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(Muhammad Faisal Younus) حقوق نسواں اور پاکستانی معاشرہ – محمّد فیصل یونس: کچھ دنوں پہلے اسلام آباد میں ایک ریلی نکالی گئی جس کا مقصد خواتین کے بنیادی حقوق کے لئے آواز بلند کرنا تھا. یہ ریلی کافی کامیاب رہی اور ملک کے روشن خیال حلقوں کی جانب سے پزیرائی بھی
The Mysterious Death of Dr. Hassan Zafar Arif and the Military Establishment Fascist Policies – by Muhammad Faisal Younus: The conditions of law and order in Pakistan are progressively deteriorating because of state policymakers. Under their policies, terrorists and extremists like Hafiz Saeed, who is one of the prime suspects in the Mumbai attacks, are enjoying their freedom.
Lashkar Jhangvi Appeals for Funds to wipe out Shias from Pakistan:   Hate and violent campaign is continuing against Shia community from Takfiri Deoandi network without any hurdle despite big claims of wiping out menace of terrorism made by Punjab government like federal and other provincial governments in Pakistan. (So
Shia Genocide in Pakistan: 308 killed, 548 injured in 33 fatal attacks on Shia-Muslims during 2017- Reported LUBP:   Let Us Build Pakistan has issued in-detailed report about attacks on Shias of Pakistan during 2017. According LUBP report on Shia killing in Pakistan total 33 attacks on Shia community due to their Shia identity were reported in
LUBP condemns the Criminal Apathy of the Punjab Government to the Model Town Massacre:   On a fateful day in June, 2014 over one hundred anti-Taliban Sunni activists of PAT were dragged out of a private office and massacred by the Punjab police. A Judicial inquiry report has assigned the blame to Rana