Sethi-Rumi minions exonerate Deobandi militants from Parveen Rehman’s murder in Karachi and attack on Christians in Lahore

The apparent purpose of Dar ul Uloom Sethia Rumi Town is to graduate obfuscation specialists. These writers will say anything but correctly point out the culprits or take them to task. They will refute or simply ignore any evidence that point to the culprits, hide any proofs. This is the craftsmanship taught at the Dar ul Uloom Sethia Rumi Town.

Mohammad Shehzad, a pupil of the Sethi- Rumi academy of obfuscation, specializing in promotion and humanization of murdering hate mongers continues to produce false narrative in The Friday Times by obfuscating the identity of the culprits.

Shaheed-e-Haq Shahbaz Bhatti clearly held the Sippah Sahabah (ASWJ/LEJ) Tafiri Deobandi militants responsible for the Gojra incident. The “liberal” media failed to hold the various organs of the State accountable to enforce justice. As a consequence we have the repeat of the same in Joseph colony, by the same culprits and the “liberal” media is giving them a free pass again:

Mr. Shehzad had already exceeded the graduation criteria of the obfuscation academy of Seth-Rumi by promoting the hate monger and murder supporter Ludhanvi in this softball interview.

There was much criticism in the social media and mainstream media but Sethi-Rumi combine remains unapologetic and defiant in their approach of Nazi style media management .

Mohammad Shehzad is not to be undone by the growing cadre of truth obfuscation specialists at the The Friday Times. His twin brother in the art of protecting the Takfiri Deobandi millitants of Sippah Sihaba (ASWJ/LEJ) Taliban wrote this obfuscation piece on the murder of philanthropist Parveen Rehman:

Forensic evidence says Deobandi militants ASWJ-TTP killed Parveen Rahman. Ali Chisthi of ISI-ASWJ-TFT disagrees. Clearly hiding the identities of the killers as it seems to be a job requirement. Once again Social Media has the truth about Parveen Rehman:

Unless we can have the courage to clearly identify the killers and hate mongers how can we reasonably expect to fight them?



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