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Shocking revelations about SP CID Chaudhry Aslam’s murder: Editor’s note: It is sad to see Takfiri Deobandi pro Taliban groups murder moderate Sunni brelvi and Shia officers and use their connections with Saudi Arabia and their lackies at PMLN to replace these courageous officers with pro Takfiri
لاہور،دیوبندی تکفیری مدرسے میں زنجیر میں جکڑا لڑکا بھاگ نکلا:   زنجیروں میں جکڑا چودہ سالہ بچہ لاہور کے ایک دیوبندی تکفیری مدرسے سے فرار ہوگیا۔ اطلاعات کے مطابق لاہور کے علاقے ڈیفنس کے مدرسے میں زنجیروں سے جکڑا طالب علم جان بچا کر مدرسے سے بھاگنے میں کامیاب ہوگیا۔
Afghanistan Is Doing Better Than You Think – by Michael O’Hanlon: KABUL—In the minds of most Americans—and perhaps most members of Congress, too—the war in Afghanistan is already long since lost. Spasms of violence like Thursday’s attack on the Serena Hotel in Kabul, a popular haunt for Western expatriates, only
Can the Deobandi Taliban be far behind? – by Khaled Ahmed: In Pakistan, the Council of Islamic Ideology has been in overdrive. It could be a portent. Pakistan is getting ready for “real” Islam after a Taliban takeover. Islamabad is promising Islamic banking and no “usury” in state schemes. Interior
Will Erdogan apologize to Turkey’s Shiites? – by Türkçe okuyun: It was Turkey’s Shiite (Jaafari) community’s turn to be offended by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, as he criticized the Gulen faith movement, which he holds responsible for revealing the corruption files. Talking about Gulenists on a TV program, Erdogan said, “These people have three
Anti-Qatar campaign by Saudi-lobby flriendly authors in Western media: The article is clearly written by the discreet but very influential Saudi lobby in the US and other Western countries. The author alleges that Qatar “provides material support to the Muslim Brotherhood, to Hamas (the Palestinian branch of the
دیوبندی علماء خودکش حملوں کے حوالے سے اپنی پوزیشن واضح کریں، علامہ عابد شاکری: شیعہ نیوز (پشاور) جامعہ شہید علامہ عارف الحسینی (رہ) پشاور کے خطیب علامہ عابد حسین شاکری نے کہا ہے کہ اہل تشیع اور بریلوی علمائے کرام نے خودکش حملوں کو حرام قرار دیدیا ہے، دیوبندی علماء بھی اس حوالے
Saudi Salafists and Pakistan’s Deobandi millitants threaten India – by Tufail Ahmad: On February 26, India and Saudi Arabia signed an agreement to strengthen co-operation in military training, logistics supplies and exchange of defence-related information. However, it is Saudi Arabia’s deepening role in propping up the Pakistani jihadist military state on
مکتوب دہلی-رابندر ناتھ ٹیگور ،مقبولیت و عصریت کا سوال /ارجمند آراء: رابندرناتھ ٹیگور (1861-1941)کا شمار برِصغیر ہند کے مقبول ترین شاعروں میں ہوتا ہے لیکن اس میں کوئی شک نہیں کہ ان کی ہمہ جہت شخصیت ناول، ڈرامے، مصوری اور موسیقی کے میدان میں بھی غیر معمولی اہمیت رکھتی ہے۔
The chicken has come home to roost – by Riyaz Wani:   Hero’s welcome Mast Gul and Jamaat-e-Islami Pakistan chief the late Qazi Hussain Ahmad at a rally in Rawalpindi after the former escaped the siege in 1995, Photo: AFP For two months through the winter of 1995, the army
نجی جہاد ، تیسری قوت اور دیوبندی علما – از خورشید ندیم:       Source :
Assumptions and presumptions of TTP-ASWJ apologists in Pakistan – by Hussain H Zaidi: During the 1984 presidential referendum in the country, voters were asked whether they supported Gen Ziaul Haq’s efforts for the Islamisation of society. More than 98 percent of voters replied in the affirmative and the incumbent was elected president
صحیح اور غلط – از محمد اظہار الحق:     Source :
