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The uncertain “Nawaz Sharif” adventure that now begins – by Ayaz Amir: So most of us got it wrong…I certainly did, expecting an Imran Khan surge that did not come. Just a fortnight before the voting the received wisdom on most pundit lips was hung parliament. Goes to show how conventional
Imran Khan’s deliberate obfuscation: ASWJ, and not MQM, murdered Zahra Shahid Hussain – by Mahpara Qalandar: Yesterday, 18 May, two motorbike-riding terrorists shot Zahra Shahid Hussain, the vice-president of Pakistan Tehrik-i-Insaaf, Sindh, in front of her house. She was shot twice and died immediately. The immediate reaction of pro-Taliban politician Imran Khan was to blame
Boat jumpers are about to leave PPP alone in the aftermath of defeat in elections – by Nusrat Javeed:
PPP, R.I.P? – by Irfan Husain: An old Native American saying gives this sage advice: “If you are unfortunate enough to find yourself on a dead horse, the best strategy is to dismount immediately.” Sadly, I did not follow this wise counsel and found myself
پیپلز پارٹی کی قیادت اور عوام میں بہت بڑا خلا پیدا ہو گیا ہے: مانی پہلوان کا تعلق لاہور کے اندرون شہر سے ہے۔ پینتالیس برس پہلے وہ ذوالفقار علی بھٹو کے سحر میں مبتلا ہوئے تو پہلوانی کا شوق جاتا رہا۔ اب وہ نام کے پہلوان ہیں ان کے اندر ’جیالے‘ کی
An open letter to the PPP leadership – by Mumtaz Alam Gillani: Note: This letter was written a few weeks before the elections 2013. To whom I should address because all of a sudden the party of shaheeds, liberals and democrats has become leaderless. I feel being proud of the fact
Pakistan elections: how Nawaz Sharif beat Imran Khan and what happens next – by Mohammed Hanif: پاکستانی سیاست بھی ایک عجیب کہانی کی طرح ہے ، آج سے چودہ سال پہلے پاکستان پر ایک شخص حکومت کرتا تھا جسے پاکستانی عوام کی بھرپور حمایت بھی حاصل تھی مگر اس کہ سرپرست چند جرنیلوں کو اس
The agony and esctasy of PTI – by Maheen Usmani: m ‘’It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was
My party, PPP, lost because it forgot about the people – by Malik Zameer Hassan: Let’s accept it; we kept playing the footage of Shaheed Benazir Bhutto’s assassination to grab sympathy votes. PHOTO: REUTERS One factor which always made me proud to be a part of thePakistan Peoples Party (PPP) was the its representation in
Imran Khan and PTI: Great Show but there are some Lessons to Learn – by A Z: Imran Khan is an immensely popular personality in Pakistan – perhaps the most popular. He is widely trusted by the people and his persistent political struggle against the odds has earned him a great deal of respect by most
الیکشن الیکشن: لوگ سمجھ نہیں پاتے مگر الیکشن اور سلیکشن میں بڑا فرق ہے، الیکشن میں اجتماعی رائے کی اہمیت ہے اور سلیکشن میں انفرادی، گویا سلیکشن  الیکشن کا حصّہ ہوا. بس یہیں آ کر ہمارے ہاں معامله خراب ہو جاتا ہے،
The mysterious case of the white tigress used in PML-N’s political rallies – by Rina Saeed Khan: LUBP Editor’s note: The following article published in Dawn deconstructs how foreign journalists based in Pakistan are either naive or incompetent; some of them also happen to uncritically promote pro-establishment politicians. BBC’s Owen Bennett-Jones wrote an article recently that
Teen Talwar protest made me a PTI supporter – by Minal Soomro: The city of Karachi, once known as the city of Lights has been living in shadows now for a very long time. For the past few decades, It portrayed to be a city of the dead, where those alive
PPP lost my vote by handling Salmaan Taseer’s assassination awfully – by Sana Saleem: Related posts: Blaming the victim Fake Civil Society must stop blaming the PPP: A rebuttal to Naveen Naqvi and Sana Saleem    
Post-elections 2013: What Pakistani nation expects from PML-N – by Marvi Sirmed:   Congratulations to PML-N for overwhelming victory in the Punjab and in National Assembly. Now that we are almost sure that it will make federal government hopefully without alliances with smaller groups, there comes a heavy responsibility on PML-N.
