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Minus Three + Leash on Media – by Sikandar Mehdi: If some one got up from coma after a month or was away in some wonderland where they didnt have access to the internet or newspapers, especially Geo News, he will be in a complete state of shock to
Jang Group’s campaign against the PPP intensifies – Ansar Abbasi hell bent on sending the government home – by Ahmed Iqbalabadi: It is indeed sad the way Jang has panned out to become a low in content but rich in spice tabloid. A newspaper having nearly 7 decades of existence is a sad reflection of the journalistic virtues that exist
Special Branch Report to kill Khwaja Sharif “false and baseless”:  Our dearest friend, Ansar Abbasi had given the nation a eid gift on 11th September by coming up with a report “Plot to kill Justice Sharif Unearthed”. The report has been debated on LUBP the following titles: “We look
The alleged Plot to kill Justice Sharif: A wishful thinking of Ansar Abbasi (part 2) – by Fawad Manzoor: Related article: Part 1 Our society has many different ways of insulting other individual. It varies from class to class profession to profession and most probably family to family.  Modes of insulting might be different but one thing is
The alleged Plot to kill Justice Sharif: A wishful thinking of Ansar Abassi (part 1) – by Fawad Manzoor: Related articles: Part 2 Here it goes again. When I read the name of Ansar Abbasi in the papers immediately my mind runs to the story books we used to read when we were kids. Famous character in those
Umar Cheema saga: other view point – by Fawad Manzoor: Just like the topic says it is the other view point and I have the right to express that too just like the people who are out there to defend and pay homage to Umar Cheema and Jang group.
What can Federal Ministers gain by killing Khawaja Sharif?‏- by Ali Asad: Ansar Abbasi has again come out with an innovative theory. According to his story attributed to a purported report of Special Branch of Punjab police, some federal Ministers are planning to kill Mr. Khawaja Sharif. He has not disclosed
We look forward to the follow up story to the plot to kill Justice Sharif- by Chaudry Ahmad Khan and Ahmad Iqbalabadi: Even “yellow journalists” would be insulted to be in the same category as the Jang Group. A media group that has always promoted the interests of dictators, bigots and fascists has been at the forefront in maligning the current
Triple Blasts in Youm-e-Ali (a.s.) Procession: Karbala attacked in Lahore – by Ch. Ahmad Khan: As the death toll from today’s gruesome attacks on a Shiite procession commemorating the martyrdom of Hazrat Ali, probably the most venerated muslim saint after the Holy Prophet rises, few if any are addressing the core issues that have
Another Glaring Example of Yellow Journalism by The News Investigative Cartel – by Ahmed Iqbalabadi: I have not been very keenly following the matter of “massive losses” of Pakistan Steel and the alleged perpetrator of those losses. All fingers are pointed towards Riaz Laljee and a connection is somehow or the other made with
Why are opinion pieces ‘Top Stories’ in The News?: Am I missing a point? Weren’t Ansar Abbasi and Shaheen Sehbai always propogating the fact that the CJ was restored by General Kayani by holding a gun to the PPP’s head? Why are opinion pieces ‘Top Stories’ in The
Four elements of “Dr” Babar Awan: (1) Dark past as a faithful of General Zia-ul-Haq, (2) Hate speech against Ahmadis, (3) Financial corruption (e.g., distribution of funds (bribery) to various bar councils and lawyers, charges of bribery in Haris Stell Mills) (4) a fake PhD
The evolution of Dawn News – from English Medium to Urdu Minded – by Ahmed Iqbalabadi: Being stationed abroad, I do not receive many Pakistani channels. Until February 2010, I was a little spoilt for choice by receiving Geo!, Dawn News, ARY, AAJ News, PTV and Indus TV on my receiver. Having moved residences, the
