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Composition of takfiri terrorists groups in Syria:   Jabhat al Nusra: Al Qaeda’s official Syrian affiliate, Jabhat al Nusra, is one of the most powerful Salafi Wahhabi groups in Syria. Jaish al-Fateh: A coalition of seven rebel groups, dominated by Jabhat al-Nusra (Al Qaeda) and Ahrar
Most Syrian rebels sympathise with ISIS, says thinktank:   More than half of the rebel fighters in Syria who are opposing President Bashar al-Assad are sympathetic to Islamic State views, a leading thinktank has claimed. The Centre on Religion and Geopolitics said efforts to wipe out Isis
Saudi Arabia, a primary supporter of the “Moderate” Al Qaeda/ISIS rebels in Syria – Riaz Malik Hajjaji: Saudi Arabia, a primary supporter of the “Moderate” Al Qaeda/ISIS rebels in Syria wants “secular” Great Britain, another supporter of the “Moderate” Al Qaeda, to support Sharia! Saudi Arabia wants Great Britain to bow down even further. “The furious
Biased UN resolution against Houthis is a green signal for Salafi Saudis to conduct the genocide of Sunnis and Shias in Yemen: Saudi Arabia’s aggression against Yemen has taken a heavy humanitarian toll that is being ignored by the global media. In nearly a month of indiscriminate bombing, thousands of innocent lives have been lost including hundreds of women and children. Organisations
سب باغی ایک جیسے نہیں ہوتے۔ سید عون عباس:  تیونس میں ایک ماسٹرز کئے ہوئے لڑکے نے جب اپنے حقوق نہ ملنے پر خود کو آگ لگائی تو اس آگ نے صرف اس نوجوان ہی کو نہیں جلایا بلکہ پورے تیونس میں یہ آگ پھیل گئی، اور برسوں
Deobandi Muslims including Tablighi Jamaat are the key source of radical Islam in the UK – by Irfan Al-Alawi:   Two pictures of supporters of Newham’s mega-mosque project, demonstrating in London. (Image source: Newham People’s Alliance) The most important issue is the proposed mosque’s patronage by Tablighi Jamaat [TJ], a group based on the radical doctrines of the
Iran Supreme Leader Khamenei: Iraq Conflict Between Humanity And Barbarity, Not Sunni-Shia:     DUBAI, June 28 (Reuters) – Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei called the Iraq conflict a “showdown between humanity and barbarian savagery” and criticized Western media for portraying it as a war between Shi’ite and Sunni Muslims.
Reported ISIS Member Says They Will Destroy The Kaaba In Mecca, ‘Kill Those Who Worship Stones’:   The Twitter account https://twitter.com/nm8smyh, which sent the original message, has been suspended. The authenticity of the account as belonging to an ISIS member has not been verified. A reported member of the militant group Islamic State in Iraq
Wahabi Deobandi Militants of Islamic State: “If Allah wills, we will kill those who worship stones in Mecca and destroy the Kaaba”: Baku. Rashad Suleymanov – APA. Representatives of the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) stated that they will ruin the Kaaba after capturing Saudi Arabia. APA reports quoting Turkish media that ISIS wants to take control of
Iraq Needs a Secular Leader Who Can Harshly Crush Takfiri Terrorists:     Muqtada al-Sadr, a powerful Iraqi Shia religious leader, has called for a national emergency government, a day after Nouri al-Maliki, the prime minister, rejected any attempts to challenge his rule. Sadr, whose Mahdi army has pledged to battle
Malaysia bolsters ISIS with praise and child suicide bombers – by Rahat Husain:   WASHINGTON, June 24, 2014 — Following months of anti-Shia vitriol in Malaysia, news sources have confirmed that dozens of Malaysians, including young children, have been recruited by ISIS as suicide bombers. According to Malaysian newspaper The Star, “Ahmad Tarmimi
Transnational Islamo-fascism: Joe Biden reveals the Saudi and Trukish sponsors of ISIL – by Mahmoona Shah: IS[IS], Al Qaeda, Taliban Jabat Al Nusrah, and other extremist Islamist (mostly Salafi Wahhabia and Deobandi) groups. Where did they spring from? What are the common ideological bonds and financial resources tying them together? Do we even care what
عراق میں دہشت گردی کرنے والی سعودی تنظیم آئی ایس آئی ایس کے سلفی دیوبندی جہادی بیجی شہر میں جہاد النکاح کے نام پر سنی لڑکیوں کو اغوا کر رہے ہیں: بغداد(نیوز ڈیسک)آئی ایس آئی ایس کے زیر قبضہ قصبے بیجی کے شہریوں کو عسکریت پسندوں سے یہ خوف دامن گیر ہو گیا ہے کہ وہ اپنی غیر شادی شدہ لڑکیاں عسکریت پسندوں سے کیسے محفوظ رکھیں ۔مقامی لوگوں کے
ISIS’s successes in Iraq: “The nail in the coffin” of the Syrian revolution – Elijah J Magnier: Amongst the tumultuous changes happening in the region, perhaps time will tell that the most significant are the ISIS successes in Iraq. After a series of military defeats and failed offensives for the armed opposition in Syria, the repercussions
شام کا بحران – از مسلم یونٹی: تمام حقیقت پسند افراد سے گذارش ہے کہ ہمارے پیج سے ویڈیوز اور امیجز ڈونلوڈ کر کے عوام تک پہنچائیں تا کہ شامی فساد کی حقیقت واضح اور اس آگ کو دوسرے ممالک لیجانے کا منصوبہ ناکام ہو جاۓ!
