Don’t let Commercial liberals hijack the funeral of Ali Raza Abidi as they deny Shia Genocide in Pakistan

There is a concerted campaign to attack, hijack and dilute the narrative regarding Syed Ali Raza Abidi’s tragic murder on Christmas.

Whatever the secondary and tertiary causes may be, Ali Raza Abidi was murdered because he was a bold Shia Muslim and an unapologetic voice against Takfirism. Those who don’t want you to say this and want to hijack even the funeral of Ali Raza Abidi are the typical dishonest blood sellers. They will host their Balkanisation conferences in Washington DC but never have they dedicated more than a few cosmetic tweets to the ongoing #ShiaGenocide in Pakistan.

On the contrary, this Haqqani network has stifled even those who wrote so eloquently on this topic. In doing so, they have shown that they are not even honest to their own “anti establishment” posture.

None of them has said a word about the hateful and inciting social media attacks by BabaKooda – a PTI affiliated social media entity who routinely engages in hate speech against Shia Muslims.

Why is that either Shia Muslim bodies or Takfiri Terrorism are often at the frontlines of most of these tragic events.

#ShaheedKhurramZaki is a prime example. When Sufi Sunni Amjad Sabri was killed or when human rights activist Sabeen Mahmud was murdered, then also the same Haqqani network tried to misrepresent and hijack their tragic deaths.

We now know that Takfiri terrorists were behind these murderers. Their political affiliation is secondary because when a target had to be removed, it was either because they were Sufi Sunnis or Shias and/or had raised their voice against the Takfiri terrorists of ASWJ-LeJ.

There could be Byzantine/complex political angles behind the murder of Ali Raza Abidi. But there is one glaringly clear motive and that is because he was a Shia Muslim leader who was a bold voice against the Takfiri terrorists of Sipah Sahaba/ASWJ-LeJ.

The DC- based Haqqani network will NEVER utter a word about how their own Establishment (to the detriment of the average American tax payer) is in bed with the same WSD Takfiris from Afghanistan to Libya and specially in Syria.

Shia Muslims, Sufi Sunnis, Christians, Hindus and Sikhs, the vast majority of Pakistan’s population, have been made expendable to the blood list of WSD Takfiris but this network will not let you say a word about that. If elements of the domestic establishment are in cahoots with these Takfiris, so is the international establishment. But this COLLUSION will never be talked about!!



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