Nawaz Sharif – No more advice

Nawaz Sharif’s recent U-turn on constitutional reforms has surprised every one. But more astonishing is not his U-turn but his series of advices.

Advice :Firstly he asked PM to intervene and talk to Chief Justice to end this crisis.

Fact: PM  is not a member of the Constitutional Committee  nor is Sharif himself; how could PM end  any differences between judiciary and committee on Sharif’s recommendation. Isn’t Sharif inviting outside interference in the Committee’s work.

Advice : A nominee of the Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) should be made a member of the judges appointment panel instead of a nominee of the Pakistan Bar Council (PBC).

Fact : SCBA is a political body with almost 2000 members while PBC is the biggest lawyer body with size almost 10 times bigger than the SCBA.

Advice : Law minister should not be included in the judges appointment panel (judicial commission), instead attorney general should be given the responsibility.

Fact : CoD states law minister should be included in the judicial commission.

Advice : The Commission’s composition should be a an odd figure, e.g., 7.

Fact : its already seven, or perhaps 1+1+1+1+1+1+1 do not equal to 7 in Raiwand.

Advice: People like Babar Awan should not be in the judcial commssion.

Fact : Constitution is not made for a particular individual. It is about office not the individual.

Advice : The SCBA chairman should be included in the judicial commission.

Fact : If Babar awan is not suitable, then what about Qazi Anwar (Chairman SCBA),the man has discredited the whole parliament by calling them smugglers and thieves. Is there any difference between him and Maulana Sufi Muhammad. Secondly, is it appropriate to ask to add a person who holds meetings with you (Nawaz Sharif) on same  issue.

There are about 12 political parties in the Constitutional Reforms Committee but only one party chief (Mr Sharif) had  the courage to stop Zardari from committing “the biggest mistake in the constitutional history” of Pakistan. Indeed, only an ameer-ur-momeen Nawaz Shairf   could show courage to stop a due parliamentary process!

My advice to Sharif  is to go back to your previous postion which was beautiful to say the least, i.e., “Zardari is biggest threat to democracy”, so at least Hamid Mirs and Shahid Masoods of Geo TV could take your side relatively easily.



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