Islamofascists and fake liberals join hand in justifying attack on a Shia judge – by Mahpara Qalandar

burns-road-blastAs Justice Baqir Maqbool struggles between life and death after surgery on his head, both the Islamofascists and Najam Sethi-led fake liberals have started justifying the assassination attempt on his life. While taking responsibility of the attack on Jutice Baqir’s life, the Taliban’s justification was, “We attacked him because he had been making decisions against the Shariah.”

Now what are those decisions against the Shariah? The answer was provided by both the Islamofascists and their fake liberal supporters. Mullah Ludhianvi, the head of ASWJ-LeJ tweeted his reaction by saying, “This is in fact the attack on the decisions of our judiciary.”


It was Ali Chishti, one of the blue-eyed boys of the fake liberal mafia of Pakistan and protégé of Najam Sethi who elaborated his friend Ludhianvi’s tweet:

“The main reason why Justice Baqar was targeted was because LeJ thought Justice Maqbool Baqar freed Sip-e-Mohd’s Muntazir Imam.”

Chisti Baqir 1

Chisti Baqir2

Now what is important to note here is that Ali Chishti who claims to be a liberal and is a contributor to Najam Sethi’s ‘liberal’ Friday Times has all the wherewithal to read the mind of the terrorist outfit Lashkar-e-Jhangvi (LeJ). He was able to tweet his thought even before the Taliban-LeJ claimed responsibility for the attack. This is where Pakistan’s Islamofascists and fake liberals stand.

But it is not just the Sethi-led liberal mafia which has been putting out one excuse after another to justify the Shia genocide in Pakistan. Non-Sethi fake liberals have been doing the same. Whenever they write or talk about the Shia genocide, the word “Shia” is missing. For instance, yesterday’s attack on Justice Maqbool had nothing to do with his decisions, and everything to do with his being a Shia. But the ‘liberal’ media was uniformly silent about his Shia identity. In its editorial on the attack, The Express Tribune did not use the word Shia (Read:

Another fake liberal publication The News did the same in its news-and-views reporting (Read:,-9-killed)

Pakistan Today (Read: The rest of the newspapers including all Urdu newspapers did the same.

The likes of Ali Chishti are not only fake, they are extremely dishonest. As one blogger has clarified, Justice Baqir did not free Mehdi Imam, a Shia political activist, but sentenced the notorious police officer Aslam Arain because he falsely implicated Mr Imam in a criminal case when he was not even in Pakistan. Later, Mr Imam’s lawyers Mukhtar Hussain and Askri Raza were murdered by LeJ. But the likes of Chishti did not report or tweet it.

It is due to the work of the fake liberals that the Shia genocide in Pakistan has been accepted as a ‘fact’ not to be given much thought.




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