This is not our war (Syria edition) – by Ahsan Butt: Editor’s Note: Otherwise a well written and perhaps well intentioned article, the author falls into the naive trap of the false Shia Sunni binary. Here are some guidelines for young writers who are willfully misled by their seniors in
خطہ پنجاب کو جگاؤ بھی – از حسن مجتبیٰ: Source :  
Pakistan must not meddle in Syria at behest of Saudi Arabia – by Ayaz Amir: Don’t we have enough of a Deobandi-Shia problem at home that we should be taking sides in the larger Salafi-Shia cleavage racking the so-called world of Islam? The battle lines of this larger conflict are drawn most visibly in
لرزتی ریاست کا فوجی آپریشن – از لال خان: دہشت گردی اورمذہبی انتہا پسندی کے مسئلے کو جس طرح مذاکرات اور فوجی آپریشن کی بھول بھلیوں تک محدود کردیا گیا ہے اس سے کوئی راستہ نکلنے والا نہیں ہے۔ مذاکرات کا ڈرامہ سب کے سامنے بے نقاب ہوچکا
پاکستان کا شامی جہاد – از ندیم سعید: تین سال سے جاری شامی خانہ جنگی میں سعودی عرب کے مؤقف کی تائید کر کے وزیراعظم نواز شریف نے پاکستان کو تنگ نظرسلفی اسلام کے اور بھی قریب کرلیا ہے۔سعودی عرب کے اٹھہتر سالہ ولی عہدشہزادہ سلمان بن
Pluralism was once the hallmark of the Arab world but as Salafists/Wahabis rise, Christians begin exodus in pain – by Robert Fisk: Tarif Khalidi is a big, bearded bear of a man, the kind you would always choose to play Father Christmas, or perhaps a Cossack leader sweeping across the Russian steppe, reins in one hand, sword in the other. But
Pakistan most terror-hit nation – by Ismail Khan: Similarly, the number of suicide bombings between 2001 and 2007 stood at 15 only, but from 2007 to November last year, suicide attacks jumped to 358 – the highest anywhere in the world. — File Photo PESHAWAR: Pakistan is
The invented ‘crime’ of blasphemy – by Dr T Hargey: The various Muslim signatories, including Sadiq Khan, (report, 20 February) rightly condemn the imposition of the death penalty upon Mohammed Asghar on trumped-up charges of blasphemy. They conveniently focus on the execrable human rights perspectives of this appalling case
Yes TTP, you can kill the Pashtuns – by Kunwar Khuldune Shahid: After the overwhelming success of the ‘Good Taliban, Bad Taliban’ circus, we are now experiencing a new merry-go-round: Good Sharia, Bad Sharia. Just like both Good Taliban and Bad Taliban look uncannily similar, it is the same for Good
سندھی اور بلوچ قوم پرستوں کے خلاف فوج کی غیر اعلانیہ جنگ:     Source :
Resilence of Shia Hazara artist Khadim Ali in response to genocide at the hands of Deobandi Taliban and Sipah-e-Sahaba (ASWJ) terrorists in Afghanistan and Pakistan: Shia Hazara artist has made the journey from a home in exile in Pakistan to one of Australia’s top galleries. Khadim Ali casts a protective eye over his mother, Amina, in a house in Sydney’s western suburbs, where his family
ہتھیار نہیں ، اخلاقی طاقت – از نذیر ناجی:     Source :
دیوبندی قاتل گرفتار نہ ہوئے تو سی ایم ہائوس کا گھیرائو کرینگے، ایم ڈبلیو ایم: گزشتہ ماہ سے اب تک 52شیعہ افرادکو قتل کیا جاچکا ہے،علامہ عبداﷲ مطہر ی کراچی (اسٹاف رپورٹر) قیام امن میں ناکامی پر وزیر اعلیٰ سندھ سید قائم علی شاہ سمیت سندھ کے تمام وزراء اور کابینہ کو برطرف کیا
Umar Khurasani Deobandi of TTP used a peace deal with the army to consolidate his control over Mohamand – by Amir Mir: ISLAMABAD: Umar Khalid Khurasani Deoabndi, the ameer of the Mohmand Agency chapter of the Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) is a journalist-turned-jehadi commander whose declared objectives as a staunch follower of bin Laden are to overthrow the government of Pakistan, impose
Despite no drone attack, 46 terror attacks by Deobandi TTP-ASWJ in 45 days! – by Amir Mir:   ISLAMABAD: Although the American CIA has halted its drone campaign in the Pakistani tribal areas since the beginning of 2014, the Taliban and al-Qaeda-linked militants, have stepped up their terrorist activities in a big way, more than one
