Wearing elegant gold-fringed robes and traditional Arab head-dresses, three Sunni tribal leaders waited respectfully in an upstairs reception room inside the Imam Hussein shrine in Karbala one morning last week. The shrine is one of Shia
from Iraq to Syria: repeating a debacle: Proof that the British political class hasn’t learned anything after Iraq came with David Cameron’s ludicrous assertion that there are 70,000 moderate rebels fighting in Syria. It was an outright fabrication to rank with Blair’s sexed up dossier on
Will the UK target the tankers being used by the Erdogan regime to facilitate oil smuggling by ISIS?: In the ongoing debate in the UK on whether or not to “bomb ISIS”, PM Cameron and his cabinet are deliberately omitting any mention of related extremist groups in Syria like the various factions of Al Qaeda and their
داعش کے بھوت میں انسانیت تلاش کرنے کا مغربی جنون – عامر حسینی: آج ڈیوڈ کیمرون کی سربراہی میں ہونے والے برطاننوی کابینہ کے اجلاس میں شام میں ” داعش ” کے ٹھکانوں پر بمباری کرنے کی قرارداد کی اصولی طور پر منظوری دے دی گئی جبکہ برطانوی پارلیمنٹ سے اس قرار
One of the world’s biggest and most dangerous pilgrimages is underway: One of the biggest pilgrimages in the world is underway, with millions of Shia Muslims risking their lives to travel through Iraq. They are making their way to the city of Karbala, 62 miles south-west of Baghdad, for the
France funding Syrian rebels in new push to oust Assad:   France has emerged as the most prominent backer of Syria’s armed opposition and is now directly funding rebel groups around Aleppo as part of a new push to oust the embattled Assad regime. Large sums of cash have
Now the truth emerges: how the US fuelled the rise of Isis in Syria and Iraq:   The war on terror, that campaign without end launched 14 years ago by George Bush, is tying itself up in ever more grotesque contortions. On Monday the trial in London of a Swedish man, Bherlin Gildo, accused of
If Syria and Iraq become fractured, so too will Tripoli and North Lebanon: BEIRUT — The talk now is all about whether Syria and Iraq will end up as divided states. The impetus for such speculation derives firstly from the latest Saudi, Qatari and Turkish joint resolve to mount huge numbers of jihadists
Saudi backing of radical imams/schools bred the extremist ideology that is backbone of ISIS: Much of the world agrees that the Islamic State needs to be crushed. But how that can be accomplished, and what the unintended consequences may be, are a lot more complicated. The group, also known as ISIS, ISIL and
Why some Christians in northern Iraq are choosing to stand and fight: Baqufa, Iraq — On the outside, the house is fortified with sandbags and machine guns. On the inside hang pictures of Jesus and Mary. The house, in the last village before the territory of the Islamic State (IS) begins
Henry Kissinger: Realpolitik and Kurdish Genocide – Dr M. Koohzad: “Our movement and people are being destroyed in an unbelievable way, with silence from everyone. We feel, your Excellency, that the United States has a moral and political responsibility towards our people, who have committed themselves to your country’s
Moderate Takfiri Al Queda to join with Extreme Takfiri ISIS: Elijah J. Magnier (@EjmAlrai) is one of the most insightful journalists in the Iraq Syria theater. Interesting twitter exchange shows there are no “moderate” Takfiri khawarij. Al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahri called on Muslim supporters to band together to
کربلا سے سامرہ کا سفر – مبشر علی زیدی: کچھ دوست کہتے ہیں، امام کے نام کے ساتھ علیہ السلام لکھو، کچھ دوست کہتے ہیں رضی اللہ تعالیٰ عنہ لکھو۔ کچھ دوست کہتے ہیں مزار لکھو، کچھ دوست کہتے ہیں روضہ لکھو۔ کچھ دوست کہتے ہیں قتل نہیں
Truth in media : origins of ISIS:   Ben Swann explores the origin of ISIS that has already been long forgotten by American media. Swann takes on the central issue of whether or not ISIS was created by “inaction” by the United States government or by
A useful prep-sheet on Syria for media propagandists – Gary Leupp: State Department talking points on Syria for cable news anchors: * Keep mentioning the barrel bombs. Do not mention how their use was pioneered by the Israeli Air Force in 1948, and how they were used by the U.S.
