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Stale Narratives cannot absolve the State from its failure to prevent Terrorism in Pakistan:   Editor’s Note: Instead of peddling stale narratives, the Pakistani State needs to step up and tackle Deobandi militancy and the powerful nexus of mosques and madrases that are supplying the foot soldiers to various inter-connected terrorist groups. The
Lal Shahbaaz Qalandar Mauseleum latest victim of #DeobandiTerrorism that has engulfed Pakistan:   Pakistan’s popular Sufi Mauseleum of Lal Shahbaaz Qalander has been attacked by Deobandi terrorists. This is the 5th suicide attack in Pakistan within the last three days alone. Over 150 people are feared to have been killed and
An open letter to President Trump:   Dear President Trump, I believe that in the age of e-surveillance, your office will somehow read this letter. I have heard and read about your executive order banning certain foreigners’ entry into the United States. I would like
#TrumpMustGo: Trump Regime loses legitimacy in the light of Madonna’s Revolution: Question: Should another country therefore have the right to intervene in the U.S.? Considering the history of US foreign policy when it comes to intervening in foreign countries to overthrow governments, we need to ask ourselves this question: do
سانحہ پاراچنار اور چند سوالات – از حیدر جاوید سید: