Day of a Brave Pakistan

Day of a Brave Pakistan


Your spirit unfaltering, with hope hanging high with your dreams
over a sword with a hundred edges.
Confronting the intimidation and shadows of past ghosts relating
to an era marked by blood-lust, sighs and misery,
but your soldier marches, your conscience aglow
with thoughts of tomorrows to come
in complete serenity.


you may have faith in water, or an empty pitcher
or the light, the thunder, the desert or rain
you may believe in colors,
the one glowing most brightly
like the greeting of morning sun
or like fire raging and ravishing your town.


You walk on, amidst the fright
you know the price weighs lighter
than reality, but never can it be lighter
than your resolve for another beginning.


come time, reveal us yourself again
we are ready, like always unwavered
by miraculous hope.


Zeeba T. Hashmi
11th May, 2013

brave pakistan