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Muawiya Marxists and blaspehmous Shias – by Riaz Al-Malik Hajjaji: The murder of a Shia blasphemer of Sahaba in Gujrat by a Deobandi infiltrator in police is no big deal because Commercial Liberals and Muawiah Marxists are not on this bandwagon. NGOs do not receive funding for highlighting the
Karachi Naval Dockyard Attack and the Deobandi ASWJ Connection – by A. K. Chishti: Karachi-based journalist Ali Chishti, himself a Deobandi, reveals that the terrorists killed in the 6 Sep 2014 attack on #Karachi Naval dockyard wanted to hijack a Pakistani Navy cruiser. Two (Deobandi takfiri) ASWJ activists along with four Naval Officials
The ISI-OBL Link: Peter Bergen’s article celebrated by the usual suspects in Pakistan: In defending the indefensible, Peter Bergen has once again shown the reach of Pakistan’s military establishment and its efforts to consistently influence and compromise the media discourse relating to Pakistan. In his article published on CNN web site (,
Unique Pakistani brand of liberals, leftists and atheists: Camouflaged sectarian bigots – by Laleen Ahmad: It would be interesting to note that certain sections of Pakistani liberals—secular, atheistic, agnostic, leftist— are too quick to take up issues like violence against Christians, Hindus, Jews, women etc, which is a very great thing to do. But
Najam Sethi’s ‘The Friday Times’ blog promotes banned sectarian terrorists – by Shia Post:   Source : Shia Post, An article titled “The Madarssa Network of Sindh” was published in The Friday Times magazine (TFT Issue Number: Vol. XXV, No. 22, July 12-18, 2013) written by its Ali K Chishti (@akchishti) who is known
ہم دیکھتے ہیں کون بدمعاشی کرتا ہے: مجھے یاد ہے کہ جب 3 ماہ پہلے نواز حکومت الیکشن جیت گئی تو مخالفین کو پیغام دینے کے لیے اور اظہاد وجود دکھانے کے لیے کراچی میں ایم کیو ایم کا ایک بہت بڑا جلسہ ہوا، اس جلسے
What is the difference between Malala’s father and a pimp? – by TFT Bloggers: LUBP and other progressive Pakistani activists have been condemning Najam Sethi and his protégés like Ali K Chishti, Raza Rumi, and Mohammad Shehzad for rationalizing and enabling Shia genocide in Pakistan by giving voice to leaders of banned Deobandi
We reject establishment’s pressure on MQM to toe its pro-Taliban policy – by Haq Parast: The timing for pressurizing MQM by releasing sensitive documents and evidence needs further examination. While we may disagree with some of MQM’s policies, why is it that they are being harassed and witch-hunted by the establishment now? When Pro-Establishment
Najam Sethi and Raza Rumi’s TFT blog promotes ASWJ-LeJ terrorists, once again!: According to Sipah Sahaba ASWJ-LeJ terrorits Aurangzeb Faruqi Deobandi who spoke to Ali Chishti of The Friday Times (TFT) blog, ASWJ-LeJ maddrasas don’t teach sectarianism. Farooqi also claimed that ASWJ-LeJ has 100s of madrassas with 1000s of students, and they
Islamofascists and fake liberals join hand in justifying attack on a Shia judge – by Mahpara Qalandar: As Justice Baqir Maqbool struggles between life and death after surgery on his head, both the Islamofascists and Najam Sethi-led fake liberals have started justifying the assassination attempt on his life. While taking responsibility of the attack on Jutice
Accomplished moderate Judge barely survives terrorist attack by ASWJ-TTP nexus: Justice Maqbool Baqar, one of Pakistan’s few moderate and non-compromised High Court judges was targeted in a suicide attack that claimed 7 lives and left more than 15 people injured in Karachi today. His attack was a direct result
We resort to ad hominem and abuse when we lose arguments – by Mohsin Sayeed:
Sipah Sahaba terrorists first celebrate and then shed crocodile’s tears over Prof Azfar Rizvi’s murder in Karachi – by Mahpara Qalandar: Only a week before, on 31 of May, respected educator Professor Azfar Rizvi was gunned down in Karachi. Since there are very few Sunni Muslims who have ‘Rizvi’ as their surname, he must have been mistaken for being a
This is how CM Najam Sethi and TFT columnists react to abduction of ex-PM Gilani’s son by ASWJ-TTP terrorists!:     Raza Rumi and Mohammad Shehzad stage the hacking drama
Raza Rumi unleashes ISI-ASWJ touts to harass and harm anti-establishment bloggers: Related post: Raza Rumi’s proxy jihad against anti-establishment bloggers The following notice has been published by a leading Shia web portal (Karbala-e-Quetta) to warn Shia and other human rights activists to be mindful of impostors (Takfiri Deobandi terrorists and
Is Nawaz Sharif “a statesman”? A Jiyala’s response to Raza Rumi – by Khawar Butt: The media sycophancy and servility for Pro-Taliban politicians knows no bounds. Whether it is the Islamist dominated Urdu media or the pseudo-liberal dominated English Babu types, the trend is the same in the last few months – suck up
I am going to call the Embassy of Iran… – by Raza Rumi: Context: In Pakistan, Shia and other rights activists are being monitored by Takfiri Deobandi militants of ASWJ-Taliban and pro-establishment fake liberals. Raza Rumi’s discourse on Shia Muslims:    
Will Najam Sethi and Raza Rumi take care of their sectarian minion Mohammad Shehzad please?: Mohammad Shehzad Deobandi is a regular columnist of The Friday Times (TFT). Under the able editorship of Najam Sethi and Raza Rumi, he has written and published quite a few articles in TFT humanizing leaders and terrorists of the
