Minus Three + Leash on Media – by Sikandar Mehdi

"Let's have an Ayat-e-Kareema khatam to get rid of the government"

If some one got up from coma after a month or was away in some wonderland where they didnt have access to the internet or newspapers, especially Geo News, he will be in a complete state of shock to read THE NEWS on Sunday, September 26, 2010 a tabloid newspaper. I happen to get two newspapers on Sunday and both reflected a different political situation in Islamabad relating to SC & government. According to tabloid, THE NEWS, the government will fall in next 24 to 48 hours and GEO will be there for live telecast. Even Dr. Shahid Masood said that ARY will continue its live transmission till midnight for any new developments on Monday. Meaning to say the whole media was praying hard for the clash of Government & SC that would lead to its fall.

I have come to the conclusion on the recent rise in the temperature of media & supreme court that there will be no minus one (president) or minus two (President & PM) formula but if there is any formula that the establishment or power brokers would like to go along, it will be minus three formula (President, PM & CJ). CJ might be feeling like a hero to bring stumbling blocks for PPP led government to satisfy his personal ego but actually he is digging his own grave. We have always heard that “JUSTICE IS BLIND” we never thought we will live to see that. This CJ is a symbol of that old saying…….not need to elaborate on that. CJ who is alleged to have a fake domicile as claimed by many can’t hide when the ten corps boots will be heard marching down on Quaid e Azam Avenue and turning on Constitution Avenue of the capital.

A word to CJ, dear lordship there is no way you will ever become President like your ADC’s and Chiefs of Staffs in waiting like Ansar Abbasi, Dr. Shahid Masood and others are promoting. The man who has the stick to implement BANGLADESH MODEL, uncle Kiyani has said it again and again that Bangladesh model has failed. And my Lordship under which constitutional article your buddies are promoting “BANGLADESH MODEL”. You have in the back of your mind that you can call up the army under some clause (probably article 190) to implement your orders. Sir have you forgotten that CJ Sajjad Ali Shah did the same? CJ Sahib remember once you bring boots out of the barracks, it will be like flood water it doesn’t differentiate whose land it is going to be destroy a poor man’s land or a rich mans land. And once boots come to town to implement your order they sure will send you with the politicians on the honey moon to Attock Jail on the newly created beaches of river Indus. And sir I recall that there was a reference filed against you in Supreme Judicial Council, we haven’t heard in a long time about the reference filed against you by Musharraf. You were reinstated by your colleague judges and the judgment said “your removal was illegal” but no one has said anything about reference against you and that reference can be brought to light and your so called colleague judges will stab in your back like many before. We haven’t forgotten you did the same in 1999.

Let’s look at few scenarios

1- Minus one (Removal of President)

To remove President Zardari, this is the place to go!

Only constitutional way to do is by impeachment thru parliament. And in the current parliament any new grand alliance will not have enough votes to remove president because that vote will also include senate too. A simple mathematics will do the trick.

Senate (Upper House) 100

Parliament (lower House) 342

Total Votes 442

Votes required for Impeachment 297

All parties combined except PPP votes 285

PPP (own votes without any coalition) 157

Seats vacant 10

Votes short for impeachment 12

It should be kept in mind that PPP being government can easily muster support from its coalition partners in Baluchistan, Sindh and KP. Let’s not forget following important factors

Independents 22 (Traditionally aligned with Government)

JUI (F) 10 (Always willing to help any government)

ANP 19 (18th Amendment fulfilled their long desire of naming KP, NFC award and award of Hydel profits)

MQM 32 (With internal strife in the form of dissidents after the life of Altaf Bhai, last thing MQM would want is to be out of power)

2- Minus Two (removal of President & PM)

This is possible only thru parliament.  This impeachment as described earlier will not work. So with the new PM (other than PPP) in power they will not be able to remove president. As a net result the tussle continues like GIK – Benazir, GIK – Nawaz and Nawaz – Leghari. So the question is why the establishment will allow such a thing to take place. If the President is removed by the order of SC but under what case because there is no case pending against Zardari in Pakistani courts. If the President is removed by force or by the biased decision of SC, it will clearly bring PPP voters in the streets and that will make it easy for PPP to win next general elections whenever held due to sympathy vote.

3- Minus Three (Removal of PM, President & CJ)

In the current scenario the way things are going, if forced military will take over and impose martial law then the Minus Three will be in place. Does anyone have an iota of doubt that the boots will let CJ stay and let him run the show? The CJ whose ego trip is much larger than the whole SC building is not settling down, will the military let the highly honorable megalomaniac loose up on themselves? It is like robbing the house and asking the watch man not to do anything. The robber will quickly take care of the watch man first before robbing the house.

4- Media

Media doesn’t realize the kind of irresponsible and rein free freedom they enjoyed during this tenure under the kind protection of egotistic and biased judiciary. As portrayed whole country is corrupt except Judiciary, Lawyers and Media. If we look at the professional structure of this country, these three are considered to be the most corrupt professions and at the intellectual level probably at the bottom of the pit. The man who is repairing tyres on the road side has more intellect and honesty than these three professionals.

Media has also very short memory. I still haven’t forgotten THE NEWS and JANG being printed on single pages (Nawaz’s second tenure 97-99). Ask Najam Sethi he knows what happened to him. Ask media who gagged them. Judiciary should not forget how Nawaz Sharif shut down SC through his badmash wing from Gujrat (who later became rulers). And please don’t forget the procedure adopted by Nawaz Sharif, he paid off Quetta bench of SC thru his confidant at the time a retired judge Rafiq Tarar to trigger a judicial coup against the CJ which led to the down fall of the Sajjad Ali Shah who was instrumental in taking down Benazir and was ready to do the same with Nawaz. So dear CJ, precedent is there.

Justice Sajjad Ali Shah

It was win win for Nawaz & Rafiq Tarrar. Nawaz stayed as PM later to be taken down by Musharraf and Rafiq Tarrar became president and poor Sajjad Ali Shah went home. If we remember Sajjad Ali Shah had also requested Pak Army to come for the aid & protection of SC (under the constitution) and at the time Chief of

Former President Rafiq Tarar

Army General Jehangir Karamat refused to entertain such request. If army did not interpret such request according to CJ wishes at that time how will they do it now? Few months later General Jehangir Karamat was also sent home (though it was for different reasons).

The evil axis of Media and Judiciary/Lawyers and Nawaz will lead to further destruction of the country. At the moment the axis of evil is hard at work to discredit the government. Remember the murdered ex-ISI agent Khalid Khwaja, he said the 1997 mandate of Nawaz was given by ISI on the condition that he will impose Shariah. Don’t we have mullahs killing innocent people in the mosques and streets, now we will have them in the power corridors too. Didn’t we have enough mullahism during Zia & Nawaz’s tenures that we want more. Look where we are by shouldering with mullahism approach in last three decades.

So Mr. CJ it is requested to relax and lower your ego. You will be no more a judge whenever you retire or Fauji general will be no longer a general after retirement but politicians never retire they keep coming back with people’s votes but you cant even win your own town’s council’s elections even if you wanted to. Look at the history how many Judges and Generals have ever stood in elections in this country. People even forget the names of retired generals & judges but they do remember the names of politicians.



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