Assad is already counting on soldiers still at school to fill the gaps left by 30,000 casualties – by Robert Fisk: We were driving down the main road from Homs – fast, of course, as the Syrian war now requires – when, just outside the Damascus suburb of Harasta, a government soldier asked for a ride into town. I have
Five Issues that Obama Should, but Probably Won’t, Raise During His Saudi Arabia Trip – by Anna Newby:   Officials welcome President Obama upon his arrival at King Khalid International Airport in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, on March 28, 2014. This could get awkward. But it probably won’t. President Obama is on a trip to make nice with
The US is paying the cost of supporting the House of Saud as cracks begin to appear – by Patrick Cockburn:   President Obama flew to Saudi Arabia to patch up relations with King Abdullah at the end of last week in his first visit in five years. The alliance had been strained by Saudi anger over US negotiations with
سعودی حمایت یافتہ وہابی سلفیوں کی جانب سے جناب مریم (ع) کی شبیہ کی بے حرمتی انتہائی قبل مذمت ہے: شام میں ایک وہابی سلفی حضرت مریم (ع) کی شبیہ کی بے حرمتی کر کے اسے توڑنے سے پہلے  لیٹ اس بلڈ پاکستان سختی سے اس نفرت اانگیز اقدام کی مذمت کرتا ہے. اب  وقت آگیا ہے کہ یہ
پاکستانی دہشت گرد شام جا کے لڑ رہے ہیں – وزیر اعلی بلوچستان: بلوچستان کے وزیر اعلیٰ ڈاکٹر عبدالمالک بلوچ نے کہا ہے کہ بلوچستان کی شدت پسند تنظیموں سے تعلق رکھنے والے لوگ شام میں لڑنے کے لیے جا رہے ہیں۔ انھوں نے کہا کہ یہ نہیں معلوم کہ کتنی تعداد
Half of Syrian rebels are hardline Islamists: British study: Members of rebel brigades parade on September 13, 2013 at a former military academy north of Aleppo. (AFP Photo/Jm Lopez) Jihadists and members of hardline Islamist groups make up almost half of forces fighting against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad,
Seeking Legitimacy for Syrian WAR – by Alizeh Khaleeli: The reason Obama is waiting for Congress to consider the military strike is to appear to exhaust all avenues to legitimize the war on Syria.This begs the question as to why does approval matter to the US, after all
Syrians in Ghouta reveal that Saudi-supplied rebels are behind chemical attack: Clarification: Dale Gavlak assisted in the research and writing process of this article, but was not on the ground in Syria. Reporter Yahya Ababneh, with whom the report was written in collaboration, was the correspondent on the ground in Ghouta
Obama’s self-aggrandisement and potential victories for al-Assad – by Dr. M.R. Nakvisson: Avoiding single-factor explanations and taking into account Obama’s personal ambitions, one can see self-aggrandisement attempts in his decision to seek congressional approval for strike on Syria. As regards al-Assad, he may very well emerge victorious in the long-run. Much has
Syria – The Whirlpool of World’s Hypocrisy – by Xain Gardezi:   If some decades later, historians are asked to depict the Syrian civil war with just one drawing, they might as well just use above shown illustration of Jordanian Cartoonist Osama Hajjaj. Ironically everyone in the picture has always
صحابہ عمار بن یاسر اور حجربن عدی کے مزارات کو تباہ کرنے کے بعد شام میں وہابی دہشت گردوں نے خالد بن ولید کی قبر کو تباہ کر دیا:   شام میں شہر  حمص میں حضرت خالد بن ولید (رض)، کی مسجد اور مقبرے  پر تکفیری وہابی دیوبندی دہشت گردوں کی طرف سے حملے کے ایک تازہ ترین فوٹیج ہے. خالد بن ولید  نے فوجی خدمات سے ریٹائرمنٹ
