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Zulfi Bhutto : A man who was born to live forever in the people’s hearts. Jeay Bhutto! -by Hina Mehr Nadeem: History is proud of such people who did not bow down to pressure even when they were hanged. This bright light of Pakistan, who helped his nation in trying times, was born 5th January, 1928 . If Pakistan has
Death to the blasphemer, death to human rights —by Nasir Saeed: Can Pakistan roll back its Islamic programme started by Ziaul Haq? Can the government and army change their policies? If not, we must be ready for the worst The issue of Pakistan’s blasphemy laws has always been alive in
Why are Christians missing from Pakistan’s history books? -by Nasir Saeed: The 64th anniversary of the death of S P Singha was recently marked by Christians in Pakistan but if I said his name outside of Christian circles, few would know him. That is because the role of Christians like
Day of a Brave Pakistan:   Your spirit unfaltering, with hope hanging high with your dreams over a sword with a hundred edges. Confronting the intimidation and shadows of past ghosts relating to an era marked by blood-lust, sighs and misery, but your soldier
Of a Muslim and a Jew — by Zeeba T. Hashmi:       you bring me to the creed not defined by my spirit but what surrounds is a world of empty hearts, with  calculated minds what more can we design? save the want of the heart. in contradiction
Until the Master calls it the night:           Friend on chat from Karachi:  ” i just got back from a place where a couple of women .. mom and daughter got out of the car to buy some meds.. their papa and
After Salmaan Taseer? -by Tariq Bashir: Editor’s note: This blog cross posted from The Friday Times is a typical example of the “Blaming-the-victim” tactic of civil society which continues to goad PPP into losing more lives whilst sitting on the sidelines and often aligning itself
Rape-protectionism in Pakistan and the role of political parties: Rape is a heinous crime.  It is reflection of a system that is based on coercion and intimidation for those daring to confront the status quo.  In India, the realization has reached its people who are shocked to see
Pakistani Christians demand arrest of Sister Birgitta Almeby’s killers: Hundreds of Pakistani Christians on Tuesday, December 25 took part in peaceful protest rallies across Christian Colonies for the murder of the Sister Birgitta Almeby. All Christians were holding banners and placards and they also chanted anti-terrorism slogans. Some
پاکستان میں ہندو اقلیت کے چیلنجز- تحقیقی رپورٹ: علی ظیف ( یہ تحریر ہندو لڑکی رنکل کماری کے جبرئ تبدیلی مذہب کے واقعہ کے میڈیا پر نمایاں ہونے کے بعد ایک قومی روزنامہ کے لیے قلم زد کی گئی تھی لیکن مدیران کی جانب سے اسے اس
Bloggers’ silence over holy-alliance of PPP with Mumtaz Qadri’s supporters: When election time nears, all things virtuous and principled seem to evaporate into thin air.  It is when it becomes more difficult to decipher the very creed the political party shows to adhere itself with, but with many wrongs
Fake campaign in vogue to arouse Muslim passions -by Husain Haqqani: Thousands of cellphone subscribers in Pakistan received an anonymous text message recently announcing a miracle: an earthquake on Tuesday, Sept 18, had destroyed the Washington, D.C. movie theater that was exhibiting ÎInnocence of Muslimsâ, the controversial film that has
“Innocent Muslims”: Our State Failure or State Proxies?:                     An Innocent Muslim Things bring me to dance at your idiocy. Not really, that’s blasphemy. let’s rob a bank, smash a car And kill a person or two. Such
Designed God: Indescision is not my forte, an ill-adventure is a mere perplexity. To cry a river over the mis-fortunes written in the rocks; A hopelessness of the decree hardened by a lack of will. I am, but one of the
Unchallenged Hatred: Neither Hindu nor Muslim Sacrificing pride, let us sit together. Neither Sunni nor Shia, Let us walk the road of peace! (Bulleh Shah) But things don’t look like so among us proud Pakistanis.  We see God as the one
The Indigenous: We are a people of different faces of dreams unique of expectations calling for dignity. We are a people of different colors of love we seek of recognition we want We are a beautiful people like an orchestra of
Could anyone hear my screams?: (On a man accused of blasphemy burnt alive by a mob in Bhawalpur today and it hardly got any news coverage in the mainstream media. It is our own indifference that kills our conscience more than the act of
Mian Mithu is innocent and is in dire need of further State cover: So it has happened.  The court has delivered justice.  The Honorable Chief Justice, Mr. Iftikhar Chaowder has done what was needful of any man of good faith and noble intentions for public appraisal.  Being the keeper of the faith,
Sunni Tehreek harasses a peaceful rally against forced conversions: About a dozen people have been mildly injured and three have been booked under blasphemy laws for staging a rally against forced conversions of Hindu girls in Hyderabad, Sindh today. According to local sources, this peaceful rally was organized
My Vanishing Karachi -by Chander Parkash: Karachi, the first Capital of Pakistan and its financial hub, is a leading Industrial centre and great Seaport. Karachi accounts for a lion’s share in the GDP and generates 65% of Pakistan’s total revenue. According to legend, Karachi was
Voice of a dying tribe – by Chander Parkash: When our country (Pakistan) is devastated by sectarian genocide & targeted persecution, rural areas of sufistic Sindh has maintained its’ shining example of religious tolerance & pluralism in general. The majority of the country’s Hindus reside here & they
Holi: Our celebration of colors: I am not an infidel, nor must I be labelled as one. My love for colors is not my crime. My crime is my indolence as a spectator of undue treatment that even I could nakedly feel while belonging
The ‘Gathri’ of Maya Khan – by Ali Raja‏: Punjabi, the language of love, the language of emotions, the language of expressions, the language of articulation and doubtlessly the language of idioms holds the peculiarity of grasping each and every instance of life with the iron claws of
Campus politics for a democratic society -by Fawad Hasan: We vehemently demand for democracy and freedom of speech in our society to make it certain that every individual has his say over the important issues affecting his socio-economic life. Democracy, humans’ rights, opposing oppression and suppression, progressive politics,
Web oversights – by Zafarullah Khan: Official websites with outdated versions of the Constitution mock the so-called E-Government Directorate Constitution of a country is a social contract between citizens and the state. For people of Pakistan, a legitimate party to this contract, it is highly
Dr Salam vs us -by Masood Hasan: In a series of steps announced last night by the prime minister of Pakistan at a special session of the National Assembly – steps that have taken the world by storm and raised Pakistan’s image manifold – the new
Stand up for Ahmadis, Shias, other oppressed groups and be counted – by Mehmal Sarfraz: In Satellite Town Rawalpindi, ‘Ewan-e-Tawheed’ is in place for the last 17 years. It is the property of Jama’at Ahmadiyya and is used as a place for prayers ever since. Some adventurists have decided to make it an issue
Hate-speech: Language seems to be taking one by the nerve, not just through communication medium, but by the rhetoric ensuing one’s emotional dictum. Hate speech is the most subtle form of acceptance when we have internalised our judgemental fervour against