The mainstreaming of Deobandi militancy in Pakistan – by Kamila Hyat: In Islamabad, a cleric who unleashed forces from his Lal Masjid to attack and capture government buildings to press for his demand that the constitution of the state be overthrown and replaced with Islamic law, triggering the infamous showdown
دیوبندی طالبان سے مذاکرات کے16 دن، 16 دہشت گردحملے، 70 افرادجاں بحق، 250 زخمی: طالبان اور حکومتی کميٹيوں کے درميان مذاکرات پر بيشتر حلقوں نے شک و شبہات کا اظہار کيا، مذاکرات کے پہلے 16 دنوں کے دوران 16 دہشت گرد حملے ہوگئے، لگ بھگ 70 افراد جاں بحق اور 250 زخمی ہوگئے۔
In Pakistan, the Deobandi Taliban are negotiating in bad faith – by Khaled Ahmed:   In Pakistan, the Taliban is negotiating in bad faith. Its choice of interlocutors for talks and list of demands confirm this. The peace pipe Pakistan wished to smoke with the Deobandi Taliban was turned into  a pipe dream after
شریعت کوئی مسلہ نہیں ہے – از ایاز امیر:   Source :
Newsweek’s interview with Deobandi Taliban’s spokseman Shahidullah Shahid:       The Pakistani Taliban open up. Two committees—one nominated by the Islamabad government, another by the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan—are presently engaged in ‘peace’ talks. We spoke with Shahidullah Shahid, spokesman for the Pakistani Taliban, about the dialogue, their
Shariah is not the issue, but Deobandi TTP-LeJ prisoner release and army withdrawal from FATA – by Ayaz Amir: The Taliban are in a war and those fighting wars are realists, not armchair philosophers arguing about theory and metaphysical subtleties. Of course they will say they are for the enforcement of Allah’s commandments but that is like the
Literature festivals as cultural apparatus – by Farooq Sulehria:   Arather systematic analysis of western cultural industries from a Marxist perspective began in earnest in the 1950s when a cohort of radical intellectuals – Paul Baran, Paul Sweezy, Raymond Williams, C H Mills, Herbert Marcuse, Ralph Miliband, and
Islam gaining popularity in Brazilian culture and TV – by Rahat Hussain: WASHINGTON, January 6, 2014 — While the Middle East appears to dominate much of the discourse relating to Islam and Muslims, the growth of Muslim communities in countries such as Brazil seems to go unnoticed. The rise of the
Sunni Barelvi and Shia victims of Deobandi Taliban missing from the dialogue table – by Murtaza Haider:   The image shows members of the high-powered committee designated by the government to facilitate talks with the Taliban. Yet another suicide bomber targeted a Shia neighbourhood in Peshawar killing nine and injuring 50 others. The past few months
Imran Khan: the man who sold Pakistan to Taliban – by Cyril Almeida: Editor’s note: The problem with Cyril Almeida’s analysis is that he has placed the entire blame on the right-wing (Deobandi hate clerics) and politicians (Nawaz Sharif etc, but Imran Khan in particular) but has completely wiped out another two
Deobandi TTP finalises 15 point draft for talks – by Zahir Shah Sherazi:   Professor Ibrahim Khan, Maulana Yousuf Shah and Maulana Abdul Aziz attend a joint news conference after their talks with government representatives in Islamabad, Feb 6, 2014. — File Photo by AP PESHAWAR: The Taliban Shura has finalised a
If the talks with Taliban succeed, we may see a metamorphosis of the Pakistan state: TNS’s interview with Ayesha Siddiqa: The News on Sunday (TNS): How does the government’s approach to counter terrorism through talks look like to you — a compromise, a time buying tactic or you expect something substantive to come out of it? Ayesha Siddiqa (AS):