LUBP must not discredit progressive and liberal Pakistanis

16 Feb 2012: Ejaz Haider, Marvi Sirmed, Fahd Husssain and others endorse JI's Extremism Watch Report in which suffering of Pashtuns, Ahmadis and Shias was misrepresented.

Editor’s note: The present post is latest in our series of posts which comprise Criticism of LUBP. As an independent blog, we welcome dissenting views and critical voices, and feel neither threatened nor intimidated by those who criticize or misrepresent our posts. Please note how Mr. Ejaz Haider juxtaposes LUBP (an independent progressive, pro-human rights blog) with the ISI-sponsored Difa-e-Pakistan Council (right-wing extremists) while implicitly presenting the Jinnah Institute as the moderate middle, a voice of (European?) liberal, progressive Pakistanis (who appear to be very ‘realist’). Happy reading! (end note)


7h Fahd Husain โ€@Fahdhusain
@ucsher11 @ejazhaider @marvisirmed she [Marvi] has a deep belief in what she says which is a rare and extremely admirable quality.

7h ejaz haider โ€@ejazhaider
@Fahdhusain i second that! @ucsher11 @marvisirmed

Marvi Sirmed โ€@marvisirmed
@ejazhaider Thanks @fahdhusain and thanks sires ๐Ÿ™‚ And @ucsher11 sahib, EH’s and my friendship is too strong to be blown by an Op-Ed ๐Ÿ™‚

6h Marvi Sirmed โ€@marvisirmed
@ejazhaider @fahdhusain Just n case you haven’t read the crap Someone needs to get a life. Really!

6h ejaz haider โ€@ejazhaider
@marvisirmed subhanallah! iss mulk kay dau he maamay hain; DPC and LUBP @fahdhusain

Marvi Sirmed โ€@marvisirmed
Buhahaha RT @ejazhaider: subhanallah! iss mulk kay dau he mamay hain; DPC and LUBP @fahdhusain

beena sarwar โ€@beenasarwar
@marvisirmed @ejazhaider @fahdhusain Seriously. Petty minds. So much focus on attacking those who speak up for human rights & democracy.

Fahd Husain โ€@Fahdhusain
@marvisirmed @ejazhaider wow! unbelievable. And sad.

7h Marvi Sirmed โ€@marvisirmed
@Fahdhusain My biggest objection is, couldn’t they find better pictures of mine? :(((( @ejazhaider

6h Marvi Sirmed โ€@marvisirmed
@beenasarwar Actually, always. You name anyone progressive who speaks for people’s rights, they discredit her/him @ejazhaider @fahdhusain

Luscious โ€@znt2002
@ejazhaider @marvisirmed @fahdhusain Lib are endangered species in the land of the pure. They need supp not criticism. Get plenty of latter

6h Marvi Sirmed โ€@marvisirmed
@znt2002 EH doesn’t call himself a lib I think. I call him realist @ejazhaider @fahdhusain

6h ejaz haider โ€@ejazhaider
@marvisirmed i am a lib in the european, not pakistani sense @znt2002 @fahdhusain
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