شیعہ نسل کشی اور سعودی فنڈنگ – از حق گو:   سعودیہ میں اربوں رپے پاکستان میں لگائے ھیں صرف مدارسے کھولنے میں کوئی سے بھی دو پرجیکٹ بتادیں جس سے پاکستان کو بہت فائدہ ھوا ھو۔ دو بار مفت تیل دے دیا اور ساتھ میں ۳۲۰۰ مدرسے کھولدئے
پیپلز پارٹی کی شکست کے بعد رہنماؤں کے استعفے: پاکستان کی سابق حکمراں جماعت پیپلز پارٹی کی گیارہ مئی کے عام انتخابات میں غیر متوقع انتخابی کارکردگی کے بعد پارٹی رہنماؤں کے مستعفی ہونے کاسلسلہ جاری ہے۔ گیارہ مئی کے اب تک غیر حتمی انتخابی نتائج کے مطابق
Pakistan’s elections mean that liberals are a minority of defeated infidels – by Mahpara Qalandar: Pakistan’s national elections of 11 May can be regarded as one of the bloodiest and most one-sided electoral exercise in the contemporary history of democracy. The day the election day was announced, the Taliban made a counter announcement: Those
Post-elections 2013: Battle must go on – by Peja Mistri:   One of the most dreaded consequence of defeat of PPP and ANP in elections 2013 will be the change in their policies on “War on Terror”. We are already hearing voices within the parties, that the defeat is
ہونا دودھ کا کالا اور شہد کا کڑوا : پیپلز پارٹی الیکشن کیوں ہاری؟: اب جبکہ الیکشن ہوچکے اور نتائج بھی سب کے سامنے آچکے تو ہمیں یہ سوچنے کی ضرورت ہے کہ اس الیکشن کے دوران بہت سے ماضی میں درست خیال کیے جانے والے خیالات غلط کیوں ثابت ہوئے؟کیوں ماضی کی
PTI urges Supreme Court to take action on threats and rigging in elections: ISLAMABAD – The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has urged the Supreme Court to take action against Muttahida Qaumi Movement and Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) for alleged rigging and threats in elections in Karachi and Lahore. PTI Central Information Secretary Dr
Post-2013 elections, likely scenarios for PPP’s future in the Punjab – by Haris Gazdar: How do we read PPP’s collapse in Punjab? Not the immediate causes, but likely scenarios. It’s a long post, so take your time. Some PPP well-wishers might take comfort from 1997 from which the party had rebounded by the
I am very happy that PML-N has captured imagination of the Punjab electorate; PPP almost routed – by Raza Rumi: Note: The king is dead, long live the king. Boat jumpers and opportunists are abundant in arena of Pakistani politics and media. It’s a fact that in the last 5 years 24/7, Najam Sethi and certain other liberal-seeming anchors
جعلی کالم یا جعلی صفحات تحریک انصاف کو تباہ کر دیں گے – احمد وقاص گورایہ: تحریک انصاف سے متعلق میں نے کل سوچا تھا کچھ نہیں لکھنا. لگتا ہے تحریک انصاف اس الیکشن سے کچھ بھی سیکھنے کو تیار نہیں . لیڈر شپ بچوں کی طرح گھروں میں گھس گئی ہے. یہ لوگ سیاست
Democracy wins, federation loses – by Farahnaz Ispahani: AP CHALLENGES AHEAD: Nawaz Sharif is not the only one facing challenges. While Nawaz Sharif has won the election decisively, he faces the challenge of reaching out beyond his main base in Punjab to the rest of Pakistan Pakistan achieved
پیوستہ رہ شجر سے ، امید بہار رکھ – از حق گو: آخر کار الیکشن کا دن بھی آ کر گزر گیا – پاکستان کی عوام نے دہشت گردوں کی دھمکیوں کی پروا نہ کرتے ہوے بڑیتعداد میں ووٹ ڈالا اور اپنی اپنی پسند کی پارٹیز کو ووٹ دے کر کامیاب کروانے کی
Blood-soaked triumph of Islamofascism – by Mahpara Qalandar: As we have been predicting at LUBP, Islamofascism has won as planned. So much blood of liberal elements was spilled under the wink of the Judiciary and the Army that the triumph of pro-Taliban parties like the PML-N and
The Political Parties of Pakistan – Saim Saeed: A Pakistani soldier loads ballot boxes into a van in Rawalpindi. Authorities hope the app, combined with a fully revised voter list and an unprecedented level of public scrutiny, will help ensure the election will be the cleanest ever.
