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The brutal assault on journalist Ahmad Noorani must be condemned:   There are several occasions when we disagree with journalists and find their observations to be compromised. That does not justify violence. Ahmad Noorani was the only mainstream journalist/media that disagreed with the PML N government/right wing/Taliban/Commercial liberal/civil society
بی بی سی اردو تکفیری لائن کیوں لے رہا ہے؟ – علی عباس تاج: ایرانی وزیر خارجہ جواد ظریف نے امریکی سیکرٹری برائے خارجہ ٹیلررسن کی جانب سے سعودی عرب میں ایران کے عراق سمیت خطے میں داعش کے خلاف کردار کو فرقہ واریت کی گندگی میں لپیٹنے کی کوشش پہ تنقید کرتے
Muharram and persecution of Shias in Pakistan – by Muhammad Tariq:   Being a journalist I go to attend many press briefings made by provincial, district civilian administrations including Police on law and order in Punjab. Last series of meetings I attended in start of Muharram. In these meetings members