Ejaz Haider attacks LUBP, without naming them‏ – by Ahmed Umar Khan

Dear LUBP,

Your articles are interesting even when I disagree with your work. After reading yesterday’s Tribune, I think Ejaz Haider has been rattled by your consistent exposure of his work. The chatter on social media yesteday and today has proved that LUBP was the target of Ejaz’s recent article. He never bothers to refer to LUBP but it is fairly obvious to everyone.

Good job LUBPians! When military establishment types like EH start copying NFP/LUBP’s style then you know that people are listening. Of course, he is not funny, just sad is EH.

I am submitting my post below. Please consider it for publishing on your blog.

thanks in advance

A. U. Khan

Ejaz Haider attacks LUBP – Without naming them

You live long enough and you see it all.

I am referring to a recent editorial by Ejaz Haider in Express Tribune Pakistan. In this pathetic self-pity article, there can only be one major target for Ejaz Haider and that is LUBP. This is the only blog that has exposed his pro-establishment work on a consistent basis. I should also mention that he links one of his criticisms to a recent bold critique of a USIP study. USIP allegedly pays Jinnah Institute, currently headed by Ejaz, for its “reports”.

Funny thing is, he does not mention LUBP once by name in his self-pity diatribe – a pathetic attempt at sarcasm if that was the intention. He (Ejaz Haider) does not even have the guts to link his article to those LUBP posts which critisize him.

It is fairly obvious to you, the reader, who he is referring to. Then why desist from calling out LUBP to the general public?

What is this fellow afraid of?

That people will read the other side’s arguement and come to the conclusion that an increasing number of people are coming to:

That Ejaz Haider is a shill for Pakistan’s military establishment

What LUBP has been saying for some time is catching on and they are not alone in their assesment of Ejaz Haider and his Jinnah Institute. A tweet by @majorlyprofound

“Independent & autonomous think tank Jinnah institute has written on reopening NATO routes!! Of to read it & find out what Army wants to say”

It is amusing to see the weak attempts by Ejaz Haider to cloud the issues and distort valid criticism of his published work- like the time where he presented a legal arguement in the support of Hafiz Saeed.

No one can ever mistake him for a Mossad-CIA agent. More and more are catching on to the fact that he is a tout for Pakistan’s military establishment.

I am glad LUBP posted the twitter exchanges between him and his friends – the “endangered liberals” of Pakistan. LOL!

This is the “endangered” species that has aligned itself with Ejaz Haider. Ejaz Haider whose Jinnah Institute prescribes the return of Mullah Omar.

Do these people even know what liberal means. Do these people remember Afghanistan under Mullah Omar – you know the times when there were no cosmetic differentiation the various kinds of Taliban. Just plain ‘ol Taliban, who were being supported by Ejaz Haider’s military establishment to create the emirate of Strategic Depth in the 1990s.

I don’t think so.

Praising each other’s every TV show and article on twitter and attacking a niche blog for disagreeing with them does not a liberal make. Haven’t these people heard of Google? Bing? Don’t they know that when they gang up to attack and distort an opinionated and passionate blog like LUBP, people will do their research and read the other side of the story.

And that other side is not very flattering to these self-promoting “endangered liberals”.

On what standards and basis, these “endangered liberals” attack LUBP?

Have they ever read the abusive letter co-authored by Ejaz?

Do they ever offer the same advice to the self-righteous media anchors and their 24/7 on private channels?

Or the one-sided articles that appear in the mainstream press?

Pray, I ask, where do these “endangered liberals” run off to. Or are they simply selective.

Bully LUBP but never those senior journos who might be their bosses. I leave that decision to the reader.

LUBP has done interesting work in mapping Pakistan’s intelligentsia. Sure, they go overboard at times. However, given the lack of any other group that consistently talks on the issue of how the establishment has infected the discourse, I will give them some room.

Ejaz, trying to disguise and dress up your noxious discourse with literary references, dense quotes by philosophers will only get you so far. Boring and confusing your readers on the next ego trip will yield diminishing returns. As far as your latest article is concerned, the joke is on you.

P.S. LUBP, take a bow for exposing this ISPR shill!



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