ایک مرحلہ اور طے ہوا: جمہوریت کا ایک اور سنگ میل طے ہوگیا-پاکستان میں پہلی مرتبہ ایک سویلین حکومت نے اپنی مدت پوری کرنے کے بعد الیکشن کراڈالے اور اب جلد ہی نئی حکومت بھی سامنے آجائے گی- اس مرتبہ پھر سے الیکشن کے
NIA Pakistan – by Sohail Butt: PMLN is only a few steps away from getting a simple majority in National Assembly the lower house of our parliament to form the next government  Mr. Nawaz Sahrif is expected to be our next prime minister, energy crisis, terrorism,
Soldiering on: Ruqayya Hashmi fights for Shia Hazara community in Balochistan – by Waqas Naeem: Undaunted by terrorist threats, Dr Ruqayya Hashmi fights for the Shia Hazara community in Balochistan. ISLAMABAD: In several cities across Pakistan, political parties and candidates have faced threats and deadly attacks on the basis of political ideology. But, in Quetta,
Pakistan Elections 2013: NA-250 Karachi then and now: In the 2008 elections that were boycotted by PTI and its parent organization, Jamaat Islami, PPP’s Ikhtiar Baig was leading the polls at the time of closure. The rival contestant was Khushbakht Shujaat. Both candidates are urban-educated and well
Day of a Brave Pakistan:   Your spirit unfaltering, with hope hanging high with your dreams over a sword with a hundred edges. Confronting the intimidation and shadows of past ghosts relating to an era marked by blood-lust, sighs and misery, but your soldier
پاکستان کو لوڈ شیڈنگ کے عذاب میں مبتلا کرنے والی جماعت مسلم لیگ نون ہے – حسن نثار:
Pakistan elections 2013: A U.S. citizen’s perspective – by Rusty Walker: Justifications for voting for the cult of personality, Imran Khan of pro-Taliban Islamist party PTI, seem to center on voting against the secular-liberal PPP that allegedly failed in areas of education, minority oppression and could not stop the Shia
Why as a liberal I am voting PPP – by Khurshid Hasanain: Two guys with whom I spent many very happy years in Islamabad are annoyed/irked/ can’t understand why I refuse to vote for PTI and why I don’t admire Musharraf, like them. Why do I insist on connecting the actuality
Death mandate: Mehsud sanctions polling day attacks – by Nasruminallah: Referring to poll candidates and the democratic system, Mehsud expressed hope that the Taliban commanders would be busy working against the agents of an “infidel system.” PHOTO: FILE WANA / MIRANSHAH: Taliban commanders have been issued a mandate to carry
سرائیکی بیلٹ کے ووٹ کا اصل حقدار کون: سرائیکی بیلٹ کے ووٹ کا اصل حقدار کون تحریر: ڈاکٹرعبدالروف سرائیکی بیلٹ جس کو بہت سے لوگ “حب الوطنی” کے ہاتھوں مجبور ہو کر “جنوبی پنجاب” کا نام دیتے ہیں، پاکستان کے پسماندہ ترین علاقوں میں شمار ہوتا ہے۔
پاکستانی سیاست میں موقع پرستی کا عروج: تحریر: امام بخش یہ بات اب بالکل واضح ہو گئی ہے کہ”صادق وامین” فرشتوں پر مشتمل اسٹیبلشمنٹ پاکستان پیپلزپارٹی سے جان چھڑانے کے لیےاپنےمن پسند ابنِ الوقت قسم کے جمورے وجود میں لاتی رہی ہے ۔ 1988ء میں الیکشن
Pakistan’s hardliners’ political clout protecting them from the law – by Jon Boone: ‘It is against the most basic fundamental rights to have to go to a police station each day,’ says Maulana Ahmad Ludhianvi Deobandi Photograph: Arif Ali/AFP/Getty Images Editors’s note: We are cross posting an important article by The Guardian