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Bastille day slaughter and some popular misconceptions – by AZ: As our hearts wail and mourn in the wake of the tragedy in Nice, these are some of the reactions that I have found it painful to hear in the hours since the attack. NO RELIGION IS CAPABLE OF
We wouldn’t dare call any of these world leaders terrorist sympathisers:   Tony and Cherie Blair with Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad, and his wife Asma, outside Downing Street in 2002. His regime has been accused of killing tens of thousands of civilians. Margaret Thatcher and former Chilean dictator, General Augusto
The spread of Wahhabism, and the West’s responsibility to the world: François Hollande’s declaration of war against Isis (also known as Islamic State) was, perhaps, a natural reaction to the carnage in Paris but the situation is now so grave that we cannot merely react; we also need sustained, informed
فرانس کا داعش کے خلاف اعلان جنگ: جب برطانوی وزیراعظم انتونی ایڈن نے 1956 ء میں برطانیہ کی مصر کے خلاف فریب کن جنگ کے خاتمے کا فیصلہ کرلیا تو امریکی صدر آئزن ہاور نے اسے ایک خشک سی تجویز بھیجی تھی Whoa,Boy ! اس کے
France funding Syrian rebels in new push to oust Assad:   France has emerged as the most prominent backer of Syria’s armed opposition and is now directly funding rebel groups around Aleppo as part of a new push to oust the embattled Assad regime. Large sums of cash have
By hiding the Takfiri Salafi idenitty of ISIS, BBC’s Wusatuallah Khan actually enables its violence: Wasutullah Khan’s BBC observations on the Paris attacks represent the typical obfuscations presented by Wahhabi apologists. He equates the Shia and Sunni Sufi victims of Wahabi and Deobandi terror by holding them equally responsible for the Paris attacks. He
Paris massacre: The only real solution is the destruction of Isis – by Patrick Cockburn:   The “Islamic State”, as Isis styles itself, will be pleased with the outcome of its attacks in Paris. It has shown that it can retaliate with its usual savagery against a country that is bombing its territory and
Saudi Arabia, ISIS and the Paris massacre – by Robert Fisk:   People weep as they gather to observe a minute-silence at the Place de la Republique in memory of the victims of the Paris terror attacks It wasn’t just one of the attackers who vanished after the Paris massacre.
بادشاہان عرب کے حضور مدار جمہوریت باراک اوبامہ کا خراج عقیدت – عامر حسینی: میں دہشت گردی کے خلاف ہوں، جمہوری حقوق کا علمبردار ہوں، ان سب حکومتوں کو ہٹانے کا حامی ہوں جو عوام کی مرضی کے بغیر قائم ہیں تو شام میں بشار کی حکومت کو رخصت ہونا ہوگا، عورتوں کے
Paris Attacks: How the Wahhabi terrorists of ISIS also killed Sunni French musicians: PARIS — Although officials have been slow to release the names of the victims of the Paris terror attacks, from those that are known a portrait is emerging of vibrant young people as diverse as the city they called
The Deadly consequences of Washington Post disingenuous re-branding of Wahabi ISIS terrorists as “Moderate”: More on that sick Wahabi “moderate rebel” of Ahrar Al Sham praising the horrific attacks in Paris. Those who continue to justify these Wahabi Al Qaeda FSA ISIS sickos and misrepresent them as “moderate rebels” who were “oppressed” and
France must use all options against ISIS and other takfiri Salafi groups: French newspapers described Paris attacks as a ‘War in the heart of Paris’ with black mastheads. The Paris attacks are indeed an act of radical terrorism. It is an insult to humanity, and an incident that should unite the
Wahhabism and Deobandism are the new forms of Nazism – by Jon Snow:   The causes of this spread of terrorism are complex, but one aspect we have to tackle head on — its ideological roots in Wahhabi Islam, the official religion of Saudi Arabia. The House of Saud rules at the
The sometimes upright President Hollande of France – by Khurrum Zaki:   We must not bow down to Terrorism. We must support Democratic Norms everywhere. Assad Must Go. Women must have equal rights the world over. Minorities must be allowed the freedom of religion. We must punish those regimes that
We stand in solidarity with the grieving cities of Beruit, Paris and Baghdad – Riaz Malik Hajjaji: As we stand in solidarity with the grieving cities of Beruit, Paris and Baghdad – all of them the victims of the attacks of the same Takfiri Salafi/Wahabi menace bred and sponsored by Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar. As
