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Shia Genocide 2018: Another Summary of Loss: 2018 ended the way most years have ended for Shia Muslims in
Don’t let Commercial liberals hijack the funeral of Ali Raza Abidi as they deny Shia Genocide in Pakistan: There is a concerted campaign to attack, hijack and dilute the narrative
Shia Genocide in Pakistan: 308 killed, 548 injured in 33 fatal attacks on Shia-Muslims during 2017- Reported LUBP:   Let Us Build Pakistan has issued in-detailed report about attacks on
Pakistan: Stop Shia genocide in Khurram Agency: The scenic Parachinar valley, capital of the federally administered Khurram Agency, has
Why framing Shia genocide as a sectarian conflict only trivialises the problem:   One of the most important factors which determine the way an
Parachinar Blast: Shia Genocide Continues by Banned Deobandi outfits allied with PMLN Government: The connivance of State organs with Deobandi hate mongers: Shia Muslims in Pakistan
Mocking ASWJ-LeJ’s hate Kalima ridicules the victims of Shia Genocide:     I posted a video earlier today about someone mocking the
Faisal Raza Abidi’s arrest on the orders of ISIS terrorist Aurangzeb Farooqi a seminal event in the history of Shia Genocide: Faisal Raza Abidi’s arrest on the orders of ISIS terrorist Aurangzeb Farooqi
The discourse of Shia genocide in Pakistan and the role of Abdul Nishapuri and social media: A brief historical account:   Shia Public Affairs Committee is a community organisation based in New
Shia Genocide Update: Women, Children commemorating Bibi Zainab (AS) critically injured by Deobandi terrorist group ASWJ-LeJ: While it is typical of ISIS-affiliated Deobandi terrorist group ASWJ-LeJ to attack
To those who deny and dilute Shia Genocide In Pakistan:   If you want to understand why some of us insist upon
LUBP’s Open Letter to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon on Shia Genocide in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan: Honorable Ban Ki-moon Secretary General, United Nations HN HQ; New York City
Shia genocide continues unabated in Pakistan:   Yes, this is the image of Four more Shia Muslims killed
Shia Genocide continues : Blast in Parachinar:   PARACHINAR: At least 15 people were killed and dozens others wounded
‪Shia Genocide‬ continues in Pakistan. Three Shia Hazara were targeted by Takfiri Deobandi ‪‎ASWJ‬: 3 Other Shias, including those who are from a Qandhari ethnic background
Shia genocide in KPK : Prevailing Silence – Aamir Hussaini: Yesterday at Muhammad Ali Juhar road in Peshawar capital of KPK province
Shia Genocide in September 2015: Shia Genocide continues unabated. The PML N government is completely apathetic to
How the Friday Times blog subtly absolves the anti-Ahmadi hate cleric who enabled Malik Ishaq’s Shia Genocide: In a typically wishy washy report, Sectarian threat looms large in south
How the Pakistani “Left” obfuscates Shia Genocide: Nadeem F. Paracha’s article “Smokers’ Corner: The fateful split” (August 9th, 2015)
HRCP’s typically vague and obfuscatory report on Shia Genocide in Balochistan:     There is a tragic consistency in misrepresenting Shia Genocide in
Why is a certain champion of Shia genocide mysteriously silent when holy personalities of Shia Islam are being abused by his own friends?:   It’s the same ‘volunteer’ who demanded US$1000 per month for making
The Shia genocide and its discourse – Johnny Muaviya’s plan:   We the Muaviya Liberals have a plan: 1. Kill Shias, break
Shaan Taseer’s speech in the House of Lords highlighting Shia genocide and the persecution of minorities in Pakistan: My Dear Friends Below is a short speech I, Shaan Taseer, was
Shia genocide, Zardari and Bilawal in pictures – by Laleen Ahmad: Finally, Zardari and Bilawal have found someone whose very name evokes and
Appeal to Sherry Rehman, Tahir Ashrafi and Raza Rumi: Don’t obfuscate Shia genocide in Balochistan as an ethnic issue: In Pakistan, more than 23,500 Shia Muslims have been killed by Deobandi
Pakistan Today’s report: Shia genocide and the evils we don’t see – by Hassan Naqvi:   The Hazara genocide often frequents headlines, but the situation is yet
Sunni silence on Shia genocide in Pakistan? A facebook conversation: Note: The following conversation taken from facebook is valuable as both sides
Arfi Rafiq continues to obfuscate and justify Shia genocide by constructing false Sunni-Shia sectarian violence binary: Editor’s note: Instead of Shia genocide by Deobandi ASWJ terrorists, in his
Javed Ahmed Ghamidi’s indirect role in Shia genocide in Pakistan – by Abdul Nishapuri: Javed Ahmed Ghamidi and other Salafi, Wahhabi and Deobandi clerics have issued
Shia genocide, silence, obfuscation and denial: A critical comment on Mohsin Hamid’s interview: Editorial note: Good questions by Mr Aabbas Zaidi although Mohsin Hamid appears to
Ahmed Quraishi, Ahmad Ludhyanvi and Shia Genocide in Pakistan: It is interesting to note how the Saudi-lobby in Pakistan led by
Aga Khan, Khamenei and the Shia genocide – by Riaz Malik Al-Hajjaji: I am appalled by the anti-Iran, anti-Khamenei poster shared by this Rafidi/Mushrik/Qadiani
Shia genocide in Pakistan: When you are in the majority, it is easy to be blind – by Hufsa Chaudhry: Zehra*, an old friend of mine tells me: “When I started at
Documentary: A brief overview of Shia Genocide in Pakistan: There are three key facts about the true nature of Shia genocide
Ahle Liberal Wal Jamaat echo ASWJ-LeJ in obfuscating Shia Genocide:     In Pakistan, when Shias are killed, Pakistan’s Sufyani Liberals or
The discourse of Shia genocide in Pakistan and the role of Abdul Nishapuri and social media: A brief historical account:   Shia Public Affairs Committee is a community organisation based in New
ISIS affiliated Deobandi terror groups like ASWJ need the deflection tactics to carry on Shia Genocide – Khurram Naqvi: This Youtube clip and note will be very painful for Shia-baiters –
Shia genocide obfuscation alert: Have you seen this woman? – by Midhat Rizvi: It has been brought to our attention by indigenous Shia and Sunni
Samaa TV: Shia Genocide: Will it ever stop?: Once again blood was spattered on the walls of a mosque, the
This is NOT sectarian violence, it is Shia genocide – Sibtain Naqvi: Another imambargah attacked in Islamabad leaving several Shias dead and injured. In the last two