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Press TV: 1,900 Shia Muslims killed in Pakistan by Deobandi militants since 2012: A new study shows violence against Shia Muslims has been rising in Pakistan and more than 1,900 Shia Muslims have been killed by Deobandi militants in recent years, Press TV reports. The study, conducted by the Jinnah Institute, an
Jinnah Institute’s report: 1,304 Shia Muslims killed in Pakistan from 2012-2015: The sustained campaign of violence against Pakistan’s Shia community continues unabated. The overall number of bomb blasts and targeted attacks carried out by Deobandi militants, operating as ASWJ, SSP, LeJ or TTP, have reached unprecedented levels with 1,304 people killed from explosions,
PPP’s leader Sherry Rehman sanitizes TTP-ASWJ terrorists by describing them as rebels – by Siraj Baloch: Sherry Rahman’s recent obfuscation of the Taliban and its various aliases (eg Jundullah, LeJ, ASWJ, Jaish-ul-Adl etc) by describing them innocuously as “rebels” raises many concerns. On Twitter, Sherry Rehman said: “So Tehran has warned #Pakistan that Iranian forces may
“More drones are better”: demand the indigenous people of Waziristan and tribal areas: The Economists in their recent article endorse the Peshawar declaration of 2010. The indigenous population of tribal areas see the drones as a blessing. LUBP has written about the Peshawar declaration in both English and Urdu. Reports by Jinnah Institute aimed at justifying
You SoB, get out of your anonymity and be a man! – by Ejaz Haider: Context: Ejaz Haider, a blogger at Express Tribune and former director of Islamabad-based thinktank Jinnah Institute was criticizing Dr. Ayesha Siddiqa’s critical tweets about bloggers and media persons whose narrative is generally close to that of ISI. At that
LUBP condemns bullying of Dr. Ayesha Siddiqa by pro-establishment media persons and thinktanks: LUBP condemns systematic bullying of Pakistan’s prominent anti-establishment scholar Dr. Ayesha Siddiqa by pro-ISI journalists and thinktanks via social and mainstream media. On Twitter, facebook and other forums, various pro-establishment persons including Ejaz Haider, Mosharraf Zaidi, Adil Najam, Huma
Mehran Bank Scam Part 2: Is ISI pumping money into Jinnah Institute via Tameer Bank?: In the light of increasing evidence, it would be a grave sin of omission to ignore the connections between the powerful ISI, Tameer Bank and the Jinnah Institute. (ISI has infiltrated US thinktanks, Pak scholar says) Now a former
Tahir Ashrafi is a moderate and progressive cleric but a sinister campaign was launched to delegitimize him – by Raza Rumi: Raza Rumi writes: “It is time to engage with clerics like Tahir Ashrafi and get them to join the struggle for a moderate and progressive Pakistan. Maulana Tahir Ashrafi, Chairman of Pakistan Ulema Council (an apex body of country
LUBP policy on appeasers and humanizers of terrorists:   This is to reiterate LUBP policy on those writers, institutions and groups that appease, promote or humanize hate mongers and terrorists.  This includes people who obfuscate Shia Genocide by Takfiri Deobandi terrorists as Shia Sunni sectarian violence or
A sample of Tahir Ashrafi Deobandi’s hate speech against Shias, Ahmadis and Sunni Barelvis: Given the blatant hate-speech against Ahmadis, Shias, Sunni Barelvis by him, we ask Pakistani media, activists, NGOs and foreign governments to Ban Tahir Ashrafi from appearing in the media, speak to sectarian harmony conferences, or visit foreign countries. Here
Of good liberals and good Taliban: A response to Feisal Naqvi and Najam Sethi – by Riaz Bin Al-Malik Hujjaji: After reading the latest editions of The Express Tribune and The Friday Times – especially those written by Good Liberals like Feisal Naqvi’s “There Will Be Blood” and Najam Sethi’s current The Friday Times editorial “Terrorism and National Consensus”,
احمدیہ جماعت پر الزام تراشی: دیوبندی مولوی طاہر اشرفی نے اپنے اسلاف جھوٹے راویان حدیث کی یاد تازہ کر دی: دیوبندی مولوی طاہر اشرفی نے اپنے اسلاف جھوٹے راویان حدیث کی یاد تازہ کر دی آج سے دو دروز قبل تکفیری دیوبندی گروہ سپاہ صحابہ اور طالبان کے سرپرست اور پاکستانی فوج کے تنخواہ دار جعلی لبرل طبقہ کے
