Asma Jahangir’s victory makes us realise that the decision power rests with the people of Pakistan – by Ali Raja

People of Pakistan have consistently defeated the toadies of the establishment

Intellect On The Front Foot: Congratulations Asma Jahangir

“Cross Connectivity” is a term of English language which though originated in good old Britain but gained the essence of recognition in dear Pakistan. “Cross Connectivity” was defined by H.B.Acton way back in early 20th century as “The virtual linkage formed between a competitor and a party that has no role in the competition in order to achieve narrow edges in the competition.”

In simple words if it is hard to play on the field, play beyond the field. Attach your rival to some Tom, Dick or Harry (provided that he is already demonized) and portray him on the evil axis.

One thing Pakistan has never been and can never be short of is conspiracy theory. We the Muslims of sub continent have a bright long history of speculative innovations. If “Cross Connectivity” is an art we have been the best artist of the political history of sub continent. Starting from Khwaja Hassan Mir, moving through Maulana Maudoodi and reaching Mian Tufail, this art exhibition never seems to end. This gallery surely holds the finest master pieces of “Cross Connectivity” art.

Khawaja Hassan Mir posed Bhagat Singh as the preacher of “Kirpan”, Maulana Maudoodi painted Muhammad Ali Jinnah as the West’s blue eye boy and Mian Tufail portrayed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto as the Anti-Islam Red. We happen to own a very valuable heritage.

Who says we are a static, radical and conservative nation. We in fact are the most innovative nation that exists on mother earth. We not only realized the worth of valuable heritage but modified it to meet the requirements of the 21st century. With our innovative developments “Cross Connectivity” has become a state of the art weapon.

With the induction of mass media in propaganda means this tactic can now be applied to bombard the enemy “beyond visual range.” This surgical strike recently took place during the Supreme Court Bar Association’s elections. “Technocrat” brigade was the operator, Jang Group was the medium and Asma Jahangir was the target.

The Conspiracy 11 deserves a big hand for the utmost hard work they inducted in this project. The length of the story line, the loop by loop connection and the continuity of the story was just awesome.

Just have a look at the “Jang” newspapers in the last 3 months and mark all the news, investigative stories and articles related to Asif Ali Zardari, Babar Awan, Asma Jahangeer, Pakistan America Relations, American Political System, Zionist Lobby and Qadyani Group. The story comes out be something like this “The Jew state of Israel for the accomplishment of it’s evil expansion plan of Greater Israel has inducted a strong Zionist lobby in the United States.

This Zionist lobby realises that Islam is the only wall in between it’s interests and it’s self. As Pakistan is the fortress of Islam therefore Israel has decided to dismember Pakistan, the Zionist lobby has contacted the Qadyani lobby to help them in this regard. Qadyani lobby has inducted an anti establishment government in Pakistan and has ordered Asif Ali Zardari to place their beloved fellows in influential positions.

On an order from Asif Ali Zardari, Babar Awan has started to distribute sacks of money in the lawyers community. This has created a soft corner in the lawyers community for Babar Awan and as a pay back they have agreed to lobby for Asima Jahangeer. As she is the one who lies in the hearts of the the Jew state of Israel.”

My God!!!!!I cant breathe, my eyes are red and my throat is sore!!!!For only one reason “I am allergic to bull shit.”

Yellow journalism and conspiracy theories had climbed the peak of Everest, the Jamsheed Dasti saga seemed to be a minor before this one, investigative journalism had passed each and every limit of character assassination. With wide grins on the face they were ready to harvest what they had cultivated with such hard word but Alas!!!! These bloody Pakistanis are never predictable. I mean those bloody illiterate maggots of Muzafargarh and Wihari were understandable, they can never reach the level of intellect Jang group presents but now these bloody lawyers too!!!

On 27th day of October 2010 the Lawyers Community of Pakistan buried the conspiracy brigade, it’s propaganda and it’s expectations six feet under. Asma Jahangeer won the SCBA’s presidential seat by margin of 38 votes. Along with this 90% of her panel also won on their respected positions.

The Pakistani lawyers have proved the fact that the Conspiracy Theorists on the media of Pakistan have lost their charm in totality. The nation of Pakistan from poor to rich, from illiterate to highly qualified, from commoner to king maker and from simple to crucial have decided to use their brains instead of eyes.

Each and every Pakistani seems to be forward looking. They have decided to abandon the media theater and halt the clapping for political actors. Neither do they seem to believe in media authenticity nor do they seem to be in a mood of following verdicts taken on the other side.

Pakistani nation now seem to have decided that they will play the game on their terms. Commoners have given their verdict in the form of Jamshed Dasti, Nazir Jatt and Khadija Amir Yar Wan, they will not shower their wealth over the prostitutes dancing over the media. Crucial lobbies such as the lawyers of Pakistan in the form of Asma Jahangir have raised their slogan of self recognition. The B.C.Anthony theory of “Media Influence” seems to have failed in Pakistan.

In Noam Chomsky’s words, Pakistanis seem to “Grow Up.” Pakistani nation have proved that they are an “intellectual” “aware” and “independent” nation which has learnt the secrets of self recognition. No longer do the political actors seem to be spell bounding the masses. Pakistan has climbed another stair of “intellect” by making their decisions themselves.

Asma Jahangir deserves a heartiest congratulations on being the symbol of this intellect. She is now a symbol of propaganda failure, a symbol of squashed inducted verdicts, a symbol of national intellect and a symbol of People’s Power.

Congratulations Asma Jahangir For Making Us Realise That The Power of Decision Is Ours!!!



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