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The captain is however a principled man – by Kashif Naseer: Source: Kashif Naseer ka blog کپتان مگراصول پسند بہت ہیں لاہور کے سیاسی منظرنامہ پر ضمنی انتخابات کا شوربہت سی نئی تلخیوں کے ساتھ تھم چکا ہے۔ واقعات بتا رہے ہیں کہ لیاقت بلوچ جو چاہتے تھے وہی ہوا
This is Radio Conspiracy FM-70 – by Nadeem Paracha: Source :Dawnblog Hello this is Radio Conspiracy FM-70 and I’m your host and RJ, Ali Azmat. Today in the studios we have with us Pakistan’s leading DJ and rock star from the band Conquering Israel, Ghalat Hussain, hello Ghalat
Open Letter to Prime Minister of Pakistan on Kalabagh Dam – by Marvi Memon: Published on Marvi Memon’s website In the present budget session we have been witness to very unfortunate exchange of allegations on KBD. None of the speeches have been able to respond to the Technical Committee and Parliamentary Committee report
Dear Editors, Please Wake Up!: Our friends at Pakistan Media Watch are doing a great job in showing some journalists their true reflection. In their piece on Editors, titled “Dear Editors, Please Wake Up!” they have raised pertinent points about need to back stories
A Profile of the Taliban’s Propaganda Tactics – by Abdulhadi Hairan: Published in Huffington Post “The latest sad news is that the Christian Crusaders (Americans) have burned a copy of the Holy Quran in Wardak province and have thus shown their enmity with Islam and the Muslims… The saddest aspect
Remembering Benazir – by Shehrbano Taseer: Source: New Pakistan “History,” Zulfikhar Ali Bhutto once wrote, “is written in the blood of martyrs.” Judging by Sindh’s desolate and blood-drenched landscape, these words run true. Larkana is seeped in history, and history haunts Larkana. Larkana, the heartbeat
Ahmad Noorani mischaracterizes Zardari’s statements, contradicts own newspaper – by Pakistan Media Watch: Source: Pakistan Media Watch Ahmad Noorani writes a ‘top story’ in The News today that is an example of yellow journalism at its worst. The article, “President confuses PPP Jialas and the nation“, is a political ‘hit job’ and not
Ansar Abbasi Reveals His Elitism – Pakistan Media Watch: Our friends at Pakistan Media Watch have written an article in response to Ansar Abbasi’s allegations in his article titled “Judiciary Overburdened by Executive’s Incompetence” that was published in The News on Sunday, June 20, 2010. The article is
Sherani, a quack, nominated as head of experts – By Malik Rashid: There is a council of Islamic ideology in Pakistan that advises government and legislative bodies on laws that are repugnant to Islam. Maulana Sherani, a rural maulvi from Baluchistan, without any academic credentials, has been appointed the chairman of
Sectarian Violence In Karachi: Time To Act – by Sana Saleem: Cross posted from Mystified Justice blog “It was around 8am when Mr Jafri parked his car and walked to enter the hospital. Two men riding motorbikes came close to him. One of them pulled out a 9mm pistol and
TV coverage of the mass family suicide in Lahore: Source: Cafe Pyala Can I just say how sick I am of silly television anchors’ idea of “hard-nosed journalism”? Can no serious issue be covered without dragging it down to the level of bathos? Or without trying to make
Pakistan Should Reform Fatigued Foreign Policy – by Ibrahim Sajid Malick: Pop quiz: do you know Pakistan’s Ambassador to Chile, Malaysia, Venezuela, Brazil, or Russia? It is very likely that you don’t and, there is a reason – these countries don’t get adequate visibility in Pakistan. Hussain Haqqani (USA), Wajid
Inflation and Crony Capitalism in Pakistan: Source :Ahmed Nadeem Gehla Blog Almost one third of the population of Pakistan lives under poverty line. Same number of children have never gone to school. If an educated youth willing to work is unemployed or a child cannot
Ansar Abbasi let lawyers be lawyers and you remain a journalist: Pakistan Media Watch in their critical response to Ansar Abbasi’s opinions have raised certain pertinent points which we at LUBP have been raising for a long time. Pakistan Media Watch believes and we concur that by running his opinions
I am a terrorist and so are you – by Naveen Naqvi: SOURCE: Naveen Naqvi Blog There are many before me who have written about Friday’s attack on the Ahmadis in Lahore. By the time this piece goes into print, still more will have written – and written better – of
The Noble ‘Servant’ Of Peshawar- by Shaheen Buneri: Source: Radio Liberty Khurshid Khan, an eminent 60-year-old lawyer and deputy attorney general of Pakistan, wants to “heal the wounds” of the terror-stricken minority Sikh community in that country. So he does an extraordinary thing at a temple in
Where is my military coup? – by S Gulbadan: I wrote this for the Express Tribune’s sunday magazine and they published a much shorter (“mutilated”, according to the editor dude) version. General sahab, I have been a silent admirer of you and your methods for a long time
Qa’ani’s elegy and Imam Hussein – by Ammar Ali Qureshi: What rains down? Blood! Who? The Eye! How? Day and Night. Why? From grief. What grief? The grief of the Monarch of Karbala.