Fanaticism: From Peshawar to Paris – Murtaza Haider: If their agenda is to put a wedge between Muslims and the rest, the Jihadists are doing a pretty fine job. The attack in Paris that killed 12 journalists and police at the office of the newspaper Charlie Hebdo
مغرب کی منافقت کی نقاب کشائی بجا، دیوبندی وہابی دہشت گردی پر آپکی خاموشی کے کیا معنی؟ – عامر حسینی: تباہی و بربادی و خون ریزی میں تعقل ڈهونڈنے والے اور اس کے زمہ داروں کے جرم کی سنگینی پر پردہ ڈال رہے ہوتے ہیں اور اس عمل کی بربریت کی شدت کو کم کرکے اس کے خلاف ممکنہ
#JeSuisCharlie campaign angers Al-Jazeera staff: Leaked Al Jazeera emails obtained by a US magazine showed that the Qatari news outlet’s management was not eager to join the “Je suis Charlie” campaign following the attack on the satirical magazine’s offices in Paris, prompting a rift between
Charlie Hebdo attack and the Syria blowback – by Patrick Cockburn: There is a feeling of inevitability about the attack in Paris. The likelihood must be that the killers were Islamic Wahhabi Deobandi fanatics, the murder of the journalists and police underlining the degree to which the ferocious religious war
Blowback in Paris: how should we respond to the Charlie Hebdo terror attack? – by Nafeez Ahmed: The only way forward, says Nafeez Ahmed, is for people of all faith and none to stand together in rejecting violence perpetrated in our name, whether by state or insurgent. At least 12 people were killed in the shocking
France to Saudi Arabia: ‘You buy our weapons, we will block Iran nuclear deal.’: Related post: How the Salafi-Wahhabi agenda is dividing the Muslim world – by Robert Fisk France, successfully bribed by the Wahhabi Salafi Sheikhdoms of Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates, is all set to veto any peaceful resolution of
Good bargain? Saudi Arabia sends 1,239 death row inmates to fight in Syria with full pardon: Editor’s note: We are publishing this story as it corroborates our earlier story about the release of terrorist prayer leaders to Pakistan.  King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia with French President Francois Hollande, who went to the desert kingdom in
Syria’s War, Another Tragedy on Euphrates: Who is Looking for What? by A Z: It has been over two years since the Syrian opposition, propelled by long-held and varying grievances, rose against Bashar al Assad. With Assad’s long autocratic reign under serious threat, the regime responded with force, arresting protesters and torturing some
Pakistani extremists film massacre of Shiite minority group – by France 24 TV: Editor’s note: What was ignored by Pakistani media and foreign correspondents in Pakistan is being shown by France 24 TV. The footages of Shia massacres in Pakistan which were completely censored in Pakistani media as well as by foreign
The burqa debate: “Just so you do not have thoughts…” – by Shazia Nawaz: Related articles: The burqa debate: “To ban or not to ban?” – by Imaan Hazir Mazari The burqa debate: “Burqa got a befitting French kiss” – by Marvi Sirmed We all know that burqa does not have its roots
The burqa debate: “Burqa got a befitting French kiss” – by Marvi Sirmed: Related articles: The burqa debate: “Just so you do not have thoughts…” – by Shazia Nawaz The burqa debate: “To ban or not to ban?” – by Imaan Hazir Mazari Before reading this argument on recent Burqa-ban by France,
The burqa debate: “To ban or not to ban?” – by Imaan Hazir Mazari: Related articles: The burqa debate: “Just so you do not have thoughts…” – by Shazia Nawaz The burqa debate: “Burqa got a befitting French kiss” – by Marvi Sirmed How do we know when a state oversteps its bounds?
Terror Plot Reportedly Uncovered In Europe: Western intelligence agencies are reportedly tracking a plot to carry out terrorist attacks in Britain, France, and Germany. Citing unidentified intelligence and security officials in the United States and Europe, Western media reported that the potential attacks were allegedly
Analysis of relief and donations related to Pakistan floods 2010 – by Anas Abbas: Donations and contributions so far: World Bank: popularly known as the Israeli sponsored conspiracy in Pakistan said it had set up an aid fund at Pakistan’s request with initial pledges of $80 million. United States of America: Remember (According