Much needed honesty on Takfiri Deobandi militants!: Few months back before the Abbas Town Massacre we had couple of political parties namely JUI(F) & ANP hold two different APCs to demand that government of Pakistan negotiate with the TTP. The news media which primarily is dominated
Sethi-Rumi minions exonerate Deobandi militants from Parveen Rehman’s murder in Karachi and attack on Christians in Lahore: The apparent purpose of Dar ul Uloom Sethia Rumi Town is to graduate obfuscation specialists. These writers will say anything but correctly point out the culprits or take them to task. They will refute or simply ignore any evidence
Criticism on Ludhianvi’s interview in TFT: Najam Sethi & co shoot the messenger: Recently, The Friday Times (owned and edited by Najam Sethi and co-edited by Raza Rumi) published a very distasteful interview with Ahmed Ludhianvi Deobandi, head of banned terrorist group Sipah-e-Sahaba (aka ASWJ-LeJ). In addition to three posts on LUBP,
Badami Bagh is a conspiracy to defame GHQ assets – by Riaz Malik Al Hajjaji: I think this entire incident has been manufactured by the RAW-Illuminati-Masonic Lodhis (desi version of Masonic Lodge) to defame our strategic assets like ASWJ-LeJ. ASWJ-LeJ and Jaish Mohammad are sister organizations and subsidiaries of our Good Taliban and Good
No distinction can be made between the LeJ and its political wing ASWJ – by Zarrar Khuhro: Related post: ASWJ-LeJ terrorist Malik Ishaq Deobandi’s arrest is a face- saving exercise by PML-N govt in Punjab – by Amir Mir Arresting Malik Ishaq under the MPO (maintenance of public order) and carrying out ‘targeted operations’ — whatever that
Evidence of systematic harassment of anti-establishment bloggers by fake liberal promoters of Takfiri Deobandi terrorists: Currently there is a criminal campaign on Twitter and facebook by a few pro-establishment fake-liberals (who are hiding in liberals’ ranks but remain aligned to establishment mouthpieces and radical clerics) to systematically harass and silence ALL pro-rights social media
A pro-establishment fake liberal, Ali Chishti, blames Shias for murder of moderate Sunnis in Karachi: Update: Only within 24 hours of Ali Chishti’s incitement to violence against Shias, at least 25 Shias were killed by Takfiri Deobandi militants of Sipah Sahaba (ASWJ-LeJ) in Hangu, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. A senior Deobandi cleric from a high profile
Intra-Deobandi rivalry in Karachi results in attack on Aurangzeb Farooqi; Ali K. Chishti jumps in to mediate: Author: Arshad Ali The intra-Deobandi Malik Ishaq vs Ahmed Ludhiyanvi rivalry saw its culmination in Karachi today when leader of pro-Taliban banned militant group Sipah Sahaba (currently operating as Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat ASWJ), Aurangzeb Faruqi Deobandi, was targeted
Let’s deflect tattoo scandal from Takfiri Deobandis to already targetted Shias: Liberal blogger Ali Chishti and Sipah Sahaba in action: Pakistani “liberal” blogger, Ali K. Chishti, a known agency propagandist, an affiliate of the dubious Jinnah Institute and Najam Sethi’s The Friday Times, has been clearly tasked by his masters in Aabpara to deflect public attention from the real identity
A Pakistani liberal blogger Ali Chishti praises ASWJ’s Ludhianvi, wants tighter blasphemy laws against Shia Muslims: Related posts: ISI-sponsored anchors are promoting Takfiri terrorists to boost Shia genocide in Muharram Let’s deflect tattoo scandal from Deobandis to Shias: Liberal blogger Ali Chishti and Sipah Sahaba in action Onward march of an agency-connected propagandist A few
Pro-estab anchors are promoting Takfiri Deobandi terrorists to boost Shia genocide in Muharram: Related post: A Pakistani liberal blogger Ali Chishti wants tighter blasphemy laws against Shia Muslims In the last few weeks, quite a few (yellow) journalists, columnists and TV anchors have been activated by Pakistan’s military establishment, ISI and ISPR
A critical assessment of #SOCMM12 – Social Media Mela 2012 – by Wusatullah Durrani: Related posts: Some pictures of Social Media Mela 2012 #SOCMM12 #SOCMM12 in pictures: Urban elites and their wannabe middle class flatterers at Social Media Mela 2012 #SocMM12: Social Media Mela or Twitterati Kitty Party? – by Imaan Sheikh Going
The real agenda of LUBP fascists: On PPP’s attack on Sherry Rehman’s house – by Ali K. Chishti: We are cross-posting this old article (originally published on Pak Tea House on November 8th, 2010) for archiving purposes. Written by Mr. Ali K. Chishti, the original title of the article “The real agenda of LUBP Fascists” was later
Bramdagh Bugti says Ali K. Chishti fabricated his “bogus interview” in Daily Times: Cross-posted from The Baloch Hal Quetta: A spokesman for Baloch nationalist leader and the head of the Baloch Republican Party (BRP)  Nawabzada Bramdagh Bugti has termed two recent interviews published in a Lahore-based English daily as fake, fabricated and
Onward march of an agency-connected fake liberal blogger “Barrister” Ali K. Chishti: Disclaimer: The following post does not represent the LUBP’s view point. This is based on my personal opinion. Not unlike paid journalists with vested interests, it has become a fashion amongst bloggers and media activists to present themselves as