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SCBA follows Supreme Court in making a laughing stock of itself: Sends notice to Khurshid Khan: It is indeed a very embarrassing development that Supreme Court Bar Association has followed the foot steps of Supreme court and Lahore high court by issuing a notice to Deputy Attorney General Khurshid Khan for the alleged defamation of
Congratulations to Yaseen Azad: LUBP felicitates Yaseen Azad on his election as President of the Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA). The victory of Mr. Azad is a manifestation of the confidence reposed by the country’s legal fraternity in his professional and leadership abilities
Updated: Asma Jahangir’s SCBA on blasphemy law: ye dagh dagh ujala: In a unanimous resolution today, SCBA warned government against pardoning Aasia Bibi. The meeting was chaired by the SCBA president Asma Jahangir .   Later addressing a press conference, Ms Jahangir criticised the government’s performance and its failure to
Hamid Khan: Downfall of the godfather of the Insaf Business Association: The notorious role of Hamid Khan Advocate (a vice president of Imran Khan’s Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf) in the anti-Asma Jahangir campaign in recent SCBA elections has remained largely ignored in the mainstream media. This is not much different to Hamid
Asma Jahangir’s victory makes us realise that the decision power rests with the people of Pakistan – by Ali Raja: Intellect On The Front Foot: Congratulations Asma Jahangir “Cross Connectivity” is a term of English language which though originated in good old Britain but gained the essence of recognition in dear Pakistan. “Cross Connectivity” was defined by H.B.Acton way
Military Mullah Nexus – by Shahid Mahmood: Related articles on LUBP: General Ahmad Shuja Pasha’s letter to Mullah Baradar – by Hakim Hazik Taliban Apologist Court bars extradition of Mullah Baradar It is not a self-created tragedy that almost one million people gave up their lives
Asma Jahangir becomes first female SCBA president; once again Pakistani liberals defeated the right wingers: Related articles: Congratulations, Asma Jahangir won the SCBA elections – by pejamistri Asma Jahangir’s victory is a loss for Jang Group’s yellow journalism – by Ahmed Iqbalabadi President Asif Ali Zardari and Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani felicitated Asma
Asma Jahangir’s victory is a loss for Jang Group’s yellow journalism – by Ahmed Iqbalabadi: Related articles: Congratulations, Asma Jahangir won the SCBA elections – by pejamistri Asma Jahangir becomes first female SCBA president; success of democracy in Pakistan I was in my class teaching a very dry subject when I saw an email
Asma Jahangir against Ansar Abbasi’s henchman: Ahmed Noorani is part of the group that is controlled by Ansar Abbasi at The News and Jang. Ahmed Noorani is known for taping conversations. He has done so with Nazir Naji, inciting him to hurl abuses at Ahmed
Asma Jahangir’s rejoinder to The News / Jang: Shame on Ansar Abbasi and his gang of blackmailers in Jang / The News (who are known to be on the payroll of the Jamaat-e-Islami and Hizbut Tahrir) for writing malicious, misleading articles against one of the (very few)
SCBA, LHCBA lawyers ignoring the law: According to this news report, SCBA and LHCBA lawyers have declared in a joint press conference that they will challenge the 18th amendment on the grounds that it has destroyed the entire structure of the 1973 constitution. However this
Qazi Anwar’s vilification crusade against politicians: Explicit or implicit supporters of military dictatorship in Pakistan, who usually lack significant vote bank in masses and dance to the tunes of right wing establishment, often criticise politicians holding them as solely and predominantly responsible for Pakistan’s failures
Nawaz Sharif – No more advice: Nawaz Sharif’s recent U-turn on constitutional reforms has surprised every one. But more astonishing is not his U-turn but his series of advices. Advice :Firstly he asked PM to intervene and talk to Chief Justice to end this crisis. Fact: PM  is not