Alleged bribe by Malik Riaz: In response to Marvi Sirmed’s plea of innocence


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Disclaimer: LUBP does not endorse the impression that any journalist took bribes from real estate tycoon Malik Riaz. Readers can use their own discretion in assessing such claims.

Source: Pakistan Blogzine

Pakistan’s self acclaimed liberal, columnist and rights activist Marvi Sirmed has written an article in Express Tribune (18 June 2012) to prove that the alleged list of Malik Riaz’s beneficiaries is fake, and that along with other “credible journalists” (including Hamid Mir, Mubashir Lucman, Najam Sethi, Meher Bokhari etc), her name too does not deserve to be in that notorious list.

While I have no means to confirm or challenge the authenticity of the Riaz Malik’s beneficiaries list, in this post, I offer some quick comments on Marvi’s article which is reproduced in full in comments section for your quick review.

Notwithstanding the authenticity or otherwise of the list, it is possible to identify some glaring flaws in Marvi’s reasoning and position.

Half of Marvi’s article is about how the account number does not belong to her.

 The list showed that I accepted Rs1 million through a bank transfer from “NIBC [SIC] Bank Limited (Bahria Town Branch)”. An account number was also given against this transaction — #8283982-5. However, no one bothered to confirm whether the account belonged to me. And no one asked why a real estate tycoon would invest his money in a human rights campaigner. In fact, the account number mentioned above does not belong to me, nor have I ever had an account in NIB Bank.

This is how Marvi’s name is mentioned in the list of alleged beneficiaries of Malik Riaz:

Marvi Sirmed
– Received 10 Lakh Rupees
Money Transferred From: NIBC Bank Limited (Bahria Town Branch) Account# 8284059

Did she not read the “Money Transferred From” in the alleged list? Plain English, no?

Strawman or lazy comprehension?

Marvi then argues that she is neither an anchor nor a journalist, therefore, her name is odd in that list.

This extraordinary list bore some very credible names of the electronic and print media. Even more shocking was the fact that it had another odd name. Mine.

Is she not a regular columnist for Daily Times? Doesn’t the fact (that she is not a regular journo or anchor) per se explain why she was allegedly given a meagre amount (10 lac Rs only) compared to tens of millions and land given to other more regular journalists or anchors?

Marvi then claims she takes a clear stand on rights of persecuted minorities.

Who could target a person who always takes a clear stand on controversial issues, be it the rights of persecuted minorities, Ahmadis, Hazara Shia Muslims, Hindus, Christians, the Baloch missing persons and their bullet-riddled bodies

This is the most interesting bit: “Hazara Shia Muslims”!

Did you notice Marvi supports (all) Ahmadis, Hindus, Christians etc but only “Hazara” Shia Muslims? Did you notice the ethnic colour she is giving to Shia genocide which is affecting Shias of all ethnicities, from Parachinar to Gilgit and from Karachi to Quetta?

Marvi should explain why she routinely tends to give ethnic colour to Shia Genocide? eg see her picture in this post:

marvi hazara

April 2012: Islamabad – Noted liberal activist Marvi Sirmed speaks to four or five activists of ISI-sponsored HDP in Islamabad who are protesting against “Hazara genocide”

Marvi should also explain since when are Shia Muslims considered a minority group in Pakistan? Does she know the meaning of minority in Pakistani constitution (ie., non-Muslim)? Why is she using the same language which is used and demanded by militants and Takfiri Deobandi mullahs (Akram Lahori, Malik Ishaq) of Sipah-e-Sahaba to describe Shia Muslims?

Instead of condemning Shia genocide across Pakistan, confining their persecution to a specific ethnic group is hardly a clear stand!

On Twitter, Marvi alleged that PTI officials and activists were behind the creation and circulation of “the fake list”. However, she fails to explain why would PTI embarrass their own assets, ie, pro-PTI journalists (e.g., Mubashir Lucman, Meher Bokhari, several others). [Mubasher Lucman speaking at #PTI membership drive Rawalpindi (May 20, 2012)]

Apparently those journalists who are allegedly exposed in the Bahria Gate list are blaming “PTI trolls” as a convenient cover up. This is like give a dog a bad name and hang it. Instead of confronting the content, they want to shoot the messenger!

Marvi then boasts of her “umpteen writings against policies of Pakistan’s military establishment”. Is that what she does at the pro-establishment Jinnah Institute which routinely publishes and promotes pro-establishment documents and analyses, and promotes pro-ASWJ-Taliban clerics such as Tahir Ashrafi Deobandi?

Marvi should explain: isn’t Jinnah Institute a pro-establishment think tank? Isn’t she a part of JI’s activities and promotion?

For transparency, will Marvi publish any payments or perks she has received from Jinnah Institute, and in what capacity?

Marvi should also explain why she is usually seen flattering and promoting most compromised journoalist eg Najam Sethi, Hamid Mir, Ejaz Haider, Raza Rumi and others on Twitter and also in everyday life?

Leading journalists in Pakistan have revealed that Marvi Sirmed happens to be Akram Lahori’s niece. (Akram Lahori is the Deobandi terrorist who co-founded Lashkar-e-Jhangvi that has killed thousands of Shia Muslims in last few years). Shia community has complained that Marvi Sirmed provides lists of Shia activists to a pro-Taliban Deobandi cleric. These are serious allegations and must be thoroughly investigated.

In her article, Marvi claims that the Bahria Gate list bears “some very credible names of the electronic and print media.” Credible names such as Najam Sethi (who conspired with ISI to get Benazir Bhutto government dismisssed), Hamid Mir (the Punjabi Taliban audio-tape fame), Mubashir Lucman (the Riaz Malik video leak fame) etc?

No, Marvi, no. You and your companions Rumi, Mir, Sethi, Ejaz, Jinnah Institute are no friends of persecuted communities Shias, Balochs, Ahmadis, Pashtuns etc. You and other pro-establishment fake liberals use our names in order to promote and project your rights activist and liberal credentials but in reality you have little understanding of or/and commitment to the cause of the persecuted communities.

Marvi, did not you, Beena Sarwar and other urban elite liberals choose to remain silent and in some cases defended Ejaz Haider and others when they justified and rationalized the persecution and massacre of Shia Muslims, Balochs and Pashtuns? Did you not promote and appreciate the Jinnah Institute’s report (written by your friend Raza Rumi) that blatantly misrepresented the suffering of Ahmadiyya Muslims and Shia Muslims in Pakistan? Did you not remain silent when Ahmed Ludhianvi’s hate speech against Shias was published in The Friday Times edited by Najam Sethi and Raza Rumi?

Did not you and your companions promote Hamid Mir as a hero in clear view of his anti-Shia, anti-Ahmadi and pro-Taliban inclinations?

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marvi aswj

marvi aswj2

marvi ejaz

You support Hamid Mir, Ejaz Haider, Raza Rumi and Najam Sethi and then express concern for Shias, Ahmadis, Balochs etc?

Ajeeb teri siasat, ajeeb tera nizam
Yazid say bhi marasim, Hussain ko bhi salam?

Marvi, probably the list is fake and, unlike Umme Hassan and other Deobandi militants of Laal Masjid, you might not have received a single penny from Riaz Malik but the circumstantial evidence suggests that your discourses and actions on important issues (discussed above) are as compromised as those of several known sell outs around you. Mind your company, your discourse will surely improve. Try!




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