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حوثی قبائل نے سعودی عرب کا پندار غرور ترک عثمانیوں کی طرح توڑا ہے – رابرٹ فسک: ایسا موقعہ شاذ و نادر ہی آتا ہے جب ترک سفیروں کا میں شکریہ ادا کروں ۔ ان کا 1915ء میں آرمینی ہالوکاسٹ پہ مختلف خیال ہے۔ اس المیہ میں 15 لاکھ آرمینی مسیحی عثمانی ترکوں کی منظم منصوبہ
The Ottomans were once humiliated by Yemeni rebels – today, the Houthis have done the same to Saudi Arabia – Robert Fisk: I rarely have reason to thank Turkish ambassadors. They tend to hold a different view of the 1915 Armenian holocaust, in which a million and a half Armenian Christians were deliberately murdered in a planned genocide by the Ottoman
کیمائی گیس حملہ کا فسانہ – رابرٹ فسک: The search for truth in the rubble of Douma – and one doctor’s doubts over the chemical attack ڈوما کے ملبے میں سچائی کی تلاش۔۔۔۔۔۔۔ اور کیمیائی حملے پہ ایک ڈاکٹر کے شبہات مڈل ایسٹ میں ہونے والی جنگوں
The search for truth in the rubble of Douma – and one doctor’s doubts over the chemical attack – Robert Fisk:   This is the story of a town called Douma, a ravaged, stinking place of smashed apartment blocks – and of an underground clinic whose images of suffering allowed three of the Western world’s most powerful nations to bomb
The forgotten people of Bahrain:   There are mass demonstrations for a peaceful protest. The protestors want Democracy. Even though the protestors are predominantly from one Muslim sect, the protests are not couched in sectarian language. A massive crackdown occurs. The protestors who have
حلب کی ناخوشگوار کہانی میں بتانے کو ایک سے زیادہ سچ ہیں – رابرٹ فسک – ترجمہ و تلخیص : ع-ح: اب جب بشار الاسد کی شامی افواج نے حلب کا کنٹرول دوبارہ حاصل کرلیا ہے تو مغربی سیاست دان،تجزیہ کار اور صحافی آنے والے دنوں میں اپنی کہانیوں کو دوبارہ سے ترتیب دینے جارہے ہیں۔ہمیں اب یہ معلوم کرنا
There is more than one truth to tell in the awful story of Aleppo – Robert Fisk: Western politicians, “experts” and journalists are going to have to reboot their stories over the next few days now that Bashar al-Assad’s army has retaken control of eastern Aleppo. We’re going to find out if the 250,000 civilians “trapped”
For the first time, Saudi Arabia is being attacked by both Sunni and Shia leaders:   The Saudis step deeper into trouble almost by the week. Swamped in their ridiculous war in Yemen, they are now reeling from an extraordinary statement issued by around two hundred Sunni Muslim clerics who effectively referred to the
مڈل ایسٹ کو ” آزاد ” کرانے کی مغربی خواہش خام ہی رہی ہے ہمیشہ کی طرح –رابرٹ فسک – ترجمہ وتلخیص : عامر حسینی: نوٹ : رابرٹ فسک نے اپنے اس آرٹیکل میں تاریخی حوالوں سے یہ بتانے کی کوشش کی ہے کہ کیسے مغربی طاقتیں اپنے تئیں ہمیشہ سے مڈل ایسٹ کو ” آزاد ” کرانے کی مہم جوئی کرتا رہا اور
Syria civil war: State-of-the-art technology gives President Assad’s army the edge – Robert Fisk: You can see the Syrian army’s spanking new Russian T-90 tanks lined up in their new desert livery scarcely 100 miles from Isis’s Syrian “capital” of Raqqa. There are new Russian-made trucks alongside them, and a lot of artillery
Syria civil war: The untold story of the siege of two small Shia villages – and how the world turned a blind eye – Robert Fisk:   This is the untold story of the three-and-a-half-year siege of two small Shia Muslim villages in northern Syria. Although their recapture by the Syrian army – and by Iranian Revolutionary Guards and Iraqi Shia militias – caught headlines
The story of a teacher evicted from Raqqa illustrates so much about the conflict in Syria – Robert Fisk:   A few days ago, on a hilltop above the Mediterranean city of Latakia, with the sun going down and the whisper of jets – Russian jets, of course – high in the sky, Samah Ismael told the story
Shiekh Nimr’s murder: Saudi Arabia has little to worry about this butchery – by Robert Fisk:   When Saudi Arabia was elected to the UN Human Rights Council in 2013 – with Dave Cameron’s help – we all regarded it as farce. Now, only hours after the Sunni Muslim Saudis chopped off the heads of
Saudi Arabia’s execution of Sheikh Nimr was worthy of ISIS – Robert Fisk:   Saudi Arabia’s binge of head-choppings – 47 in all, including the learned Shia cleric Sheikh Nimr Baqr al-Nimr, followed by a Koranic justification for the executions – was worthy of Isis. Perhaps that was the point. For this
Saudi Arabia, ISIS and the Paris massacre – by Robert Fisk:   People weep as they gather to observe a minute-silence at the Place de la Republique in memory of the victims of the Paris terror attacks It wasn’t just one of the attackers who vanished after the Paris massacre.
