Umar Cheema saga: other view point – by Fawad Manzoor

Just like the topic says it is the other view point and I have the right to express that too just like the people who are out there to defend and pay homage to Umar Cheema and Jang group.

Guru aur Chaila It is a huge headlines for newspapers at least for next few days and also for Judiciary to pay back the news retailers. Jang will get good mileage out of this unfortunate event. Media and Judiciary are always patting each other on the back. Forgive me for being straight, incidents like these can easily be staged. I would like to state that if the crime took place the criminal should be punished regardless of the fact that the crime took place with Jang Journalist. Without going into the merits or demerits of the incident. Few things stand out:

Mr. Cheema was heading back to his home at about 3:30 am (he was with friends so late at night). Somehow it is very hard to digest that during Ramazan, a pious man like Umar Cheema who never lies and prays five times and fasts would be up so late in the morning before Sehri. And why would he be picked up so close to his home. Who were his friends that he was with? Why those friends have not been identified. Why haven’t we asked these questions from Mr. Cheema?. Why the investigating journalists are so quiet on the issue?

Another hard to digest aspect is that the beaters were so stupid that they abused CJ and media for writing against government “According to Cheema himself, the men beating him kept berating him for writing against the government and allegedly wanting to invite martial law, abused the chief justice of the Supreme Court and Cheema’s parent organization, the Jang Group, and threatened his children as well as his immediate boss, Ansar Abbasi, with dire consequences if he and Abbasi continued to attack the government.” Guys am I stupid or what. If I am committing a crime in the dark of night (as said they were professionals) would I leave clues so that I get caught. Please Jang group, no need to insult our intelligence. Some how the plot doesn’t seem to fit the story. It is like beaters might as well should have put an ad in the paper that they beat up Umer Cheema.

About warning to Ansar Abbasi, this is plain stupid. The people who picked up Umar Cheema they could have easily picked up Ansar Abasi in a jiffy and that would have made more impact of the incident. Another point that was reported by Umar Cheema was that he was asked by the beaters about where Ansar Abbasi lived? If these people could pick him up at 3:30 am and would be very influential, then would they require the address of Ansar Abbasi?

What can I say he was writing against Army, He was writing against PPP, he was writing against PML-N, he was writing against suicide bombers, he was writing against establishment and God knows who else he was writing against but it was only PPP walas who beat him up all others got a free pass and proven to be innocent. He wrote against everybody but never wrote anything against his fellow Journalist who are angels like him. Also remember same Umar Cheema said “Umar Cheema went as far as saying that his own feeling about what his masked captors were saying to him was that it was meant as “deception”, a smokescreen if you will, to make it seem that they were government agents”. There is a possibility that they were just plain criminals and had some thing personal against him and Mr. Cheema is just not telling the whole story. Many are familiar with the people who call themselves journalist and how they black mail and their reputation precedes them and how they use their birth right of alway reporting the truth. The criminal background and their involvement with political and religious parties can not hide by just simply accusing others.

Jang group has way of finding conspiracies against their newspapers, their news channels and their so called Journalist.

In some report, police is trying to get record from motorway Toll booths. I am telling ahead of time it is a useless exercise because I went through it couple of years ago when my car was stolen. They don’t have any record. 99% of the time their system doesn’t even work. The cameras they installed are slow cameras and nothing can be identified from them and that is if they are working at all. The cards they issue if the computer is working it will have the car number otherwise it will be simple cards stamped(location of the booth) and are being handed to the drivers.

I agree no one is angel here except Umar Cheema and Jang group. So let’s not jump to conclusions without any evidence. What I see is that it is just a farce story to get cheap publicity. Nothing will come out of it except that media and especially Jang group will get good good mileage out of it. Media (journalists) have become untouchables in recent times. Being untouchable means they are powerful. Being powerful, they can use their powers. But there is an element of responsibility that needs to be depicted by the so called journalists.



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