Asma Jahangir against Ansar Abbasi’s henchman

Ahmed Noorani is part of the group that is controlled by Ansar Abbasi at The News and Jang. Ahmed Noorani is known for taping conversations. He has done so with Nazir Naji, inciting him to hurl abuses at Ahmed Noorani which were printed  in Jang and while the conversation was posted on (can someone make a connection!?). Earlier on in 2010, Ahmed Noorani taped the conversation of Asma Jahangir where she uttered the words “Uloo kay pathay” on the matter of Article 62 (f) of the constitution which was inserted by Zia ul Haq through the 8th Amendment. the same was printed in Jang and again furor was caused.

It is in light of his past, that Asma Jahangir did the right thing of not speaking to Ahmed Noorani on phone and demanding to respond in writing to questions.  Ahmed made report which was titled “Supreme Court Bar Association ka naya sadar; Zardari Camp Asma Jahangir ka haami ban gaya” which was printed in Jang on June 14, 2010 and is pasted below.

In response to his report, Asma Jahangir’s rebuttal has been published in Jang on June 15, 2010. She has very clearly responded to the allegations of Ahmed Noorani. You can read the same below:

Noorani’s bias towards the PPP is again clearly reflected when he writes “Babar Awanon”. What is happening in Jang group. Have they lost all sensibility? What sort of reporting is taking place and more importantly the kind of words that are being published. Absolute rubbish!

Ahmed Noorani’s report on Asma Jahangir being part of “Zardari Camp” – June 14, 2010
Asma Jahangir responding to Ahmed Noorani’s report of being a “Zardari backed candidate”, June 15, 2010



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