Hum Khayal group to the rescue of CJ Lahore High Court – by Fawad Manzoor: It was very much expected that media will rush to defend their ideological brother. Members of Taliban Union of Journalist have acted upon their instincts and the apex investigative journalist of Pakistan, Ansar Abbasi, has written a conspiracy theory
Ansar Abbasi to the Rescue of Khwaja Sharif:   Do we need to say more? Read the article’s contemptuous tone towards the PPP, Asif Zardari and support for Khwaja Sharif. “Mayn Sadqay Jaawaan aisee masoomiat par” that is being opinionated by Pakistan’s apex investigative journalist.  Justice Sharif
Ansar Abbasi’s support for Abid Sher Ali – by Ahmed Iqbalabadi: In his op-ed “Siasat ya ikhlaqi pasti ka safar”, Pakistan’s apex investigative journalist , Ansar Abbasi has taken the usual route of claiming high moral ground, given the fake degree holders reason to think and then supported the likes
Contempt of Court Notice issued to Jang, The News, Ansar Abbasi and their lawyer: In the ongoing Defamation case filed by PPP Information Secretary, Fauzia Wahab against Ansar Abbasi, an interesting development took place on 22nd June, 2010 when the stay on Ansar Abbasi to write any uncorroborated story against Fauzia Wahab was
Ansar Abbasi Reveals His Elitism – Pakistan Media Watch: Our friends at Pakistan Media Watch have written an article in response to Ansar Abbasi’s allegations in his article titled “Judiciary Overburdened by Executive’s Incompetence” that was published in The News on Sunday, June 20, 2010. The article is
Why is Athar Minallah causing panic to The News? Why now? – by Fawad Manzoor: This is with reference to Ahmad Noorani’s rejoinder titled “Why is Athar Minallah so panicky?” which was published in The News on 19 June 2010. About face by Ahmed Noorani on Mr Athar Minhallah is so panicky. Even though
Duplicity of Jang Group – Jang says one thing and The News completely opposite in support of Ansar Abbasi: Let us look at the following chronology of events: 10th May – Fauzia Wahab appears on a program of Dunya News called “Dunya Today” with Moeid Pirzada with Roedad Khan and Ansar Abbasi as guests. In that program, Ansar
Ansar Abbasi and his sources:   Ansar Abbasi is the most resourceful investigative journalist of Pakistan with innumerable sources at his disposal who feed him with information about how the PPP ministers are upset. In his latest investigative work he has mentioned that PPP
Hamid Mir in support of Asma Jahangir: Hamid Mir in his column titled “Jamhooriat aur Tuhmat Ka Culture” has supported Asma Jahangir in the recent linking of her candidature for the position of SCBA president with “Zardari Camp” as created by Ansar Abbasi and gang. The
Athar Minallah’s response to Ansar Abbasi & Gang: In a befitting reply, Athar Minallah has questioned the attacks on himself, Ali Ahmed Kurd, Aitzaz Ahsan and Justice Tariq Mahmood in the last few weeks by the gang led by Ansar Abbasi at The News. It is true
“Get CJ Iftikhar operation on the cards”: Ansar Abbasi’s daily conspiracy theory!: At Jang Group there are many conspiracy theorists, the chief of them all, Ansar Abbasi beats them all. A revolutionary journalist in the real sense, he is trying his best to save Pakistan from “crupshion”, and bring in “gud
Asma Jahangir against Ansar Abbasi’s henchman: Ahmed Noorani is part of the group that is controlled by Ansar Abbasi at The News and Jang. Ahmed Noorani is known for taping conversations. He has done so with Nazir Naji, inciting him to hurl abuses at Ahmed
Asma Jahangir’s rejoinder to The News / Jang: Shame on Ansar Abbasi and his gang of blackmailers in Jang / The News (who are known to be on the payroll of the Jamaat-e-Islami and Hizbut Tahrir) for writing malicious, misleading articles against one of the (very few)
