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Stop the bashing against PPP in the name of Liberalism – Aamir Hussaini:     Daily Dawn has written good editorial today about contesting Militant candidates in Election 2018. But in start it writes that Farooqui is being backed in his constituency by the PTI, PML-N and a former provincial minister belonging
Hameed Haroon’s hyperbolic and partisan claims hurt the cause of civilian supremacy and media freedoms:   Hard Talk’s Steven Sakur does a decent job in exposing the hyperbolic claims of Hameed Haroon #DawnGroup I would strongly recommend that people listen to this potcast. The YouTube video has been removed! Throughout the interview, Hameed Haroon
The landmark corruption case against Nawaz Sharif provides useful excuses:     We all know that the Avonfield Apartments in Mayfair were purchased by the pre teen children of Nawaz Sharif in 1994. They earned these millions of pounds like any kid does in Pakistan – they set up