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Ludhianvi’s interview: Pakistan’s Capital TV normalizes Shia genocide by maninstreaming Takfiri Deobandi terrorists: Related post: An open letter to Raza Rumi – by Ali Taj,
Under Sharif brothers Shia Genocide continues – by Mahpara Qalandar: Once again the Takfiris of Lashkar-e-Jhangvi-ASWJ have visited a Shia household and
United States Commission on International Religious Freedom on Shia Genocide and persecution of Minorities: Editor’s Note: LUBP applauds the notice taken by United States Commission on
Chaudhry Nisar obfuscates Shia genocide in Pakistan – by Mahpara Qalandar: On the evening of 13 August, just a few hours from the
Ahmad Qureshi’s website justifies Shia genocide in Pakistan: This hate-Shia article published on Ahmed Qureshi’s website (PKKH) is a must
Khudi Ali Archive on Shia genocide (Part II):
Khudi Ali archive on Shia genocide in Pakistan: Shaheed Irfan Ali (Khudi Ali), a Shia Hazara peace and social activist,
Shaheed Irfan Khudi Ali’s contribution to LUBP’s disocurse on human rights and Shia genocide: Shaheed Irfan Khudi Ali was a leading Shia rights and human rights
Al Qaeda incites Shia genocide in Indian-administered Kashmir: On 13 July 2013, Syria’s notorious Al Nusra Front (a branch of
More Shia genocide on the way? Punjab govt agrees to release most dangerous LEJ terrorists – by Abdul Manan: The gang of some 50 to 60 bandits had taken the police
US Congressional bipartisan letter to Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif for urgent action on Shia genocide: Editor’s note: LUBP is publishing this very significant letter signed by a
Geo TV’s Beena Sarwar obfuscates Shia genocide: On 30 June 2013, at least 40 Shia Muslims including women, men
Shia Genocide and our reaction to it – by Sabah Hasan: During, and more so, just after the countrywide four-day sit-in in January
The Shia Genocide – by Bina Shah: 2013 has been an ominous year so far for Pakistan’s Shia Muslims,
Hidayat TV Talk show on Shia Genocide – Part 2: Hidayat TV, a UK based satellitle TV channel, is broadcasting a series
Increasing acceptance and currency of LUBP’s discourse on Shia Genocide – by Ali Abbas Taj: I wish to congratulate those that have been fighting the good fight
Hasil Bizenjo and Abdul Qadir Baloch discuss Pakistan Army’s role in Shia Genocide – by Ali Taj: This is a must watch video clip based on reflections by two
The House of Lords meeting on Shia genocide in Pakistan by Deobandi ASWJ terrorists – by Lord Avebury: Related post: Debate on #ShiaGenocide including Shia Hazara killings in British House
Hidayat TV talkshow on Shia Genocide in Pakistan: By Ale Natiq – alexpressed I was invited to speak on a
Is Shia Genocide an outcome of Iran-KSA proxy war in Pakistan?: By alexpressed Read anything on Shia Genocide in Pakistan or watch an
An example of how a Deobandi blogger obfuscates Shia genocide in Pakistan – by Ada Khakwani: On a relatively unknown pro-establishment blog (Five Rupees), a Deobandi Pashtun blogger
Deobandi, Ahle Hadith, Barelvi Ulama must declare Shias as Muslims and condemn Shia Genocide – by Javed Ghamidi: The following is a summary of Javed Ahmad Ghamidi’s talk on target
Asian Human Rights Commission report on Army-Saudi Arabian nexus behind Shia genocide: The Asian Human Rights Commission strongly protests the murders of members of
Yes, we insist! this is shia genocide – by A Z: PROLOGUE: The so-called liberals are quick to acknowledge that Pakistan is an
A poem on Shia genocide in Pakistan – by Asif Zaidi: Quetta is filled with screams and blood stained bodies of Shias, yet
Evidence of Shia genocide in Pakistan, one year before Iran’s Islamic revolution!: One of the most dishonest media tactics in Pakistan is to present
Pakistan’s Shia Genocide 101: Source: This article first appeared here and an edited version was published
The Truth About The Shia Genocide and what can be done about it – by A.Z.: PROLOGUE: We have a responsibility, as individuals, as professionals, and as organized
Shia Genocide is not a Saudi-Iran proxy war – by Ali Taj: A debate that took place on a Facebook forum highlights the nature
Pakistan stumbling from sectarianism to Shia genocide – by A.Z.: PROLOGUE: This article attempts to examine the rise of sectarian conflict in
The tide of Shia genocide in Pakistan – by D Asghar: The ones in our land who are denying what is rightly termed
The Protests on Shia Genocide and PPP’s Delayed Response: The last three days, Labaik Ya Hussain, the cry of the oppressed,
Silence Encourages Shia Genocide in Pakistan – by Rusty Walker: “When the soul lies down in that grass, the world is too
RIP Khudi Ali: Pakistan’s young rights activist against Shia Genocide killed by Deobandi militants: It’s with utmost pain and sorrow that we announce that LUBP’s team
After the massacre of 20,000 Shias, Nasim Zehra denies existence of Shia genocide in Pakistan – by Ali Aqeel: Related post: Name and Remind: Nasim Zehra’s silence on Shia massacres in Pakistan
Discourse of Shia genocide in Pakistan: A Sipah Sahaba leader speaks – by Omar Ali: Related post: Lack of will, not the law, is responsible for acquittal
Lack of state-protection enabled Benazir Bhutto’s murder, same is enabling Shia genocide – by Rusty Walker: Part 2 Part 1 of this article can be read here: How
Souls March delegates provide concrete suggestions to Pakistan Consul General in New York to stop Shia genocide: Exactly two weeks after the 10,000 Souls March in NYC, a delegation
ANP condemns Shia genocide: Awami National Party (ANP, Sindh Chapter) has condemned Shia genocide taking place
How would Benazir Bhutto view Shia genocide today? – by Rusty Walker: Part 1 – Honoring the fifth anniversary of Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto’s assassination