Making false binary of Sajid Naqvi and murder promoter Ludhianvi (ASWJ/LEJ) is tantamount to promoting murder


As a follow-up from yesterday’s discussion on Twitter( and not managing to make any convincing argument,  Mr. Sethi in an act of desperation rolled out another insensitive member of the TFT club of authors, no this time it was not Ali Chishti but another obscure fellow by the name of Mohammed Shehzad. It certainly appears that both Ali Chishti and Mohammed Shehzad are graduates of the same madrassa, the Dar ul Uloom Sethia.

This new warrior tried to make a false binary between Sajid Naqvi (a Shia cleric and head of the Shia Ulma Council) and Ahmed Ludhianvi (the Deobandi cleric in charge of the hate mongering killing machine Sipah Sabahba ASWJ-LEJ).

No sane person can see any viable comparison here. Critical thinkers will see this as an effort to humanize and support Ludhianvi the murderer.  Graduates of Dar ul Uloom Sethia should be careful that promoting murder in genocide environments maybe considered an act of murder by a court of law at a later date. If the aim was not conduct interviews with both Shia and Sunni clerics, then why no Sunni Barelvi cleric was chosen simply because Sunni Barelvi represent majority of Sunni Muslims in Pakistan and also because both Sunni Barelvis (Sufis) and Shias (along with Ahmadis, Christians and moderate Deobandis) are being killed by Takfiri Deobandi militants led by Ahmed Ludhianvi of ASWJ-LeJ? Clearly The Friday Times tried to create false Sunni-Shia binary to obfuscate the fact that both Shias and Sunnis are being killed by the same killing machine, i.e., ASWJ-LeJ Deobandi militants.


Tqai shahzad and me

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