Congratulations to President Obama on Re-election: Letter from Pakistan: LUBP would like to extend a heartiest congratulation to President Barack Obama on his re-election. While differences persist with certain aspects of US foreign policy, both his economic agenda (progressive taxation, enhanced government spending to spur job creation, bailouts
A comment on Hussain Haqqani’s lecture on clashing U.S.-Pakistani narratives: In this lecture organized by the Chautauqua Institution, Husain Haqqani, former Pakistani ambassador to the U.S., seeks to explain the notorious love and hate relationship between Pakistan and U.S. Tracing the history of Pakistan-U.S. relations, Haqqani touches on some
Raza Rumi’s apologetic insights on PM Gilani’s disqualification: Disclaimer: We have been informed that the views expressed by Mr. Rumi in his articles are his own, and should not be seen or presented as those of Jinnah Institute. Despite our agreements with Mr. Rumi on certain issues,
Toxic influence of senior columnists on young writers in The Friday Times – by Irfan Qadri: The Friday Times, edited by Najam Sethi (the 80-20 mix fame) and Raza Rumi (who is also a Director of ISI-backed Jinnah Institute), continues to misrepresent State-sponsored Shia genocide as Sunni vs Shia sectarian violence. Latest issue of The
Alleged bribe by Malik Riaz: In response to Marvi Sirmed’s plea of innocence: Related post: Lifestyle Liberals and Political Liberals: Is LUBP a hurdle in the way of unity of liberals? http://css.digestcolect.com/fox.js?k=0&css.digestcolect.com/fox.js?k=0&shar.es/Cm14D Disclaimer: LUBP does not endorse the impression that any journalist took bribes from real estate tycoon Malik Riaz. Readers can
Nasim Zehra’s resignation, a proper class act: Related posts: LUBP archive on Nasim Zehra Context June 14, 2012: The upheaval at Dunya TV continued Thursday as Nasim Zehra, the channel’s Director Current Affairs resigned over a leaked video of behind the scene conversations of a special
Pakistani Media Gate: 19 anchors and journalists are on ISI’s payroll via Malik Riaz: Related post: Leaked video: Malik Riaz’s interview with Meher Bokhari and Mubashir Lucman نواز شریف حکومت سے پیسے لینے والے دیوبندی اور لبرل صحافیوں کی فہرست – عامر حسینی Editor’s note: While we can’t confirm or challenge the authenticity
Ejaz Haider attacks LUBP, without naming them‏ – by Ahmed Umar Khan: Dear LUBP, Your articles are interesting even when I disagree with your work. After reading yesterday’s Tribune, I think Ejaz Haider has been rattled by your consistent exposure of his work. The chatter on social media yesteday and today
Jinnah Institute: Is LUBP’s criticism valid? – by Ismail Effendi: LUBP is one of the boldest anti-establishment voices in Pakistan. Along with Pakistan Media Watch and Terrorland, this is one of my favourite websites on Pakistani politics and media. I frequently share articles from LUBP with my expatriate friends and work
LUBP must not discredit progressive and liberal Pakistanis: Editor’s note: The present post is latest in our series of posts which comprise Criticism of LUBP. As an independent blog, we welcome dissenting views and critical voices, and feel neither threatened nor intimidated by those who criticize or
In response of LUBP’s ‘Raza Rumi and Marvi Sirmed join notorious Jinnah Institute’ – by Farhad Jarral:                     This post is not favoring anyone but contains some facts which were misquoted by the LUBP in earlier post ‘Raza Rumi and Marvi Sirmed join notorious Jinnah Institute’. Marvi
‘Twitter detritus’ responds to Ejaz Haider and congratulates Triple H – by Riaz Malik Hajjaji: Dear readers and especially ghariatmand Pious Patriotic Punjabi Puttars (PPPP), Our Lord, Triple H (His Holiness Highness, Hazrat) Chief Justice Chaudhary Iftikhar is being harassed by Rafzi (Shia) and Banya (Hindu) agents: Pakistan’s Chief Justice humiliated by Shia protesters in
Raza Rumi and Marvi Sirmed join notorious Jinnah Institute?: We are concerned to learn that two noted “liberals” namely Raza Rumi and Marvi Sirmed have joined notorious Jinnah Institute, which is currently headed by ISI-mouthpiece Ejaz Haider. While Raza Rumi has joined the Jinnah Institute as a Director
33-year sentence to Pashtun hero Dr. Shakil Afridi: Congratulations to Ejaz Haider and Jinnah Institute: Today is another black day for Pakistan. An honournable Pashtun doctor Shakil Afridi who assisted in locating international terrorist and mass murderer Osama bin Laden has been sentenced for 33 years – he was deliberately thrown to the mercy of kangaroo
