The alleged Plot to kill Justice Sharif: A wishful thinking of Ansar Abassi (part 1) – by Fawad Manzoor

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Here it goes again. When I read the name of Ansar Abbasi in the papers immediately my mind runs to the story books we used to read when we were kids. Famous character in those story books was Inspector Jamshed. Those booklets  always had strange story lines where out of nowhere a crime will be committed  and with the great intelligence of Inspector Jamshed that crime will be solved no matter that crime is committed on the seventh sky. During our university days we are really hooked on Pink Panther movies and infamous character Inspector Clouseau. We enjoyed our free time by popping in the pink panther movie in the VCR. Inspector Clouseau was also the character of a stupid police man who without any effort would solve a crime with his nonsense knowledge and his superiors would believe him because they were sick of the destruction that used to go around him.

Ansar Abbasi is acting like Inspector Jamshed and  Inspector Clouseau  and again building up a nonsense theory. A news story appeared in the THE NEWS as eid gift to the gullible people of Pakistan  titled “Plot to kill Justice Sharif unearthed“. It is a beautifully written story based on hypothesis and information available to the apex investigative journalist of Pakistan. Ansar gives details of the story unearthed by “Special Branch ” an Intelligence outfit run by Punjab Government. At the moment it is headed by a retired civil servant. He is working on contract. You can well imagine who gets a contract in Punjab these days.

This outfit of intelligence is sadly devoid of basic intelligence. Ansar Abbasi has no shame all his predictions in last three years have evaporated in thin air from minus one to minus two, to giving time limits to current government. I would not be surprised if someone says that Ansar Abbasi is on the take of Osama Bin Laden or Mullah Omar to write columns to promote Jihadis and believe me it will be no shock to me if someone says that Mullah Omar had plastic surgery and now he is Ansar Abbasi. You don’t have to write your columns promoting Talibans but there is another way to do it and that is to discredit the people who are fighting against such evil force.

It is pertinent to hold the Special Branch for their accomplishments in recent times. Few of the greatest achievements of the Special Branch headed by ex serviceman and ex IG working on contract are as follows:

  • Special Branch was given the duty to check Atta (wheat flour) smuggling, and they failed miserably
  • Special Branch couldn’t predict attack on Ahmedi’s worship place
  • Special Branch couldn’t predict attack on Data Sahib
  • Special Branch couldn’t predict attack on Karbala Gamay Shah
  • Special Branch couldn’t predict two attacks by terrorist on its own Police Head quarters at Manawa in Punjab
  • Special Branch couldn’t predict suicide bombers running freely in Punjab

Biggest of all the credit that goes to Special Branch is when it couldn’t tell its boss in 1999 that military is going throw you out in less than five minutes.

There are many more incidents where Special Branch sat on its rear end. But yes you should give it credit revealing plan of possible murder attempt on Lahore High Court CJ. Everybody stand and clap for excellent work done by a Special Branch. But guess what, it is only a publicity campaign by Special Branch with a view to defame federal government under the directions of Punjab Government. If it is true what do the killers gain out of it? In my opinion if anybody and especially if federal government tries to kill such a munafiq who is already going to retire soon, gains nothing except more headaches. Killing of CJ will give more fodder to the jihadi minded media and judiciary. Ansar Abbasi seems to be on the payroll of Special Branch headed by Talibanistas.

Now here is the break up of the story.

Special Branch Punjab, the leading provincial intelligence outfit, who was given task by Shahbaz to check Atta smuggling and nothing else during the golden days of Atta smuggling completely failed to do so but all of a sudden has generated a horrific report about an alleged plot prepared by some top federal figures to assassinate the Honorable Chief Justice Lahore High Court Khawaja Muhammad Sharif, it is learnt.

Three key federal authorities have been named in the report as the plotters however; this newspaper is not unveiling them because of the sensitivities involved and also for the reason that at this stage the disclosure of their names would be premature.

At the moment it would be premature to name the three federal figures involved in the murder plot but it is mature enough to report this incident to the public without any evidence.

The report titled “PLAN TO ELIMINATE A VALUE TARGET” was recently submitted to the Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif as “Most Immediate” and “For the CM’s eyes only”. The source of this shocking information has been identified by the agency as “a dependable source”.

As Ansar writes Most Immediate and “For the CM eyes only” wonder how it got to the eyes of Ansar Abbasi. This detective journalist should feature in James Bond 007. In fact he is a notch higher up than the original bond he is 008. It is plain idiotic writing by a Jamat e Islami cleric.

These criminals are also said to be trying to get released some more criminals from jail.

He writes that these criminals working under a federal cell have planned to kill Khwaja Sharif in his village where he holds Khatam e Quran on last Friday of the month and has little or no security. While closing the report he thought of adding spice to the already made up hypothetical story that these criminals will get other criminal released from jail too.

“By achieving the said high profile objective, PPP will gain the following: (i) Getting rid of CJ LHC Kh Muhammad Sharif; ii) Embarrassment to government of Punjab in judiciary; iii) Discredit the PML-N government in the eyes of public, media, lawyers etc; and iv) Pave way for enforcing Governor Rule in Punjab by propagating that the government has failed to check terrorism in an effective manner.

Ansar mian is living in cukoo land. Now by killing Khawja Sharif it will be assumed that the law order in Punjab will not be so good the bigwigs will say let’s just impose Governor’s Rule. Mr. Ansar is it the game of chess that you have in mind? It is not one Khawja Sharif, there are more and when Governor’s Rule (if ever imposed) will be challenged in the Supreme Court, what will happen?

Is Ansar so out of his mind? He also says that it will be a way of discrediting PML-N in the eyes of public, Media, and lawyers. Here discrediting in the eyes of public does makes little sense but how my dear and discrediting in the eyes of Lawyers and Media that rings alarm bells. It means that PML-N honey moon with Jihadi media and lawyers is still intact.

Though the editor has failed to post my column submitted couple of days ago but I am resending it with additional twist that took place couple of days ago. Around 4:00pm there was a breaking news on all the corporate news retail outlets that the man in the middle of the storm head of Special Branch who is working on contract was held by FIA and has provided a written statement that the report in question does not bear his signature. Media retailers have failed to print or elaborate this story for last two days.

Ansar another scam story in your face.

All I can say is Ansar Abbasi should be given Pulitzer prize for biggest BS of the first 10 years of this century.



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