Hamid Mir in support of Asma Jahangir

Hamid Mir in his column titled “Jamhooriat aur Tuhmat Ka Culture” has supported Asma Jahangir in the recent linking of her candidature for the position of SCBA president with “Zardari Camp” as created by Ansar Abbasi and gang.

The article basically talks about the way Pakistanis like to throw allegations at people and then gullibly believing them. He has also talked about the allegations of blasphemy on Fauzia Wahab (again the doing of Ansar Abbasi and gang) and fatwa of being an infidel on Nawaz Sharif for calling “Ahmedis his brethren” (Hamid Mir’s views on Ahmedis are well known and well documented).

He says that Asma Jahangir is the next target of people who throw allegations through SMS and Email. He has written a few very positive things about Asma Jahangir which are well known to all.

Some points that I’d like to comment on are as follows:

  1. BB as PM asked Naseerullah Babar and Rehman Malik to convince Hamid Mir to support the Taliban – well Hamid Mir did and continues to support the Taliban, even though I am not sure it was the convincing power of the PPP stalwarts or his connection with security apparatus of the country.
  2. Pervez Musharraf asked Hamid Mir to unearth the “treachery” of Asma Jahangir in order to counter her support for Iftikhar Chaudhry – If Hamid Mir didn’t unearth her “treachery”, his colleagues in Jang and The News do so on a regular basis.
  3. Asma Jahangir says whatever she feels is right – yeah, therefore, Jang printed the words “Ulloo Kay Pathay” in the recorded conversation by Ahmed Noorani

Moreoever, Hamid Mir sb, you have written a very god column and have clarified your position on Nawaz Sharif, Asma Jahangir and Fauzia Wahab, but would you condemn your colleagues Ansar Abbasi, Ahmed Noorani and others who regularly twist statements and then incite public against renowned personalities?

Hamid Mir column - Jang, June 17, 2010



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