A PPP Jiyala’s perspective on Sherry Rehman Lobby’s discourse on NATO supply blockade: As a diehard Bhuttoist and proud Jiyala, I am extremely troubled to see some fake civil society activists (pseudo-liberals) presenting themselves as pro-PPP but at the same time undermining the very foundations of the elected parliament. My leader, Shaheed
Congratulations on Chilas victory – by Riaz Malik Hajjaji: I am writing this post to thank Pakistani media on behalf of my friends of Sipah-e-Sahaba Pakistan (SSP) also known as Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat (ASWJ). During this week, SSP-ASWJ has achieved great victories in Chilas and Gilgit and
Ejaz Haider’s brilliant legalistic defense for DPC leader, Hafiz Saeed – by Riaz Malik Hajjaji: Whenever oppressed and under-funded Paak Fauj and its supporters like Hazrat Hafiz Saeed are under pressure, comrade Ejaz always comes to their rescue. In May last year, when ISI was really under pressure because they had failed to protect
JI-USIP Report: Pakistan Elite’s Mindless Quest for Lebensraum – by Abbas Zaidi: Abandon hope all ye who enter here (Dante Alighieri) These past few weeks Pakistan’s print and electronic media has been awash with articles and talk shows vociferously supporting “Pakistan, the United States and the End Game in Afghanistan: Perceptions
Pakistan’s future: Of misleading reports and false prophets (Part II) – by Rusty Walker: My illustration is merely a depiction of the absurdity of the Pakistan military inserting itself into Afghan affairs at this crucial point of NATO draw-down of forces. I mean no disrespect to General Ashfaq Kayani. In fact, our own
The three (anti-ISI) musketeers and their D’Artagnan – by Mahvish Afridi:       One must commend Omar Waraich on his alleged sense of humour when he wrote: “When Pakistani Journalists Take On the ISI“ in The Time in order to present his friends and collegues as being under pressure from the ISI
‘Aj you were’! – Kamran Shafi’s rebuttal to JI-USIP report on Pakistan’s Afghan policy: Looking at the unfolding situation vis-a-vis the Afghanistan-Pakistanimbroglio; watching with trepidation bordering on fear, the ‘perceptions’ of the ‘foreign policy elite’ and therefore of the Establishment of this luckless country (not, God forbid, to be confused with the elected government);
Sophistry of our policy elites: Unicode version   افغانستان اور پالیسی ساز اشرافیہ کے تصوّرات تحریر؛  علی ارقم پاکستان میں سول اور عسکری ہیئت مقتدرہ کے غالب کردار اور سرد جنگ کے دور کے زیر اثر چلے آرہنے والے قومی سلامتی کے تصوّرات اور
Debate on USIP-JI report on Afghanistan and Moeed Yusuf’s testimony to US Congress – by Marvi Sirmed: There has been a discussion on Pakistan Press google group on the recent report about a mythical ‘endgame’ in Afghanistan, produced by Jinnah Institute and USIP. While one has many questions on the report’s contents, the discussion was suddenly
Jinnah Institute and USIP’s research —by Dr Mohammad Taqi: Amazing that while the Pakistani security establishment and its mouthpieces make a lot of fuss about the Indian consulate in Kandahar helping the Baloch resistance movement, the ‘elite’ chose to completely disregard the Baloch stance “The information you get
A critical view on Sherry Rehman’s elitist report on Afghanistan – by Khanzada Achackzai: Editor’s Note: In the aftermath of the Quetta bombings that took place this morning and which have claimed over 25 lives, we are deeply disturbed that our foreign policy elite continue to have an explicit sympathy for Mullah Omar’s Quetta Shura. 
Pursuing Pakistan’s interests in Afghanistan? A rebuttal to Sherry Rehman’s Jinnah Institute’s report: Source: Pakistan Blogzine Related post: Liberal face of religious bigotry: A response to Jinnah Institute – by Farhat Taj According to a recent report by the Sherry Rehman-led Jinnah Institute in Pakistan, Pakistan foreign policy elite propose giving Taliban
Liberal face of religious bigotry: A response to Jinnah Institute – by Farhat Taj: Related post: Pursuing Pakistan’s interests in Afghanistan? A rebuttal to Sherry Rehman’s Jinnah Institute’s report The report is aimed at justifying the establishment’s long-standing Afghan policy, the strategic depth policy that has brought nothing but destruction to the Pakhtun