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Dear “anti establishment” Patwaris, mran Khan’s Jalsa in Lahore was massive:   Imran Khan’s Jalsa in Lahore was massive. Lahore is the heartland of your “liberal” “anti establishment” Saudi poodle Nawaz Sharif. What happened? Was this an ISI conspiracy that tens of thousands of Pakistanis came out to support PTI?
Media in Chains – by Peja Mistry:     It was early 2007, Musharraf was ruling without any major problems. There was very little resistance against him in electronic media and on roads. In the electronic media there were several very popular shows including Dr. Shahid
Lashkar Jhangvi Appeals for Funds to wipe out Shias from Pakistan:   Hate and violent campaign is continuing against Shia community from Takfiri Deoandi network without any hurdle despite big claims of wiping out menace of terrorism made by Punjab government like federal and other provincial governments in Pakistan. (So