Until the Master calls it the night

karachi killing






Friend on chat from Karachi:  ” i just got back from a place where a couple of women .. mom and daughter got out of the car to buy some meds.. their papa and bro were in the car

gunned down mercilessly

there was just blood on the ground

all that remained of 2 lives snuffed.. and we all watched helplessly

trust me life is precious.



the father was shot though the neck

the bro tried to get out of the car it was his blood lying on the ground. he was rushed to the hospital

not much chance. but the docs will try

and we just watched..

ask the mom and daughter

they just got out to buy some meds.


well.. It was not the 1st killing I have ever seen..

but family

in front of family


that was what was so terrible


khair.. this is every day life in karachi

guess life goes on. the script whose voice over i was directing

we kept working..

just another night in the city of lights.

I have stopped carrying any weapons. even

pepper sprays

Que Serra Serra.”





we cant make sense of anything

they want to call it “God’s Will”



And one day, the master will call it the night.

the music will stop, the gathering dispersed

curtains drawn, and lights switched off.


Zeeba T. Hashmi


23rd January, 2013