Al-Qaeda-linked extremists hold 200 Kurdish civilians hostage as ‘live shield’ in Syria:   Al-Qaeda-linked extremists have taken and continue to hold hostage about 200 Kurdish civilians, including women and children, using them as live shields in north-eastern Syria, Russia’s Foreign Ministry has stated. Civilians remain hostage after Syrian Kurds clashed with
Rocket attack by Wahhabi terrorists kills custodian of shrine of Prophet’s granddaughter Sayyeda Zainab: The Syrian government accuses rebels of targeting Sayyeda Zainab shrine, which is now protected by hundreds of Shia militants from Iraq and the powerful Lebanese Hezbollah group. PHOTO: AFP BEIRUT: A rocket strike near a Shia Muslim shrine in Damascus
Syria & Geopolitical Fact Reporting: Understanding the Nuances – by Rusty Walker:       Syrian conflict In reading the comprehensive and enlightening essay by Sarah Khan, “Demographic composition of foreign Jihadist militants in Syria” – USA Study, https://lubpak.com/archives/270183/comment-page-1#comment-538259 I am noticing disturbing insults hurled Sarah Khan’s way for simply stating
Syrian angst over foreign rebel fighters:     The presence of foreign fighters is causing real anxiety not only in Syria, but across the region and Europe, as Lyse Doucet reports for Newsnight   In the magnificent Ummayad mosque of Damascus, flags of two nations
Russian President Vladimir Putin wants no organ-eating rebels at peace talks: Russia’s President Vladimir Putin attending a press conference at a EU-Russia summit in the industrial Ural Mountains city of Yekaterinburg. Picture: AFP RUSSIAN President Vladimir Putin, known for his black humour, has said he hoped that Syria’s opposition will
Pakistani Deobandi Wahhabi militants killed near Syrian capital: Note : It is shameful that Pakistan is producing and exporting Takfiri Wahhabi and Deobandi Jihadists to become cannon fodder in Syria. In the past Pakistan’s Takfiri militants have been found in many different countries including but not limited
The West’s Fatal Attraction: Saudi Arabia and Wahhabism – by Sadiq Ameen: Last week an American woman (Nicole Lynn Mansfield) has been killed in Syria while fighting alongside rebel forces against the Assad regime alongside two other Westerners—the U.K. press has identified one as a British man born in 1990. The
Helping Syrian rebels a dangerous risk – by Rand Paul: Editor’s note: Rand Paul, a Republican, is a U.S. senator from Kentucky. (CNN) — The United States has a history of often picking sides in Middle East conflicts to its own detriment. In the 1980s, former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld
Grave of a Glorious Companion of The Prophet Muhammad (SAWAW) Dug-in and Body Taken Away – by Abdullah AlFaisal: Syria May 2, 2013 Gloroius Companion of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him and His Holy Progney, SAWAW),  Hujir Bin Addi  (May Allah be Pleased With Him, RA ) has been brutalized once again. On May 2 a
Shiites reel at desecration of holy shrine – by Lauren Williams: Photos on SANA and social media websites showed the shrine before and after. BEIRUT: The destruction of a holy Shiite shrine near Damascus and exhumation of the body within, allegedly at the hands of Sunni rebels, was met with fury and
Hujr bin Adi’s grave’s desecration: Flowers of treasured heritage, plucked in ‘Spring’ – by Xain Gardezi: Spring usually is a long awaited and pleasant affair. After the brisk autumn and a long winter which dampens the moods, spring promises to bring blossoms, not only to the gardens but for the faces as well. That is