Desperation of Ansar Abbasi: What sort of language is Ansar Abbasi using these days in his columns? On page 3 of Jang on June 14, 2010, his two columns have appeared which are nothing less than contemptuous and target the popularly elected government
Corrupt politicians and our saviours in army: I am providing below a news report without any comments or editing: Ex-governor’s son-in-law defaulted on Rs 1.8 bn loan Sunday, June 13, 2010 BoP scandal snowballs as NAB digs more dirt By Ansar Abbasi ISLAMABAD: The Bank of
Ansar Abbasi let lawyers be lawyers and you remain a journalist: Pakistan Media Watch in their critical response to Ansar Abbasi’s opinions have raised certain pertinent points which we at LUBP have been raising for a long time. Pakistan Media Watch believes and we concur that by running his opinions
Munsifi granted: Sindh High Court issues stay order against Ansar Abbasi: At long last, Ansar Abbasi found the munsifi he was seeking for the last many years! PPP’s Central Information Secretary and Member National Assembly, Fauzia Wahab had sent a notice to Ansar Abbasi on May 15, 2010 seeking an
The true magic consumes Saleh Zaafir’s mind: The famous Urdu proverb, “Jadoo woh jo sar par charh kar bole”, (the true magic consumes the mind), appeared to be true when I read the following news report in appreciation of the Pakistan People’s Party by Muhammad Saleh
Independent Media and Role of Bloggers: On 25th May 2010 Muhammad Malik in his program targetted LUBP because we had published the audio tape of Hamid Mir while talking to Punjabi Taliban. Muhammad Maalik urged PM Gillani to take action against the blog which has
Adil Gilani and his Transparency International Pakistan must be transparent about their political agenda – by Ahmed Iqbalabadi: I try to focus on what is published in Jang as it is the most widely read newspaper while its news is also relayed through Geo News. In essence, Jang and Geo News are opinion formers in the country.
Ansar Abbasi’s (Geo TV’s) hate speech against Fauzia Wahab – by Mubashir Lucman: Express, 29 May 2010
Do not apologize Fauzia! – By Gulmina Bilal Ahmed: Source Daily Times: Fauzia Wahab’s statement and the resultant reaction have exposed our religious-political confusion. Religion is a private matter whereas politics is public. The constitution is the mother of all laws. All man-made laws that is The entire
After the lack of showdown at the SC, Ansar Abbasi and the Jang Group run for cover – by Ahmed Iqbalabadi: How bad a person is Babar Awan? He is such a mean man! We were all expecting fireworks at the Supreme Court yesterday but all he did was play it down for 90 minutes, answer the judges and leave
Ansar Abbasi has incited violence against Fauzia Wahab: Yesterday Jang group published an article in which they claimed that more fake tapes would soon be coming out against senior Jang group journalists. It claimed that several journalists including Ansar Abbasi and Saaleh Zafar were on a “government
Mullah’s crusade against Fauzia Wahab: Jihadi media at its worst – by Ahmed Iqbalabadi: Jang Group has been running a campaign against the PPP and its leadership for the last two years. At the forefront of this campaign are jihadi mindset reflectors like Ansar Abbasi and pseudo-intellectuals like Shahid Masood and Shaheen Sehbai.
God father of Pakistan’s conspiracy theorists returns to defend his prodigal sons – by Ahmed Iqbalabadi: Shaheen Sehbai, the God father of Pakistan’s conspiracy theorists has come out in defense of his prodigal sons i.e. Hamid Mir, Ansar Abbasi and Shahid Masood in his “Viewpoint” from Washington that was published in The News of May
At last, insaf for Rehman Malik – by Khalid Wasti: انصاف ہوتا نظر آگیا ہے کسے وکیل کریں کس سے منصفی چاہیں ============================= رحمان ملک کو ہتھکڑی لگوانی تھی – رحمان ملک پر پانچ تولے سونا چرانے اور ایک کار رشوت میں لینے کا الزام لگایا گیا – اعلی