مشرق وسطی کی سیاست اور جنگیں دنیا بھی بدل سکتی ہے – شفیق طوری: آج روس نے شام میں فضائی حملوں کا آغاز کردیا ہے۔ روس نے ایک ایسے جنگ میں کودنے کا فیصلہ کیا ہے، جس میں تقریباً دو لکھ افراد بچوں اور عورتوں سمیت لقمہ اجل بنے ہیں۔ باؤثوق ذرائع کیمطابق
Letter to Uncle Sam on Syria – Riaz Malik Hajjaji:   Now that you have pinpointed the presence of Water on Mars, please use the same technology to pin point ISIS in Syria. Please don’t let Mother Russia take all the credit. And Do all the bombing. Yes, yes,
Saudi Arabia backed “moderate rebels” of Al Qaeda and ISIS – Riaz Malik Hajjaji: It seems that the World has gone back in time to 1980. Back then, the USSR which was backing a secular muslim regime was lured into protecting that regime with troops on the ground. The regime was threatened by
The silence of the Left on Saudi aggression on Yemen and Bahrain – Riaz Malik Hajjaji: The world has flipped. Sections of the Left are wrong in portraying Salafi-Wahabi and Deobandi terrorists groups like ISIS/FSA/Al Qaeda, Boko Haram, ASWJ-LeJ, Taliban and Al Shabab as “misunderstood” “deprived” and victims of “economic deprivation”. Sections of the Left
What Putin told the UN: the US and allies are to blame in Mideast: Those who hoped Vladimir Putin would lead the way out of the Syria crisis with a detailed new plan on Monday were disappointed. The Russian president used his address to the UN General Assembly for a tour de force
شام : اوبامہ اور پیوٹن کی پوکر گیم – عامر حسینی: کل جب یو این کے 70 ویں جنرل اسمبلی سیشن میں امریکی صدر باراک اوبامہ اور ولادیمیرپیوٹن نے خاص طور پر مڈل ایسٹ اور شام پر اپنے اپنے موقف کے دفاع میں دلائل دئے تو سچی بات یہ ہے
The evil empire of Saudi Arabia is the West’s real enemy: Iran is seriously mistrusted by Israel and America. North Korea protects its nuclear secrets and is ruled by an erratic, vicious man. Vladimir Putin’s territorial ambitions alarm democratic nations. The newest peril, Isis, the wild child of Islamists, has
Putin is talking more sense on Syria than anyone else – John R. Bradley:   At the outset of Syria’s brutal four-year civil war, I was an almost unique voice in the British media deploring the push to depose the secular dictator President Bashar al-Assad, especially in the absence of a genuinely popular
Noam Chomsky on the Iran deal:     Throughout the world there is great relief and optimism about the nuclear deal reached in Vienna between Iran and the P5+1 nations, the five veto-holding members of the U.N. Security Council and Germany. Most of the world
داعش یرغمالی خواتین کو فروخت کر رہی ہے – بی بی سی رپورٹ: گذشتہ سال شمالی عراق پر دولت اسلامیہ کے قبضے کے بعد مذہبی اقلیت یزیدیوں نے وہاں سے راہِ فرار اختیار کی تو ان کی بہت سی خواتین اور لڑکیاں یرغمال بنا لی گئیں۔ تاہم بی بی سی فارسی کی
Saudi Arabia faces existential crisis after its misjudged gamble on oil:   If the oil futures market is correct, Saudi Arabia will run into trouble within two years. It will be in existential crisis by the end of the decade. The contract price of U.S. crude for delivery in December
‘Muslims are biggest victims’: ISIS’ online recruiting success story: The Islamic State’s deft use of social media is continuing to inspire and recruit young people in America to its cause and win them over to Islam, in spite of the terror group’s brutal tactics causing violence around the
Robert Fisk: David Cameron extremism speech: The PM’s Churchillian posturing over Syria is misguided: The way David Cameron tells it, this is the Battle of Syria. He’s going to “hammer” Isis, if he gets his way. Reminds you of Winston. Just imagine what our fighter boys were thinking when their 650 Spitfires and
Pakistani Deobandi among two arrested on terror charges in Italy: MILAN: Italian police say they have arrested two people, including a Pakistani Deobandi and a Tunisian, suspected of being behind a Twitter account that carried threats in the name of Daesh or the self-styled Islamic State (IS) group against
Who has triumphed in Vienna? – by Syed Kashif Ali: With sanctions removed, not only will Iranian economic revival be initiated but also greater US-Iran regional cooperation is expected in the Middle East, especially for Iraq’s stability, fight against Islamic State and peaceful settlement of the Syrian and the
A satirical comment on the international Deoabandi-ISIL alliance and its public defenders – by Syed Riaz Malik Al Hajjai: If the nuclear deal was not bad enough news for the Shia-baiting, ISIS/FSA/Al Qaeda apologist “liberals”, it seems another Deobandi genocidal terrorist and his apologists have made a faux passé. But don’t worry, many educated Shias are budding Uncle
انٹرنیشنل سوشلسٹ جرنل میں کامریڈ غیاث کا داعش پر ایک شاندار تفصیلی کالم – عامر حسینی: انٹرنیشنل سوشلسٹ جرنل میں کامریڈ غیاث کا ایک مضمون داعش پر شایع ہوا ہے اور اس میں ایک لمبی اور تفصیلی بحث کے بعد اس نے داعش ازم کیا ہے کہ عنوان سے بحث کو سمیٹتے ہوئے مڈل ایسٹ
US allies like Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar’s support for Al Qaeda in Iraq, Syria and Yemen must stop! – by Agha Jafri: Almost anyone with a general knowledge about the bloodshed and destruction taking place across the Muslim lands in general and the Levant in particular, is aware of the fact that the governments of Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Qatar are
حزب الوطنیہ دیمقراطیہ تیونس کا تکفیری قوتوں کے خلاف جرات مندانہ موقف – عامر حسینی: جامع الکبیر المساکن تیونس میں وھابی امام نے اپنے خطبے میں کہا کہ تیونس میں جو بھی اشعری عقیدے پر فوت ہوگا ، اس کی موت بدعت و کفر پر ہوئی ہے اور یوم قیامت اس کے ھاتھ پشت
داعش کے ساتھ ہم پہلے سے زیادہ محفوظ ہیں – برطانوی دیوبندی خاندان: برطانیہ سے لاپتہ ہونے والے 12 افراد پر مشتمل برطانوی خاندان شدت پسند تنظیم دولتِ اسلامیہ میں شامل ہوگیا ہے۔ خاندان سے منسوب ایک بیان میں کہا گیا ہے کہ وہ اپنے آپ کو ’پہلے سے زیادہ محفوظ‘ محسوس
Sticks and stones – How WikiLeaks could help precipitate the fall of the Saudi empire: Comment by Abdul Qadir : Now that the cat is literally out of the bag it will be much more difficult for the kingdom to manipulate from behind closed doors – plotting requires a certain degree of secrecy and