The Saudi prince caught up in a drugs bust is lucky it happened in Beirut – Robert Fisk: It’s not every day you get to bust a Saudi prince. Amphetamines. Twenty-five boxes and six suitcases, all – according to photos and video – stamped with the Saudi Arabia emblem of palm tree and crossed swords, to be
The West rightly condemns Isis’ vandalism of ancient sites – but not Saudi Arabia’s – Robert Fisk: Explosives pulverise historic sites in the Middle East, bulldozers erase ancient tombs and shrines, historic forts are torn down and Ottoman facades destroyed. The home of the favourite wife of the most revered man in an entire religion is
Robert Fisk: David Cameron extremism speech: The PM’s Churchillian posturing over Syria is misguided: The way David Cameron tells it, this is the Battle of Syria. He’s going to “hammer” Isis, if he gets his way. Reminds you of Winston. Just imagine what our fighter boys were thinking when their 650 Spitfires and
Robert Fisk: Iran nuclear deal: America has taken Iran’s side – to the fury of Israel and Saudi Arabia: However much Bibi Netanyahu of Israel and the Gulf sultans rage at the Vienna agreement, the Arabs at least will suspect the truth: that the Americans have taken the Shia Muslim side in the Middle East’s sectarian war. That’s
Al Jazeera plays a dangerous game in Egypt – Robert Fisk: In a few hours’ time, in Cairo, Mohamed Fahmy will hold a press conference which every reporter will want to observe. The Al Jazeera journalist, who spent 411 days in Egypt’s gruesome Tora prison on trumped-up state charges of
رابرٹ فسک کے مڈل ایسٹ میں جاری اس وقت جنگ کے بارے میں تجزیہ کرتے ہوئے کچھ نئے پہلو – عامر حسینی:       رابرٹ فسک نے مڈل ایسٹ میں جاری اس وقت جنگ کے بارے میں تجزیہ کرتے ہوئے کچھ نئے پہلو ہمارے سامنے کھولے ہیں ، وہ لکھتا ہے there are the really big winners in all this
Ayaz Amir’s analysis of Saudi war on Yemen: The army has to decide, not (hapless) civilians We should be able to cut through the simulated confusion. If Pakistan gets into any part of the Yemen mess, if Pakistani troops are sent or not sent, if Pakistan gets
Yemen crisis: What will Saudi Arabia do when – not if – things go wrong in their war with the Shia Houthi rebels? – Robert Fisk: The depth of the sectarian war unleashed in Yemen shows itself in almost every Gulf Arab official statement and in the official press. The Saudis take it as read that Iranian forces are actually present in Yemen to assist
Saudi Arabia’s attack on Yemen is a desperate jump into the abyss – Robert Fisk: Saudi Arabia has jumped into the abyss. Its air attacks on Yemen are a historic and potentially fatal blow to the Kingdom and to the Middle East. Who decided that this extraordinary battle should take shape in the poorest
From Tunisia to Iraq, Afghanistan to Egypt, Salafi and Deobandi terrorists are enemies of culture and civllization – Robert Fisk: Coming from a group which has burned and bulldozed churches and Islamic shrines in Iraq, axed 3000-year old statues in the Mosul museum and boasted of destroying the ancient city of Hatra, the Tunis Tweet is a warning to
Reality of modern Pakistan — a corrupt, politically savage, and physically broken society – Robert Fisk: Living in the Middle East makes you particularly hateful of political correctness. I’ve often recalled how I’m wished a “Happy Christmas” by Muslims in Beirut but am personally enraged when I’m greeted with “Happy Holiday” by New Yorkers. The
Saudi Arabia’s history of hypocrisy we choose to ignore – Robert Fisk: Raif Badawi has been sentenced to 1,000 lashes for ‘insulting Islam’ on his liberal website   Sir William Hunter was a senior British civil servant and in 1871 published a book which warned of “fanatic swarms” of Sunni Muslims
Christian community’s legitimate reaction to the Wahhabi Salafi and Deobandi terrorists in Syria – Robert Fisk:   Abdul Qadir al-Djezairi’s palace is on the right, noble in spirit as well as architecture. He is the one who brought the Christians and Jews of Damascus to his home when they feared the Muslims in the 19th
