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Has Buyer’s Remorse Set in for the selected PTI Government?:   This is the question that is foremost in the minds of any sane Pakistani. By buyer’s remorse, the indication is towards those who “selected” Imran Khan. And before him Nawaz Sharif. Two successive self righteous, gaslighting, right wing
Shia Genocide 2018: Another Summary of Loss: 2018 ended the way most years have ended for Shia Muslims in Pakistan; with the loss of another valuable community leader who raised his voice against Takfirism. The murder of Syed Ali Raza Abidi highlighted for the umpteenth time
Don’t let Commercial liberals hijack the funeral of Ali Raza Abidi as they deny Shia Genocide in Pakistan: There is a concerted campaign to attack, hijack and dilute the narrative regarding Syed Ali Raza Abidi’s tragic murder on Christmas. Whatever the secondary and tertiary causes may be, Ali Raza Abidi was murdered because he was a bold