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Our friends at Pakistan Media Watch have written an article in response to Ansar Abbasi’s allegations in his article titled “Judiciary Overburdened by Executive’s Incompetence” that was published in The News on Sunday, June 20, 2010. The article is posted for your reading and comments.

Ansar Abbasi Reveals His Elitism

June 20th, 2010

Ansar Abbasi accidentally reveals his elitism today. His column in The News accuses shows utter surprise at the amount of social problems in the country. Of course, he only blames the executive of responsibility of every ill in the nation, but he doesn’t even attempt to say how this is possible. Rather, he just writes a long list of social ills, blames the executive, and sends his driver out for some sweetmeats.

The article’s title is quite a plain accusation: “Judiciary over-burdened because of executive’s incompetence.” Ansar Abbasi then tells in some very surprised tones that the judiciary has to deal with a flood of complaints for “all sorts of injustices like rape, corruption, murder and other cases.” Abbasi states that

“Besides such requests for suo moto notices to the chief justices of the provincial high courts, a total of 2,643,182 new cases were filed before the judiciary at different levels during the last one year. According to the official figures recently released, a total of 3,093,658 cases were decided by the Supreme Court, Federal Shariat Court, high courts and the subordinate judiciary during the last one year, but despite this huge number of disposed of case, the judiciary is faced with the backlog of 1,296,816 cases.”

Apparently, it is news to Ansar Abbasi that there are some serious social problems in our society. It must be nice to live in such a life of luxury, completely removed from the day-to-day world of real Pakistanis that you can be surprised that there are social problems. It must be very strange to think that somehow the executive is responsible for all of these. What a busy man he must be!

Actually, the strangest part of the article is that Ansar Abbasi makes note of the fact that it was not until the independence of the judiciary was restored in March 2009 that the courts began to receive all of these complaints.

But Zardari was president and restored the independence of the judiciary in March 2009. Before this, there was no way for these people to get some justice because the courts were closed to them. So, actually does not Ansar Abbasi have it backwards? Or does he think, like his colleague Amir Mateen that Zardari is some evil genius who has hatched a scheme to confuse everyone by restoring the independent judiciary only to cause himself problems?

Ansar Abbasi doesn’t even try as hard as Amir Mateen to come up with some fantastic plot. Rather he just says, “I only today found out that there are problems in society! It must be Zardari’s fault!” I guess Ansar Abbasi thinks that he does not need any evidence or even logic. When you are as elitist as he is, if you say it you think it must be true.



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