War on ISIS: Robert Fisk’s column on Syrian Parliament’s Speaker’s letter to the US Senate and Congress: The letter from the Speaker of the Syrian parliament, Mohamed Jihad al-Laham, asserts that the “moderate” Syrian opposition which the US has promised to aid and train is identical to the jihadi groups supporting Isis or Isil. What was
Robert Fisk on Isis campaign: Bingo! Here’s another force of evil to be ‘vanquished’:   Resurrection, reinvention and linguistics. Barack Obama did the lot. And now he’s taking America to war in Syria as well as Iraq. Oh yes, and he’s going to defeat Isis, its “barbarism”, “genocide”, its “warped ideology” – until
Israel’s ‘land for lives’ is theft. Pure and simple – by Robert Fisk:     So a bit more of Palestine has slidden down the plughole. A thousand more acres of Palestinian land stolen by the Israeli government – for “appropriation” is theft, is it not? – and the world has made
Qatar and the reason US hostage Peter Theo Curtis has been released – by Robert Fisk: So once again, the Fairy Godmother of the Middle East steps on to the stage. Qatar, the nation which supposedly paid £40m to free 13 nuns from Syrian captivity five months ago – if true, the most expensive nuns
How does the “Sunni vs Shia” prism explain the Genocide of Christians and Yazdis by Wahabi/Deobandi ISIS – by Syed Riaz Al-Malik Hajjaji:     Those were the days when ISIS was known by a different set of vowels and consonants like FSA. Back then they were just chewing on Shia livers, massacring Christians and attacking Sunni Kurds. Who would have thought
If the Nobel Peace Prize can be handed to Obama, why not hand it to the Israeli Defence Force? – by Robert Fisk:   Now I know that the Israeli Defence Forces are famous in song and legend. Humanitarian, courageous, self-sacrificing, restrained, willing to give their own lives for the innocents among their enemies, etc, etc. Leon Uris’s Exodus – a racist,
Iraq crisis: West’s ‘mandate’ limited by national borders – and don’t dare mention oil – by Robert Fisk: In the Middle East, the first shots of every war define the narrative we all dutifully follow. So too, this greatest crisis since the last greatest crisis in Iraq. Christians fleeing for their lives? Save them. Yazidis starving on
Obama is mute on his friendly ally Saudi Arabia, whose Salafists are the inspiration and fund-raisers for the Deobandi/Wahabi militias of Iraq and Syria – by Robert Fisk: He wouldn’t bomb Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s bloody caliphate when it was butchering the majority Shia Muslims of Iraq. But Barak Obama is riding to the rescue of the Christian refugees – and the Yazidis – because of “a potential
Dress the Gaza situation up all you like, but the truth hurts – by Robert Fisk:       There was a time when our politicians and media had one principal fear when covering Middle East wars: that no one should ever call them anti-Semitic. So corrosive, so vicious was this charge against any honest
Eight hundred dead Palestinians. But Israel has impunity – by Robert Fisk:     Impunity is the word that comes to mind. Eight hundred dead Palestinians. Eight hundred. That’s infinitely more than twice the total dead of flight MH17 over Ukraine. And if you refer only to the “innocent” dead –
One of the oldest Christian communities has been destroyed as the Salafi ISIS Caliphate spreads – by Robert Fisk: For three years, the Arab revolutions cast “Palestine” and Palestinians to the fringe of memory in the Middle East. And now the new bloodbath in Gaza has pushed to the corner of our consciousness the continuing tragedy of the
Israel-Palestine conflict: Why doesn’t the media ever mention the lack of progress in the Middle East? – by Robert Fisk:     Once, we used to keep clippings, a wad of newspaper cuttings on whatever we were writing about: Israel, Lebanon, Iran, Gaza. Occasionally, we even read books. Maybe it’s because of the internet, but in most of our