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Mr Sharif please don’t resign:     The people who want Nawaz Sharif to resign are mostly his friends. As neither his friend nor his well-wisher, I want him to dawdle long enough for his dynasty of ruse and deceit to be subjected to
Is The Internet Stealing your Life? – AZ:   In the midst of our hectic lives these days, all of us need to seek and cultivate calm. Several years ago I realised what a nuisance television has become in our lives and how keeping TV on in
Ghalib: The Grand Poet from India – by AZ:   Years ago when I needed a book that I held in great esteem to take the oath of allegiance to my adopted and beloved country the books that I instantly thought worthy of such deference were ‘The Complete
Some Thoughts in the Aftermath of the Tragedy in Paris – by AZ: Nothing at all justifies the deadly attack on Charlie Hebdo’s journalists, still less on the Jewish victims chosen only for their religious and ethnic identity. The aftermath of such cataclysms is often complicated in that it ensnares us into
Jean-Paul Sartre: The Man who Spurned the Nobel Prize for Literature – by AZ: While thinking of how most Pakistanis grudge Malala’s Nobel Prize for Peace, which she by no means got undeservedly, my mind wandered to a man who turned down a Nobel Prize. On October 22 1964 Jean-Paul Sartre declined the
Remembering Aitzaz Hasan (1998 – 2014) on the first anniversary of his death – by A Z: “They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old: Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn. At the going down of the sun and in the morning We will remember them.” There is no
Happy Eid Milad un Nabi — by A Z: For many Muslims, especially in the last few years, the word Eid Milad un Nabi has become almost one of the dirty words you cannot pronounce. We have Independence Day, National Day, Defence Day and myriad other celebrations but
A dose of Reality- by AZ: All aspects should be taken into account and covered in the agreements when creating affiliates, subsidiaries, or contractual relationships even if the counter-party seems fully under control when the relationship is established. Sometimes it can lead to consequences that
The Real Story of the Laal Masjid (Red Mosque) – by AZ:     PREAMBLE In the wake of Peshawar’s massacre of schoolchildren, the Laal Masjid (Red Mosque) of Islamabad is once again in the news. Its cleric Abdul Aziz –who is given a free hand to mock the nation’s pain,
Perversion of Faith and Secularisation – by AZ: The war of religion has always been a part of human history. Hence, it is hardly surprising if even today the acts of terrorism are perpetrated by people motivated by an abuse of religion. It is a perversion of
Nationalism – by AZ:   (Just now a friend asked for my views on Nationalism and here is my impromptu response. Your views?) MY VIEW: I don’t think Nationalism’s positive side outweighs its negative side. I think it is the other way round.
Rest in Peace, Phillip Hughes (1988 – 2014): The light in our lives shines a little dimmer today as we mourn the loss of Phillip Hughes and the truly remarkable cricketer he was on the way to becoming. Looking at Hughes from a distance on a cricket
Happy to be a part of the divide – by A Z: Imran Khan’s protests have taken on a whole new dimension. Even for someone who participated and made speeches as a fifteen-year old in 1977’s upheaval, this is an unprecedented experience. For a person who had never actively courted politics
Pakistan’s Scourge, Zia’s Political Legacy, Upended by Imran Khan – by A Z: Ever since Imran Khan started his march on the 14th of August the question hanging over Pakistan has been, “Where would it end?” Put your calculations aside and don’t fret as already a lot of positive has emerged from
In the name of the people: Rehman Malik has been off loaded – by A Z: There was minor incident today (15th September, 2014) that warmed the cockles of my heart. It was encouraging to see common man rising spontaneously against his/her own exploitation. Today (15-9-2014), Mr Rehman Malik kept PK-370 delayed for 2 hours
Imran Khan Niazi is on the Right Side of History – by A Z: The idea that political virtue is all on one side is both mischievous and absurd. We allow ourselves to talk in that way because in our country indignation, scorn, and vituperation are the fuel with which the necessary heat of
The Darkest Hour of Islamabad – by A Z: There they are – most of them wretchedly poor, consigned to an existence of hopelessness. Infants, toddlers, children, girls and boys, women and men all, they have come from hundreds of kilometres afield to seek justice in the capital
The Audacity of Hope – by A Z: The collective human wisdom is clear in that ‘By Your Leader Ye Shall Be Judged.’ Isaiah 9:16 For the leaders of this people cause them to err; and they that are led of them are destroyed. Quran 17: 71-72
The Audacity of Hope – by AZ:  The collective human wisdom is clear in that ‘By Your Leader Ye Shall Be Judged.’ Isaiah 9:16 For the leaders of this people cause them to err; and they that are led of them are destroyed. Quran 17: 71-72
Our Monumental Tragedy – by A Z: Before you read on please watch this video footage of the PMLN government’s absolutely unprovoked attack on its innocent citizens in the middle of a dark night in Lahore. Fourteen men and women were murdered and, among the scores
