Four elements of “Dr” Babar Awan

(1) Dark past as a faithful of General Zia-ul-Haq,
(2) Hate speech against Ahmadis,
(3) Financial corruption (e.g., distribution of funds (bribery) to various bar councils and lawyers, charges of bribery in Haris Stell Mills)
(4) a fake PhD

ye chaar anaasir hon to bantaa he Babar Awan

Statement against Ahmadis

Source: Express

Fake PhD Degree

Here is a recent news report from today’s Dawn:

Status of Babar Awan’s alma mater in doubt
By Anwar Iqbal
Source: Dawn, 12 Jul, 2010

WASHINGTON: The university from where Law Minister Babar Awan claims to have done his PhD is banned in the United States from issuing any degree and cannot even claim that it is a legal educational institution.

Long before the dispute over fake degrees became a political issue in Pakistan, the Circuit Court of the First Circuit in the State of Hawaii, declared that the University of Monticello was a non-recognised and non-chartered university.

The university previously claimed that it was based in Hawaii, which prompted the court to issue this order (No. 99-2769-07) on March 13, 2000.

The court banned the university from “representing, directly or by implication, that they offer real learning, real achievement, real recognition, real accreditation, real degrees and real value”.

The Monticello University is also banned from “representing, directly or by implication, that they have staff, faculty and personnel”.

The court also ordered Mr Awan’s alma mater from claiming “directly or by implication, that Monticello is a legally qualified, non-profit, degree-granting institution of higher education, in the State of South Dakota and Hawaii, and that its degrees have the legal status as degrees from any other legally-qualified American university”.

The Monticello University and other institutions associated with it, and their agents, employees and successors, directly or indirectly, individually or in concert with others, or through any corporate or other device, were permanently enjoined from: “Publishing, printing or disseminating any advertising, catalogues, promotional materials and/or written contracts for instructions” and from “representing, directly or by implication, that they are accredited in any fashion or that they operate under the laws or authority of the State.”

The university was also prevented from claiming that it had other member schools. The Monticello group was also forbidden from claiming that major international companies approve or endorse degrees from them.

They were ordered not to claim that Monticello “complies with all local, city, county, municipal, state and federal regulations”.

The Monticello University was ordered to declare that it does “utilise erroneous or misleading advertising”.

The Monticello group was also ordered to disclose that only one individual was responsible for all operations of nine schools: Locke School of Management, Roosevelt School of Public Administration, Churchill School of History & Government, DeTocqueviIle School of Educational Policy and Leadership, Franklin School of Social Sciences, Kennedy School of Criminal Justice, Dag Hammarskjold School of Diplomacy & International Studies, King’s College & Seminary and Monticello University School of Law.

The same individual was also responsible for teaching 425 courses in 14 separate disciplines.

The Monticello University was also ordered not to hide that it was not approved by the American Bar Association and that its degree holders were not qualified to sit for the bar examination in most states.


The following update is only for archiving:

Ijaz recalls Babar Awan’s love for his dad

Ahmad Noorani
Thursday, April 14, 2011

ISLAMABAD: “Babar Awan was General Ziaul Haq’s energetic activist during his lifetime and even after his death. When PPP chief Zulfikar Ali Bhutto was in jail, Babar demanded hanging of Bhutto in public protests and distributed sweets in Rawalpindi courts on the day of his execution,” Ijazul Haq, the son of the third military ruler, confirmed to The News.

Babar Awan, however, declined to comment on the issue. Ijazul Haq also released to the media four pictures of a rally in Rawalpindi on Gen Zia’s anniversary in which Ijazul Haq and Babar Awan both made speeches.

Though different contemporaries of Awan used to narrate these stories and show extreme astonishment over Awan’s statements in praise of Bhutto, as during more than two and a half decades and till mid-90s, he always blasted ZAB and even abused him at times in different public rallies.

He also ran continuous protest campaigns demanding capital punishment for the revolutionary founding chairman of PPP when the latter was in jail in a murder case. But, now the relevant man, the son of Ziaul Haq and head of Zia-followers in Pakistan, has come on record and has confirmed Babar Awan’s heartiest affiliation with his father and enmity and hatred Awan always had in his heart for Bhutto. Ijazul Haq made many revelations during his exclusive interview with The News.

Ijazul Haq disclosed that Awan remained attached with him during the entire rule of his father and remained an activist against Bhutto. He said that Awan demanded public hanging of Bhutto and when ZAB was hanged, Babar was very happy and went to Rawalpindi courts where he distributed sweets among the lawyers.

He said that later he remained a sympathiser of his father. “Babar remained very active after my father’s death and used to conduct the proceedings of the anniversary of Shaheed Ziaul Haq as stage secretary,” said Ijazul Haq. He said that Babar Awan was given the honour to conduct the proceedings of the first death anniversary of his father as stage secretary on August 17, 1989.

Ijaz said that Awan’s love for his father further increased after his (Ziaul Haq) death as Babar became politically active. He said that Babar accompanied him to different processions and played ka ey role in success of Lal Kurti procession in the early 90s. Ijazul Haq disclosed that Babar Awan also invited him to his native village Matore (near Kahuta) to address a big public gathering to glorify the role of his father.

Ijaz said that Awan often used to visit the grave of his father to offer Fateha. Senior political leaders say that Babar remains with those who are in power and when they lose power and glory, he would look for the next party.

Babar Awan was repeatedly contacted for his version but he did not come on line on his cell and residence numbers. But when media persons asked Awan outside the Supreme Court building on Wednesday about distributing sweets on Bhutto’s hanging, he did not deny and simply said: ‘No comments’.

Source: The News,

Javed Chaudhry’s article:



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