The Real Dilemma for Pakistan in this Moment – by A Z: A rare good Asif Zardari did was to show us that Tahir ul Qadri, for all his rabble-rousing, is of no real consequence. Come the PMLN and this self-serving demagogue is turned into a monster. His innocent followers were
Growing oppression of women in Muslim societies directly correlated to growth in Islamofascism – by AZ: Much as Islamists term as ‘Islamophobic’ the criticism of many Muslims’ treatment of their women, standing up for Muslim women is the most pro-Muslim thing to do. The women’s rights cataclysm in the Muslim societies has reached a new
اہل تسنن فلسفی اور شاعر فرید عطار کا امام علی (ع) کے لئے نذرانہ عقیدت: شد بدوش احمد رشک ملک چوں دعاےُ مستجاباً بر فلک چوں ز دوش احمد پس باز گشت بر دل پاک علی ایں راز گشت کز ادب کارے کہ کردم دور بود پاےُ من کف نبی الله بود شبنم از
A Helpless Girl’s Suicide under Patriarchal Oppression – By A.Z: Seventeen years old Haleema Rafique was left with no option but to take her own life to rid herself and her family of continued misery as a result of her daring to seek justice. To explain the backdrop for
#ShiaGenocide : Sectarianism is the Last Refuge of a Terrorist – by AZ: While Pakistan Army is on the offensive to eradicate the safe havens of terror in the northern areas of Pakistan, the target killing of Shias continues unabated in the cities of Pakistan. During the last two days a renowned
Why must muslims look to be reassured? – by A Z:   Here is a piece in Telegraph, premised on two recently published books and mainly defending British Muslims, that a friend sent to me, hoping that it will help me see the ‘light’. It is indeed a commendable effort
A Sideshow from Hell – by A Z: Over 60,000 Pakistanis have been killed by the extremists over the past few years. In the wake of Pakistan’s getting sucked into the war-on-terror after 9/11, for the Pakistan Army in particular, allies were switched to enemies and vice
Eid Milad un Nabi: The Happiest Day of the Year – by A Z: In this note I will not reiterate all the wonderful things so many, far more learned and talented than myself, have to say about the glory and wonder of Eid Milad un Nabi, and the most blessed birth of
Putin: A Highly Effective Politician – by A Z: In the life of a great nation, almost every historic transition is dominated by a leader who becomes not only the bearer of its historical and cultural pride but also the director of its future evolution. Washington, Lincoln, Churchill,
Chehlum procession Rawalpindi – by A Z: In a blood-soaked Ashura this year, the mourners in Rawalpindi reacted worthily to make sure that blaring Yazid’s eulogies in the ears of Imam Hussain’s mourning processions does not become an acceptable practice in Pakistan. Following that, Takfiri Deobandis
خطیب اتحادالمسلمین۔ علامہ رشید ترابی۔ از آصف زیدی: آج جب یہ خیال آیا کہ علامہ رشید ترابی کو ہم سے رخصت ہوےءچالیس برس تمام ہوےُ  تو یہ احساس دل کو مارے ڈالتا ہے کہ زمانہ کتنا بدل گیا۔ امت مسلمہ کا اتحاد کس طرح پارہ پارہ ہو
Lamenting the Murder of Nasir Abbas of Multan – By A Z:   Nasir Abbas spoke with great passion. On a couple of occasions that I met him, what I admired the most was his energy. The main characteristic of his oratory, to my way of thought, was that it embodied
خطابت کےانیس و دبیر۔ علامہ رشید ترابی – از آصف زیدی:   ملت اسلامیہ نے علامہ رشید ترابی جیسا کویء خطیب شاید ہی کبھی پیدا کیا ہو۔علامہ صاحب کی خطابت میں انیس کی فصاحت اگر شمع تکلم ہے تو دبیر کی بلاغت مشعل سخن ہے۔ علامہ رشید ترابی خطابت کی
فخر منبر – علامہ رشید ترابی – از آصف زیدی: اردو زبان ، عربی یا فرانسیسی کی مانند بلا شبہ خطابت کے لئے از حد زرخیز ہے – چنانچہ اس زبان نے بے شمار ا علی پاے کے خطیب پیش کے ہیں – میں نے ان میں سے اکثر
زندگی بننے کا سفر ہے – از آصف زیدی: مختلف مراحل ہماری ذاتی زندگی کے ارتقا میں ہمیں مختلف تصورات کے ساتھ مختلف صورتیں میں کچھ مختلف محسوس کر نے اور بنانے میں اپنا اپنا کردار ادا کرتے ہیں – کیوں کہ مختلف مراحل زندگی کی سمت کے
My understanding of “Know Thyself” – by AZ: The command “Know Thyself” exhorted by the wise ones from Socrates till today is a reminder to us of the measure of our reach. It is only when we see the possibilities within ourselves can we see them outside
Bilawal Zardari’s flippant attitude: curbs on social media – by A Z: While it also governed in the centre, the PPP painstakingly distinguished itself by mollycoddling the religious extremists and their militant wings. In the face of their weak influence on the establishment and thus being unable to unilaterally impose their
The TTP and Imran Khan’s Logic – by A Z: It is widely believed that the PMLN has the inside track with the TTP and other militant organizations, even though their entente cordiale is increasingly frayed as, being in the federal government, it can no longer connive at the militants’
Imran Khan’s Appeasement of Taliban – by A Z: Imran has long pleaded that the only way to combat terrorism  is by partnering with and empowering Taliban. Here comes his “revolutionary” new idea, of inviting TTP to open an office, that has merited wide coverage. And if the
A Hapless Minority Pleads for its Survival – by A Z:   Here is a speech from a Christian MNA, Asiya Nasir, on the floor of the National Assembly. I was impressed how the lady seeks to be a calm and rational voice amidst the demagoguery that abounds in Pakistan’s